The ‘Mamarazzis’ from EL PERIÓDICO, Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez, are celebrating, since the weekly ‘videocast’ has been chosen as one of the revelation podcasts of 2022 in the ‘iVoox Rewind’, the annual summary prepared by the platform podcast leader in Spanish. In addition, the tickets for the face-to-face that they will have this Thursday with the readers of this medium at the Casa Seat in Barcelona have sold out. If you are one of the people who has been left without, do not worry because the event will be broadcast live through social networks.

But so much joy collides with the news of the day and of the week, the “portadón”, as the journalists describe it, from the magazine ‘Lecturas’: the break between Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau after four years of relationship. How could it be otherwise, Vázquez and Fa have put a spoonful into the matter. In addition, they have left several scoops: Is Marta Riesco pregnant by Antonio David Flores ? Is Fabiola Martínez, Bertín Osborne ‘s ex-wife , excited again?

‘Lecturas’ explains -and shows- that Bernardeau no longer has the keys to Aitana’s house, where he had to ring the bell to collect his belongings. The singer and the actor seemed happy, but the relationship had not been going well since last May. Moreover, it was not the first crisis they had. However, until a few days ago they posed together at the ‘photocall’ to promote ‘La Última’, the series that both star in on Disney +. They seemed ” a bit cold“, Vázquez recalled, but the journalists thought that it was a ” professional gesture so as not to show their sentimental relationship”. They were somewhat misguided, since it was a professional gesture, but to maintain cordiality.

Possible “rollete” between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra?

“During the recording of the series they have seen that they had problems,” explained Fa, who has also given her opinion on the breakup. “Maybe he felt like a second-rate actor next to Aitana, who did not take her facet as an actress seriously enough . All these reproaches have made a dent in the relationship,” he commented, while reflecting: “Yes a relationship comes strong to a common project, like this television series, you don’t break up for four bullshit”.

Regarding the other crises that the couple had suffered before finally cutting off, Vázquez recalled that it was even said that Aitana could have had a sentimental relationship with the Colombian artist Sebastián Yatra.” They have an undeniable chemistry,” the journalist has reiterated, who has also stated that some time ago she received information “for sure” that they had “a fling.”

“Fabiola is separated, but not dead”

Beyond the break of the week, the ‘Mamarazzis’ have given scoop information about the rumors that persecute Marta Riesco and Fabiola Martínez. On the one hand, the partner of Antonio David Flores would be pregnant. On the other, Bertín Osborne’s ex-wife would be in love again.

On the one hand, and given the rumors of Riesco’s pregnancy, Vázquez has picked up the phone, like a good journalist, and I have asked her directly about the matter. “Marta flatly denies it. She Even she has given me details, such as that she had her period,” the journalist explained.

On the other, Fabiola Martínez has been seen in the company of the same man on several occasions. In addition, “they were cautious when it came to being seen,”Vázquez specified. For this reason, she has picked up the phone for the second time to clear up any doubts. “She is neither in love nor excited. What she is doing is enjoying her bachelorhood and having fun with friends. Perhaps for a woman this is sometimes frowned upon, unfortunately, but it is so,” she has detailed. In case it has not been clear enough, Laura has translated Lorena’s words: “Fabiola is separated, but she is not dead. And for that she has an affair.”

Where to listen to episode 15 of ‘Mamarazzis’

Episode 15 of the second season of ‘Mamarazzis’ has not ended here. The journalists have also talked about the separation, this time definitive, of Tamara Gorro with the ex-soccer player Ezequiel Garay. “Her whole life is a strange fantasy, surreal things happen to her that you don’t know if they are real or not,” said Laura Fa. Instead, Lorena Vázquez has explained that the television collaborator wants to protect her ex-partner.

The journalists announced it last week: between Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía there is no crisis or rupture. On the contrary, they went to spend a few days together in Prague and the ‘Mamarazzis’ got an exclusive photograph of the couple at the Barcelona airport. The magazine ‘Semana’ traveled to the capital of the Czech Republic and this Wednesday shows the photos of the trip.