She publicly showed herself as a mother . William, the first heir to the British throne to be born in a hospital, traveled with his parents shortly after birth on an official visit to Australia and New Zealand. Lady Di’s decision provoked criticism from the more traditional press. She admitted to having suffered from postpartum depression, she forced her children to stand in line at Marks and Spencer, to pay with the money from her salary and traveled with them on a trip to Disneyworld. “Giving hugs has no side effects,” she used to say about her relationship with her children. -She broke the etiquette codes of British royalty.

She wore black to official events (until then it was reserved for funerals) and Elvis-inspired dresses. His jewels fascinated her but he wore them without giving them too much importance: he wore a pearl necklace falling down his back and a hippy ribbon choker on his forehead. She dared to wear a markedly sexy designer of Italian nationality like Versace and struck up a friendship with him. It was an approach of royalty to the catwalks. -She introduced the emotional in her role.lady-di-biograpyh.jpgShe touched AIDS patients when little was known about the disease, he sat with his back to the camera when he went to visit patients to have all the patient’s attention. He visited drug addicts, homeless people, prisoners. She was the human face of the British crown. After her death, Queen Elizabeth was forced to show her feelings. “She was manipulative like me,” said Tony Blair of her power to use the emotions of others.

-Imported a natural attitude in the royal house. He wore jeans and baseball caps, tied his sweater around his shoulders, took off his shoes in the park at his children’s school. And he took official photos in Hunter wellies on their honeymoon. Many contemporary princesses would not have flirted with casual wear if Lady Di had not prepared the ground.

-He faced British ministers, the US government and NATO for his campaign to eradicate anti-personnel mines . Some Conservative ministers called it a “loose cannon”, “reckless” and “unhelpful and unrealistic”. When the Labor government came to power, she signed the Ottawa treaty against anti-personnel mines before the first anniversary of her death.

-She was the first modern princess with celebrity status . She is friends with Michael Jackson and Elton John, she danced with John Travolta and dated Liza Minnelli. The press followed her wherever she was, they photographed her in a bikini: with her a before and after of the culture of the paparazz is marked i. Although she felt distressed by the harassment of the press and she went so far as to say that she looked like “a product that sells well”, she herself summoned the photographers and even talked to them about how they had taken her.

– She was the first royal to appear showing her underwear. When she announced her engagement to Carlos, her photographers took a portrait of her outside the nursery where she worked. Her summer skirt, demure in appearance, played tricks on him against the light.

In a reverse turn that Grace Kelly’s life took, Lady Di was a princess who dreamed of being a movie star . Kevin Costner has stated that the Princess of Wales asked him to star in the sequel to the film The Bodyguard before she died .

-Despite being married to the heir to the British throne, she aired her husband’s infidelities, avoiding the traditional attitude of keeping quiet and looking the other way. To top it off, she did it on a BBC show during which she also admitted to having an affair.

-She spoke with a plebeian accent very different from the Received Pronuntiation (RP), the proper pronunciation of the ruling and privileged classes and of course her husband the Prince of Wales. Her accent with a glottal stop, appropriated elements of the cockney neighborhoods of London and moved away from closed aristocratic circles. Many upper class girls imitated her.