Check out our recap and explanation of the Dare Me season 1 finale on Netflix!

The Dare Me season 1 finale is one big cliffhanger. This is worth bearing in mind. Because, for now, there is no definitive proof that it has been renewed for a second season. Given that Netflix appears to have acquired the international rights to Defy Me , it seems likely that if USA Network cancels it, this is the type of series that will certainly take hold and find an audience on Netflix. Despite this, there are enough here to make a pretty compelling season 1 finale , even if the answers are few.

Investigation is launched

The Dare Me season 1 finale begins with Addy waking up from another nightmare and answering a call from Beth. After reading the diary, it turns out that the police consider Will’s death suspicious after the autopsy results. On the reverse of this news, Addy and Colette are reunited. The first asking if we should go to the police and tell them the truth. Colette talks her out of it, allowing Addy’s guilt to continue to consume her.

Meanwhile, Beth breaks into the hotel room and infects the crime scene. She touching the wall where she hit the ball, and also the ground. Although she cleans the doorknob with her sleeve, she could be a problem later on. Coming out of it, she runs into the neighbor in the hallway. She confirms that Colette was there recently, but she didn’t see her the night of the shooting.The police show up at the school and immediately set off an alarm for Addy. But what is even more alarming is seeing the police at Colette’s house. They immediately start asking her questions about her “mishap,” only to bring up an incident that happened last Tuesday. Still confused, she turns out that she was convicted of a misdemeanor after crushing a streetlight. Breathing a sigh of relief, she walks in where Matt tries to stay calm and tells her that she needs a minute.

At school, Colette approaches Addy’s mother and praises her daughter, telling her how dedicated she is. She also mentions Kurtz, distracting her and Addy and directing the investigation to another suspect. Beth confronts Kurtz at school and, knowing that he was at the witnesses’ apartment across the hall that night.

What happened at the end of Dare Me season 1?

She asks what happened. It’s a big moment for her, especially after her sexual assault, and he sees her get up and face him. As she does, Addy arrives and he reveals that Colette was there that night. He listened to her and Will make love. But he tells them that she is gone before anything else happens. Forcing Kurtz out of the room, Beth turns her attention to Addy and tells her that the truth will come out.

The last game of the season arrives and the cheerleaders enter the field to enthusiastic applause. As Addy rushes out of the field to go see Colette. An icy silence descends across the floor as the soldiers climb to the podium and tell them that the sergeant will not be forgotten.The team performs their cheering number, Addy is momentarily distracted when the police arrive and arrest Kurtz. Addy begins to act erratically. Leading Beth to confront him as they discuss Colette’s true intentions. Beth especially confronts him about the bracelet found at the crime scene. Which makes her leave when Addy starts to panic. Going to Colette’s house, he texts her trainer and asks her to leave her because she has questions.

Meanwhile, Addy’s mom finds the faded sneakers in her daughter’s closet. Kurtz showed the video of him punching Sarge in an interrogation room. While Addy’s message sends Colette scrambling to find the missing jewels. As she does, Matt walks in and asks what she’s doing. Confirming that they were both at Will’s house the night the episode and series ends.

Many unanswered questions at the end of Dare Me season 1

Big questions hang over this series as the end credits roll. Are Colette and Matt responsible for Sergeant Will’s murder? What is Beth’s involvement in this whole masquerade? And what will Addy’s mom do now that she finds the slippers in her closet? Surely she’s going to link this to Addy’s mistake with the dates of the last episode and assume her daughter had something to do with it as well.But the most alarming thing is that Beth walks into the crime scene and touches the wall and the floor. Which is a big deal for the survey. There are still a lot of questions about this and we hope we don’t have to wait too long to find out if the series has been renewed or not. There is certainly a pretty solid foundation for Dare Me season 2 . And while some styling and editing techniques borrow concepts from Euphoria, there’s enough here to create enjoyable drama.

Unfortunately, the Dare Me season 1 finale isn’t likely to quench its thirst for truth. What if you don’t feel like reading the book to find out who killed the sergeant? We will all have to wait for the forces involved to see if a second season is planned or not.