Christmas is the perfect opportunity to curl up on the sofa in front of good Christmas movies. Who doesn’t love watching these classics that we love year after year? With the smell of the Christmas tree as a bonus, the excitement of the children as Santa Claus approaches, the gifts that pile up under the tree, the family reunions, the eggnog and the fruit cake… .Christmas movies are a must see!

Here are the best holiday movies you absolutely must watch (if you haven’t already!).

Classic Christmas Movies

Miracle sur la 34e rue (Miracle on 34th Street)

This is a Christmas film that exists in two versions, one dating from 1947 and the other more recent, from 1994. It is obviously the oldest that has become an undisputed classic. We meet a friendly misfit who is employed to play Santa Claus in a department store, but who claims to be the real Santa Claus! Her employer, a jaded young woman and her granddaughter find it hard to believe this story… But could it be possible?

La vie est belle (It’s a Wonderful Life)

This black and white Christmas film by Frank Capra dates from 1946. It is a wonderful Christmas tale based on the importance of friendship. Georges Bailey is a very appreciated man in his city. On New Year’s Eve, he realizes that a large sum of money that he must hand over to a corrupt rival has disappeared. Fearing disaster, he plans to end his life, when an angel appears to him and shows all that he brings around him.

Christmas Tree

This is a Franco-Italian Christmas film released in 1969 and starring the French actor Bourvil. It tells the story of a little boy suffering from an incurable disease and to whom his father gives everything he wants. It is of course sad and melancholy, but the power of feelings is well worth the tears you will shed at the end. A must-listen…on a day when you’re not already depressed!

Christmas with the Muppets (The Muppet Christmas Carol)

In a completely different genre, this rather hilarious adaptation of the Dickens novel will immediately put you in the holiday spirit. A Christmas movie to watch on a blizzard day while feasting on gingerbread cookies and cinnamon hot cider.

Joyeux Noel Charlie Brown! (A Charlie Brown Christmas)

Released for the first time in 1965, this animated film has become a must that takes us back to childhood and that we savor with a good hot chocolate.

Christmas movies to watch with the family

Mama, I missed the plane (Home Alone)

This 1990 Christmas movie stars an adorable Macaulay Culkin as young as 10 years old. It recounts the adventures of Kevin, a little boy whose family unfortunately forgets at home. The parents realize their “forgetting” while they are on the plane to Paris. Kevin will therefore spend a few days alone at home and will have to defend himself against two not very smart burglars who have decided to rob the big house.

Boreal Express (The Polar Express)

In this wonderful adaptation of a children’s story, a young boy begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus. One night, he gets on a train that will cross many countries to bring him to the North Pole. This Christmas film is a real adventure… and the arrival could well hold some surprises!

Le Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)

Adapted from a story by Dr Seuss, this Christmas movie tells the adventures of a grumpy bogeyman who hates Christmas, maybe because he was never invited to the celebrations… This year, he decides to spoil the famous celebration for all the inhabitants of the village by stealing everything that symbolizes Christmas: gifts, turkey, decorations, etc. Will he be able to destroy the Christmas spirit?

In the footsteps of Santa Claus (The Santa Clause)

In this film, Tim Allen plays Scott Calvin, a father who has a rather unexpected Christmas. Indeed, Santa Claus dies falling from his roof and Scott finds himself having to distribute gifts. He is convinced that he is living a dream, but he quickly realizes that it is reality… In a few days, he literally “transforms” to look like the real Santa Claus!

Jack Frost

Michael Keaton plays the role of a father who is not very present for his son and never keeps his promises. He dies in a car accident on Christmas Eve. A year later, he returns as a big snowman to say goodbye to his son. It’s a heartwarming Christmas movie, but it shouldn’t be confused with the horror movie of the same name, or your family night out might just turn into a nightmare!

The tree has the balls

A father hopes to celebrate Christmas as it should be. To do this, he will cut his tree with his little family, he invites his parents and in-laws, aunt and uncle to celebrate, and he even decorates his house with 25,000 light bulbs. But nothing goes as planned. This film is a must see and rewatch, for laughs galore!

