If action and adventure series with a touch of geekiness are your thing, we can bet that you like Fullmetal Alchemist and that you’ve seen all the episodes. Well you’re in luck, because today we will remind you of several of the best fights you saw in anime. Be careful, we will use the Brotherhood version of the anime, so you know.

Top 10 Fullmetal Alchemist Battles

10. Avaricia vs Bradley

  • Episode 14

Without even having started the fight, Greed is already confident and that is his curse. Bradley doesn’t mince words and cuts off his hand while he is distracted, talking more than usual.

It is a battle that had but one winner: Bradley. And we already know it when we see that Greed can’t even defend himself. He is practically impaled by Bradley’s swords. I really didn’t have a chance if you ask me.

9. Scar vs. The Elric Brothers

  • Episode 21

Al and Edward, our favorite dynamic duo go up against Scar in order to catch the homunculus. Standing in his way is Scar. The fight begins and the brothers attack with everything they have.

It’s not a battle that ends in death or a specific victory, but we do see a tense moment when Scar directly attacks Edward with his hand and we thought that would be the end; but Ed knew how to repel the attack with his mechanical arm and has been saved from a good one.

8. Armstrong and Curtis vs. Sloth

  • Episode 55

Several of our most charismatic characters fighting together. What more could you ask for? It almost didn’t seem fair to Sloth. But we don’t feel sorry for any Homunculi. We applaud all the beating they gave him.

And it should be noted that in this episode Armstrong and Curtis’s husband meet. An epic meeting of two men who share many things in common. It was quite amusing to see the two of them with a combined fist take down Sloth in perfect sync.

7. Mustang vs Envidia

  • Episode 54

I personally don’t like any Homunculi, but Envy is a separate case of hate. I never liked the character. So the beating she gave Mustang was well deserved. I too would be furious if my beloved subordinate was kidnapped.

Mustang didn’t hold back and burned it until there was nothing left but a measly Envy bug. His true form, the one that makes you want to crush. Remember, Envy is bad.

6. Pride vs Everyone

  • Episode 49

They don’t trust him just because he looks like a child, a homunculus is a homunculus and this one in particular is quite strong. He had all our heroes on the sidelines. Even the father of the Elrics was forced to act when Pride attacked Al.

It is a battle that does not last long but is intense. We don’t really know what can happen and we see how the others can’t get close to hurt Pride. Everyone is on the defensive, dodging attacks. Give thanks for the cage Hohenheim created to trap Pride with Al’s help.

5. Edward vs Greed

  • Episode 13

Let’s face it, it didn’t look like Edward was going to win this battle. He was a little overconfident at first and managed to land a hit on her. But already after seeing Greed transform his entire body into metal. Well, he was scared.

But he’s still a State Alchemist, he can’t give up that easy. So he thought well of a strategy and managed to attack in a way that transmuted Greed’s layer of metal skin and made it disappear. Beneath the skin, hard as it may be, there is still just plain normal flesh and bone. Bingo.

4. Bradley vs All

  • Episode 56

Bradley has been expelled from his Castle. I’d be pretty upset too. Usually when there is an episode where many people are facing a single individual, it means that this individual is very strong.

These chapters are always good. Cannonballs, a tank, gunshots everywhere, nothing seems to stop him and he only has a sword. Even Greed has a hard time defending himself against his attacks, and with Wrath’s (Bradley) ultimate eye, the battle seems like it’s only just beginning.

3. Alphonse vs. Pride and Kimblee

  • Episode 52

We have Alphonse who is alone and facing these two villains. He luckily has the power of the Philosopher’s Stone, which he uses for his benefit. He fends off their attacks, but still fails to land any of his own attacks with any certainty.

In a desperate attempt, he uses a Flash Bomb decoy and manages to distract Pride. His strategy was to trap him inside a mound of Earth, as his father did in previous chapters. But the trick doesn’t work.

2. Bradley vs Cicatriz

  • Episode 60

A fight between two very strong men. He feels the adrenaline in the air. Scar attacks and dodges at the same time. Bradley doesn’t give in, even though his swords have been destroyed, he continues to attack.

It is a battle filled with blood and determination on both sides. No one is going to give up until they win or die trying.

1. Father vs All

  • Episode 61 and 62

The super villain of this phase is not easy to beat. He is a monster that is collecting souls in order to create new Philosopher’s Stones and maintain the power of God. Luckily we have our heroes who are willing to defend everyone.

Alphonse, Ed, Izumi, Hohenheim and May go to confront him. But Father attacks them with a great power full of energy. They all try to protect themselves and Al ends up with his armor badly shattered. Mustang arrives who cannot see and tries to help in the counterattack. Greed also makes an effort to take away the power of God, but to no avail.