It was in 1988 in Sacramento, California when a group of teenage boys decided to form a band like a good part of generation X did in those years to express their feelings through music, they began to make a lot of noise in the nü-metal scene. from the mid-90s and today they are one of the most established metal bands in the world: we are talking about Deftones.

Over the years, the group has managed to maintain the essence and soul of metal, without closing the door to new sound elements or genres that can blend with their musical proposal. Their 2000 album White Pony , for example, was the record that marked the incorporation of a wide variety of styles into their sound, including shoegaze, trip-hop, and post-rock. 20 years and 8 albums later, this chaotic 2020 arrives with few good things to celebrate, including the release of a new album by the band after four years of absence from the music scene.

Some media and critics have classified Ohms as the band’s most “heavy” work, due to its heavy production and the depth of the lyrics that compose it, giving space for whoever listens to have their own perception and interpretation of the lyrics. 

Next we leave our Ohms Track by Track .

1. Genesis

A long, drawn-out buzz gives way to the first few guitar chords that gradually add elements until the first cymbal crash makes the song completely explode. This piece of alternative metal is a reflection on life in general, specifically on how we live, and that in the end it is all about a cycle that ends in the genesis of life itself, making reference to the famous biblical parable of: “Dust you are and to dust you will return. Of course, the band makes it clear in the lyrics that somehow you have to transcend beyond what you have experienced.

2. Ceremony

Some small guitar chords open the curtain so that, to the rhythm of a piece of heavy metal, they tell us about the ceremony that the protagonist of this story is preparing to “join the parade of the ghosts that came before him”. Basically, the entire ritual and thoughtful process of a person who is about to commit suicide is being described.

3. Urantia

Although this song could be a direct reference to the famous The Urantia Book of 1955 in which the planet earth receives the name of Urantia and throughout 2000 characters various philosophical and spiritual issues are discussed, as well as the relationship between God and the species human, the reality is that this song in its lyrics talks about a breakup of a couple in which the boy finds all his girl’s things like makeup and shoes, and inevitably all the memories are revived in an exercise of pure nostalgia and longing for what happened in the past, but with the hope that they will meet again.

4. Error

This is one of the themes that can have multiple interpretations according to the perception that each person has of the error that is being talked about in the piece to the rhythm of metal with a mixture of alternative rock. 

5. The Spell of Mathematics

As elementary and direct as a mathematical operation is the love that the protagonist of this song feels for that special person, affirming that it is the only thing he needs in life to survive. This rather particular declaration of love is made with a rather abrasive production in which finger snaps and clapping complement the percussion of this song.

6. Pompeii

The beginning of this song shows a completely different vibe from the rest of the album, despite the fact that it later returns to the genres that set the rhythm of the project in this song that talks about a kind of ritual in which they ask God for forgiveness because of the fact that Jesus Christ gave his life… but the world died. 

7. This Link Is Dead

It is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding songs on the album given its hydraulic production that works perfectly with the lyrics that portray the deep pain, anger, rebuff, disappointment and wounds of a person who was deceived in some way and that ended up burying the bond that still united them.

8. Radiant City

The riffs on this song are simply amazing, especially in the verses where they add all the power to the band’s performance. If we go by the title, this song suggests that it is talking about a state of ecstasy in which the person is (possibly due to drugs), because the letter ensures that nothing in life had led him to that point in the one who has a moment of consciousness that hits him like a blow to the head.

9. Headless

A soft opening with a somewhat spatial vibe opens this song, which can be classified to a certain degree as romantic, since it talks about a relationship that is so damaging that not even they themselves understand how they have made it work. However, the couple recognizes that this toxic factor sets them apart from the rest, and perhaps it is precisely what has kept their relationship going. 

10. Ohms

Ohms was the first single we heard from this album, but curiously he is in charge of closing the work. The first line of the song does not necessarily have to have a single meaning, it can be a reference to an experience or a relationship, according to Chino Moreno himself . However, Moreno told NME that he was thinking about the environment, the world and the planet.