The Pixie (Elf)

This Christmas comedy chronicles the adventures of Buddy, who is abandoned by his parents and taken in by Santa’s elves. As an adult, his height poses a problem and he must go into exile. So he arrives in New York and tries to find his biological parents.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (The Nightmare Before Christmas)

Based on a screenplay by Tim Burton, this animated Christmas film tells the adventures of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King and great organizer of Halloween. This year, he decides to “reorient himself” and prepare for the Christmas party, to the great displeasure of the elves and other acolytes of Santa Claus. Will he ruin the party? This film is not to be seen with the youngest…

Scrooge’s Funny Christmas (A Christmas Carol)

Ebenezer Scrooge is an old miser who hates everything, especially Christmas. But this year, disturbing appearances may make him change his mind. This film adapted from the Dickens classic is remarkable and will please everyone!

Jingle All the Way

On Christmas Eve, Howard, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, tries his best to find the Turbo Man his son ordered from Santa Claus and forgot to buy.

Merry Christmas Shrek! (Shrek the Halls)

It’s almost Christmas. The donkey, Fiona and all the friends are ready. In fact, they all expect Shrek to throw a very special party. But, he never celebrated Christmas and did not plan anything.

A Christmas Story

Nine-year-old Ralphie is desperate to convince his parents to give him Red Ryer’s double-action rifle for Christmas. But they think that the young boy could hurt himself with such a toy. No worries, Ralphie is going to talk directly to Santa Claus!

The Christmas Chronicles

This film released in 2018 is already becoming a real classic! When a brother and his sister cause an accident with Santa’s sleigh, they try in every way to save Christmas night, with a very special Santa Claus! To prolong the pleasure, you can even listen to the sequel: The Christmas Chronicles 2.

Girls’ Christmas: our favorite films

Le journal de Bridget Jones (Bridget Jones’s Diary)

It’s not strictly speaking a Christmas movie, but most of the action takes place during the holiday season…. And then, we recognize ourselves so much in the almost psychotic delusions of poor Bridget!

Really love (Love Actually)

This Christmas movie is a modern fairy tale. We meet several characters who live different experiences and who have life choices to make… All this with Christmas in the background. We particularly appreciate the story of the young secretary, a little (a lot) clumsy who is madly in love with her boss, the Prime Minister. Must see to believe in the magic and surprises of life!

Les vacances (The Holiday)

During the Christmas break, an American and an Englishwoman (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) who do not know each other decide to exchange their accommodation in order to get away from their respective problems. It seems that love is at the end of the road in this romantic Christmas film…

Family Man

Jack and Kate love each other, but he has the opportunity to go to work in London. He promises to come back… 13 years later, he became a big Wall Street broker, but never saw Kate again. Fate will show her the man he could have been with her.

At the princesses of Chicago

A Chicago pastry chef meets a future princess who looks exactly like her. They decide to switch places for a while. We can easily imagine that they will be caught at their own game… but despite everything, this Christmas film offers us a beautiful little romantic moment! And if you like the genre, you can listen to 2 and 3!

A few Christmas films for the “grown-ups”

Merry Christmas

This Christmas film relates a real episode that took place in France during the First World War. On Christmas Eve, soldiers from several enemy camps decide to call a truce and visit each other to party, chat, exchange cigarettes and drink together. It’s a moving story that proves that even in the midst of war, human feelings are sometimes stronger than any conflict.

Santa Clause is garbage

The Christmas evening of the SOS Detresse Amitie office will turn into disaster as eccentric or marginal characters arrive without warning. Laughter guaranteed with this biting and totally absurd comedy.

A Christmas tale

Junon (Catherine Deneuve) and Abel (Jean-Paul Roussillon) form a solid and united old couple. But when Juno is diagnosed with lymphoma, they have to find a donor. Their son Henri (Mathieu Almaric) was banished from the family by his sister Elizabeth (Anne Consigny), their other son Ivan (Melvil Poupart) is as whimsical as their grandson, a brilliant mathematician. They all get together for Christmas.

The day before

Three childhood friends who have always celebrated Christmas Eve together decide that now is the time to end that tradition. They only have one last Christmas Eve together. It will be memorable on all levels!

Would the holiday season be the same without these Christmas traditions, including snuggling up warm under a blanket, enjoying a good milk chocolate and watching a movie you’ve already seen 15 times?

So choose one or more of the films mentioned above and make yourself comfortable to give yourself a well-deserved moment of respite. Good movie night!