The thriller is one of the narrative genres that has generated the most followers in recent decades. The psychological thriller belongs to the long list of subgenres that the thriller has . But what is the psychological thriller ? You can go through our article where we tell a little more about it .

Remember that a thriller should sustain tension throughout the story and have good plot twists. When we introduce the “psychological” trait, that tension or intrigue becomes a little more disturbing because the intelligence and different emotional edges of the worst and best minds appear . In short, in this new article we bring you some of the best psychological thriller books so that you can whet your appetite for the approaching Christmas holidays.

The psychoanalyst

We could have chosen almost any book by John Katzenbach; However, The Psychoanalyst is, in addition to his best-known book, also a clear example of a psychological thriller . The protagonist faces a superior mind, as full of intelligence as it is evil. In a spiral of sadism, a mysterious character will harass a therapist who needs to solve a mystery that could cost the lives of all the people he loves. Two great minds will compete in this terrifying game.

The liar

Mikel Santiago is a Spanish writer and this is the first book in his Illumbe trilogy . It is an addictive story that masterfully uses the mystery to tell a captivating story that has a murder, an amnesia situation and a present and a past that blur. Impossible to deduce the truth . This is what a protagonist who wakes up in an abandoned place next to the body of a man will have to face. The space is rural Euskadi, a town where everyone thinks they know each other.


One of the great psychological thrillers written by the most prolific author of mystery and terror, Stephen King. Misery is also one of his best-known novels and the name of the character that has brought Paul Sheldon the most success. Sheldon is a writer who decides to end Misery’s life because he needs to renew his writing. However, the thousands of fans of his may be a little disappointed; Annie Wilkes is. He is forced to undergo her medical care while dealing with the rewrite of his novel. His life depends on how well he does .

The Snowman

Its author, Jo Nesbo, is a best-selling writer in the crime fiction genre and has sold millions of books worldwide. His fetish character is Harry Hole, a police commissioner who appears repeatedly in the stories created by the Nordic author. In this new story, Sheriff Hole takes charge of an investigation in which the mysterious disappearances of women and mothers alarm his town . None of them seems to be a coincidence in a winter environment where snow and cold cover everything.

The gypsy bride

The gypsy bride is turning out to be a complete success. It is part of a series of books starring a strong female character, Elena Blanco , which has enchanted thousands of readers. Its authors call themselves Carmen Mola, although in reality it is a pseudonym that hides three men: Jorge Diaz, Agustin Martinez and Antonio Mercero.

The story begins with the brutal murder of Susana Macaya, a woman about to get married . Elena Blanco investigates the case, remembering that years ago Susana’s sister, Lara, was murdered in a very similar situation. Both were daughters of a gypsy father, but they had left the gypsy tradition aside to participate in the rest of society. Inspector Blanco must find the real culprit, after the main suspect in Lara’s death has spent years in prison.

The silence of the lambs

The classic book of psychological intrigue par excellence. Thomas Harris is the creator of the mythical character Clarice Starling, who could not be missing from this list of recommendations. FBI academy student Clarice Starling is utterly entranced when she meets Dr. Hannibal Lecter , who will help her from prison to catch a serial killer. The relationship they forge will be delusional and disturbing.

The snow girl

La chica de nieve by Javier Castillo has become a literary event within the noir genre; the author is acclaimed and valued by the public and critics. He transports us to the United States and his celebrated Thanksgiving. It is the year 1998 and in New York a little girl disappears during the party parade . Years go by without a trace of the girl, but her parents will later receive a video where her daughter appears in a room. Miren Triggs, a journalism student, will become obsessed with the case because she finds similarities between her life and that of the girl that will lead her to an unofficial investigation of the case.