It is impossible not to be moved by princess movies , whether they are big or small, since Disney movies undoubtedly continue to steal our attention. Well, they make us spend entertaining moments, apart from giving us great reflections.

On Netflix, Disney Plus and HBO, we will be able to find the best princess movies to watch with the family this 2021. Get ready to learn about the best fantasy and animation films that you can enjoy with the young people of the house. And spend the best moments together with this list of princess movies .

1. The Princess Bride

princess bride movies - The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is based on a medieval tale, tells the story of Westley returns home to marry Buttercup, a woman to whom he has sworn eternal love. However, it will not be so easy, since she will have to face all kinds of enemies to reach that promised love.

His main enemy is an unbearable prince, Humperdinck. Who has the same goal, to marry Buttercup, although her heart belongs to Westley. An incredible story like from a fairy tale .

2. Frozen

princess movies

In this list of princess movies, one of the favorite princesses and children and adolescents , Frozen , could not be missing . It deals with the life of Elsa, who lives tormented by having the magic to turn everything into ice or create ice from scratch. As a child, she hurt her younger sister, forcing her to live apart from her.

One day, fed up with causing accidents and having to live in hiding, she decides to leave. But though she manages to be cut off from the castle, her magic engulfs the kingdom of Arendelle in permanent winter. Ana, Elsa’s sister, decides to look for her to solve it, and together they star in the story between Disney’s most beautiful sisters.

3. Frozen 2

princess movies - Frozen 2

Strange things begin to happen on a common night for Ana, Kristoff, Olaf and all the inhabitants of Arendelle . Elsa will begin to hear some strange voices that will lead her to find the truth of her past. Truth that will help you save the kingdom.

This second film shows us the past of Ana, Elsa and Arendelle. We will discover an enchanted forest that hides a dark secret and a rivalry between “magical” beings and Arendelle.

Ana, Elsa, Kristoffer, Sven and Olaf, went into a new adventure, where they will face the enchanted forest that has the 4 elements. Earth, Water, Air and Water. Although little by little they will become friends.

4. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

One of the most loved movies of all time. We see that several years have passed since little Alice visited Wonderland . This time Alicia is about to marry an English lord, a young man with whom Alicia is not in love.

Situation that will lead her to visit once in the forest to chase the white rabbit to the wonderland. Which will lead her to discover a great mystery. There she discovers that the country is being ruled by the evil Iracunda , the red queen of hearts. But this time, Alicia will not remember anything from her previous trip, but she will be reunited with old acquaintances.

5. Cinderella

cinderella movie

The unforgettable story of Cinderella still remembered for the bravery and nobility of this beautiful young woman, who has lived through the tragic death of her mother, which led her father to later remarry Lady Tremaine who has two daughters. Anastasia and Drisella. To those who attend in her family home.

Unfortunately, the father also died suddenly, leaving her an orphan , at the mercy of her new family, which turned out to have a selfish and cruel heart. With her contempt, her new family force her to do all the chores around her house, calling her Cinderella. One day, Cinderella, being in the forest, meets a strange young man, who she thinks would be another palace employee.

6. Swap Princess 1 and 2

princess movies - Princess Swap 1 and 2

Princess Exchange is one of the princess movies designed for children, adolescents and even adults. Since it incorporates the plot and comedy very well, leaving the fairy tale a little aside.

Vanessa Hudgens, Sam Palddio and Nick Saga r star in this story of two physically identical women, but very different in their daily routine. They discover this in a baking contest organized by royalty. Where the meeting between a future princess and a baker from Chicago takes place.

7. The Little Mermaid

princess movies - Brave

The little mermaid Ariel is the princess of the mermaids, daughter of King Triton . She is only a few days away from her birthday party. And for the little mermaid there is no greater desire than to be able to meet humans, since she has never seen them. The witch Ursula in this opportunity helps the brave little mermaid to rise to the surface, where she will help the beautiful prince Eric from drowning. Since the ship is about to sink.

8. Brave


The young princess Merida , who is the daughter of Queen Elinor, has a free spirit, which is why she always tries to do things that her mother does not consider suitable for her. Her father, King Fergus, is the one who most supports her to be who she wants to be. 

Merida in trying to find a solution to change her mother’s mind, who has thought that she is already at this age to marry. 

9. Princess by surprise

princess movies

Finally, in our list of the 9 best princess movies we have “ Princess by surprise ”. A movie designed for children, so if you are already teenagers, you probably won’t like it that much. It is about the story of Mia, an unpopular teenager who lives in San Francisco.

However, Mia’s quiet life ends when she discovers that she is the heir to the European principality of Genovia