Elite ‘ has returned warmer than ever. The Spanish Netflix series , which became a phenomenon with its first season, returns to show us the ravages of a murder for which the person responsible has not yet been found and which has revolutionized the private school in Las Encinas.

A ‘post-millennial’ mix of ‘Rebelde’, ‘Physics or chemistry’, ‘When you leave class’ and all those high school series with uniformed teenagers and revolutionized hormones , the show has signed a much more daring second season, in which that accompanies its leading cast towards the total liberation of their fears, insecurities or family ties. And that is what this whole story is about at the end:some young people who are desperately looking for themselves in the age of social networks, sexual-affective complexities and unattainable expectations of success.

The end of these new episodes of ‘Elite’ has left us wanting more. And, above all, with many unanswered questions that will have to be resolved by a third season that is already confirmed , and that will probably arrive on Netflix next year. For now, we are content to speculate on the return of missing characters, the future of the various love (and incestuous) relationships that have been formed and the possibility that the murderer pays for his crime.Netflix

Will Nano and Christian come back?

Curiously, the two actors from ‘La casa de papel’ who also found a place in ‘Elite’, Jaime Lorente and Miguel Herrán, have been out of action in this second season. Nano (Lorente), brother of Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), was accused of the murder of Marina (María Pedraza) in the swimming pool at Las Encinas school. We know that he is innocent, but, as the inspector in charge of the case assures, he “gives the profile”. 

Will Polo pay for what he did?

The end of the season shows us a bittersweet moment: Samuel and Guzmán (Miguel Bernadeau) hatched a plan for Carla to confess the truth to the police. In other words, Polo murdered Marina by opening her head with a trophy. However, without the murder weapon and the statement of an ex-girlfriend as the only evidence, the inspector is forced to let him off the hook. 

What situation is Lucrecia in after her festival of zascas at the party?

Lucrecia (Danna Paola) has found herself this season at a vital crossroads. The most posh and haughty of the class, the one who always seems to have everything under control and happiness in the palm of her hand, she has seen how her empire crumbled irremediably. 

Will her incestuous relationship with Valerio work out?

And this is a separate topic. Lucrecia and Valerio, half-siblings, have had an intermittent sexual relationship for some years. They cannot be contained: the sexual attraction between the two is pure fire. But it’s not all about sex. Valerio has spent the entire second season of the series trying to separate her from Guzmán, creating tensions between them to keep her sister to himself. Because he not only wants to have her in her bed from time to time, but he really loves her. Netflix

Does the relationship between Carla and Samuel have a future?

Let’s see… Did anyone expect this relationship? Not in a million years. The marchioness and the scholarship holder begin a strange relationship in this season, which seems to be moved by the interests of both (she, to hide the truth about Marina’s murder; he, to elicit that truth from her) and that ends up being based on a real feeling. Yes, in the last episodes it is quite clear that what Carla and Samuel share is something more than sporadic horniness.

Why is Nadia unable to face her family?

This is perhaps one of the most questionable subplots of the season. Not because the feelings are nothing but clear, because it is clear that Guzmán and Nadia (Mina El Hammani) are deeply in love, but because of her inability to face her family. And also to her own beliefs. Not that he has to give up who he is and what he believes in to get love (this isn’t the ’90s!), but hopefully he can break free of his troubling slut-shaming and fear of disappointing his dad. as fast as possible. So we can see the woman he wants to be, and not the one she should be. At the moment, it seems that the Guzmán thing is not going to advance until he fixes his own affairs, from which his brother Omar (Omar Ayuso) has already been completely freed.Manuel Fernandez-Valdes

Is ‘Omander’ still a fleet?

Of course yes! The most beloved couple of ‘Elite’ is still going strong, although they have had to overcome some obstacles this season. At first Omar realizes that he can’t have it all. He has to choose between being what his family expects of him or enjoying the love he shares with Ander (Aron Piper). And he chooses the latter. Freed from his family store and his need to save face, Omar becomes free and unapologetic, embracing his sexuality unapologetically. 

Will we know better the shenanigans of adults?

‘Elite’ focuses on young people, who are the soul of the whole story, but be careful with parents. Already in the first season, Guzmán and Marina’s father was responsible for the collapse of the school where Samuel, Christian and company attended, an event that caused him to enter the Las Encinas school.