The Nintendo Switch has established itself within the video game world as an absolutely unique console . The famous Japanese company has managed to differentiate itself from the competition, as usual, with a different proposal that stands out for offering a large number of options and advantages for all types of audiences, combining the power of a desktop console in a machine designed for be used both outside and inside the house.

Because Switch is not just a desktop console and thanks to this it has positioned itself as one of the most attractive options on the market . In case you haven’t yet got hold of a model from the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, we’re going to review its most beneficial features and its extensive catalogue.

A desktop console with the soul of a laptop

The first and most important thing that should be highlighted, and why this platform has been very successful, has been its double function as a home console and portable. The good thing about the Nintendo Switch is that the player is given several game options. Do you want to enjoy a relaxed and comfortable session in your living room in front of the TV? You can do it. Do you prefer to play lying down from bed, on the bus or during a trip? Portable mode gives you that possibility. 

But if you prefer a purely portable experience, don’t forget Nintendo Switch Lite , the fully portable version of the console that has an improved battery, a more compact size and a 720p screen that, although it does not improve the resolution, looks plus something sharper.


The best thing about portable mode is that it leaves out practically no titles . It is possible to play works that were not originally intended to be enjoyed on a laptop, such as role-playing games like The Witcher 3 or Divinity 2 Original Sin , something that undoubtedly gives it an extra charm.

In addition, month after month, leading games and great sagas are launched on Nintendo Switch to take advantage of such outstanding portability. This option is taken advantage of even more thanks to crossaving, a function that allows you to save your game and continue it wherever you are,  even if they are from games that you started on PC, like the two that we just mentioned.

The console’s catalog continues to grow, encompassing both the latest indie releases and ports of greatest hits . As if that were not enough, in its repertoire we find an immense variety of exclusive titles that you will only be able to play on Nintendo Switch, many of which have reaped really impressive sales figures and reviews. And to top it off, the catalog available on the Nintendo eShop covers all kinds of genres, prices, and formats. 

Nintendo Switch exclusives: world-renowned unique titles

Speaking of exclusives, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to recommend some of Nintendo’s best known and most popular games. These games, only available on Switch , have made their fame grow to unimaginable levels and enjoy a cache that is difficult to rival.


In this list we could not leave aside what is perhaps the most successful game on Nintendo Switch and the one that has been classified as one of the best games in history . The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild is a fantastic homage to the long-running saga and a nearly perfect revision of it and the adventure genre.

Link ‘s latest original adventure introduces us to a gigantic world where the player is given complete freedom and where we will visit dream locations beautifully rendered through stunning art design . Hundreds of secrets await us there to reveal, from the usual dungeons of the saga to more than a hundred small temples with challenges and puzzles of all kinds.


Another of Nintendo’s most popular sagas returned with  Super Mario Odyssey , the spiritual successor to one of the most beloved games in the series, Super Mario 64. In Mario’s new adventure we explore a new conception of 3D platforms in which we see to the plumber like never before.

In this Nintendo Switch exclusive we can fulfill the dreams of many Mario fans: become the most classic creatures and enemies of the saga thanks to our cap,  an element that opens up endless possibilities and hilarious mechanics and makes us look with another perspective to the great levels (including a fun recreation of New York) that are unlocked before our eyes.

ANIMAL CROSSING NEW HORIZONS That  Animal Crossing New Horizons has become one of the sensations of this 2020 is undeniable. The first title of the saga on Nintendo Switch has swept sales and its success is more than justified. Creating our own island and customizing it to our liking is a task that takes time, but is very rewarding.


Luigi’s Mansion 3 brings us the best installment of this spooky saga; Splatoon 2 and its colorful shooter formula is deeply fun and colorful; Fire Emblem Three Houses shows all its quality in an extensive and wonderfully accomplished title; Mario Kart 8 Deluxe allows us to enjoy the most famous and addictive arcade driving on the market. As you can see, the list of exclusives is really extensive, and that’s why we left out a lot of games!