Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is one of the most acclaimed movies of the year. From exclusivity Netflix addresses the heartbreaking issue of divorce. In a year full of possible Oscars, from the Joker to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Parasite and much more.

This is the Netflix drama, Marriage Story that established itself as the most popular and universally adored film by critics.

It is in AFI’s top 10 of the year. It’s no surprise then that hopes for Netflix’s Oscar and marriage story are high this season. Giving perhaps the best performances of their careers, Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson play Charlie and Nicole. A seemingly perfect creative couple living and working in New York City with their son Henry.

When Nicole moved to California, her homeland, to star in a TV pilot. Charlie doesn’t want to join her because he has just started directing a play that is soon to move to Broadway. Soon their differences become irreconcilable and Nicole files for divorce. Divorce stories cost ten bucks in pop culture. But rarely have they been so generous and emotionally complex in showing how these real-life cases are rarely as bombing as they are in the movies. In reality, divorce can be trivial, expected, and utterly devastating.

The end of the marriage story on Netflix explained

When Marriage Story opens, it shows Charlie and Nicole in mediation over marriage issues. They are encouraged to write down the things they like about each other. And remembering why they first fell in love. Nicole decides that she can’t read her list and she leaves. At the end of the story of a marriage , after resolving the hard battle of separation and custody of the children and obtaining a divorce. Charlie goes to visit them and Henry shows his father his mother’s list of things that she loved about him. As Henry reads it out loud, Charlie cries.

Nicole looks over her shoulder at him. This is the moment of emotional catharsis that she feels fully deserved. After watching this couple disintegrate under the personal, financial and social pressures placed on them by the divorce. Although they never stopped loving each other. The end of a marriage story shows that they are finally able to love each other again. A simple act that they both took for granted.

After discussing custody arrangements with Henry and his various coastal residences. Charlie and Nicole are now in California, after Charlie announced that she had taken a job there. Which Nicole is very proud of. The main problem of the separation is Charlie’s refusal to leave New York. But after all this fury, he’s relaxed enough to accept that there’s a world outside of his hometown.

At the end of the story of a marriage , the relationship between Nicole and Charlie is strong enough that she offers to spend the night with Henry. Though technically it’s her on-call time agreed upon with him. It doesn’t matter how many days and how much money her lawyers have argued. Compared to seeing her and each other’s children happy, receiving the love and attention they need whenever the opportunity presents itself.

What is the real meaning of the Netflix movie Marriage Story?

Hollywood divorce stories tend to favor the black and white of the good guys over the bad guys. Usually, there is the “right” spouse who only wants the best for everyone. And who is the beacon of altruism in relation to the ego of the “bad” spouse? Who all too often is the wife in these circumstances. Courtroom scenes are often played for amusement. With howling matches or last-minute dramatic twists that take the concept of familiar to ridiculous. Hollywood prefers simplicity to the harshness of reality

There are no bad positions in Marriage Story . Charlie is right, as is Nicole. And none of that hurts their respective bows or their pain. The wise decision not to look down on a father in this story makes Baumbach’s work all the more devastating. Sometimes a marriage doesn’t work out for a whole host of minor reasons. And it can be as heartbreaking as a brutal breakup caused by betrayal or verbal battles.

Charlie and Nicole respect each other too much to get mad at each other. Even when they feel more entitled to discuss issues like their children’s education. Divorce is a wound that may never fully heal. But life goes on for both of them and their mutual love and admiration will have a place in their relationship for the rest of their lives.