Those of you who are veterans may fondly remember the days of MS-DOS. At that time we did not have ultra-realistic graphics or virtual reality headsets with which to feel like we were in video games, but we did have high-quality titles. In this report we compile the 21 best MS-DOS PC games under our criteria to pay a small tribute to that time of great classics without which nothing would be as it is today. Enjoy it!

Alone in the Dark

The year was 1992 when Alone in the Dark appeared, which we could classify as “the grandfather of survival horror”. This graphic adventure, based on the stories by HP Lovercraft and developed by Inforgames, put us in the shoes of Edward Carnby and invited us to investigate a haunted house full of zombies. Thus, on PC MS-DOS, one of the best horror games ever was born.

Another World

In 1991 came this action adventure developed by Delphine Software that surprised us with an impressive cinematographic section, something that may now be common but at that time it was not so frequent to see in video games. 


A journey through the entire history of humanity is what Civilization proposed to us in 1991. In this strategy title we had to make our own civilization grow from Prehistory to the Space Age, our goal being to be the first to travel to space or conquer the entire planet.

Command and Conquer

Westwood Studios offered us back in 1995 the first installment of the Command and Conquer saga. That real-time strategy adventure would quickly become one of the best MS-DOS games thanks, in large part, to its outstanding visuals and game mechanics, not to mention the plot quality of the Command & Conquer universe.


The first installment of the Doom saga came to us in 1993 by idSoftware. This first-person shooter left us speechless thanks to its detailed three-dimensional graphics, the maturity of its plot, its brutality, and its enemies. A space adventure that took us to Mars and that is about to receive a restart with the new DOOM for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Duke Nukem 3D

Among the best games for PC MS-DOS we find another rogue first-person action title. Duke Nukem 3D was developed by 3D Realms in 1996 and immersed us fully in a futuristic adventure only suitable for adults due to its high content of sexist and violent elements. And it is that, the good Duke did not cut a hair when it came to acting.

Dunes II

We are above all a classic of strategy. Dune II came to MS-DOS in 1992 from Westwood Studios and Virgin Interactive. The title was based on the movie Dune by David Lynch, which in turn is an adaptation of the science fiction book written by Frank Herbert, and took perfect advantage of the film’s pull to delight all fans of this franchise.

Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis

LucasArts offered us a lot of great graphic adventures in the days of MS-DOS and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a clear example of this. In 1992 we got this title that had nothing to envy to any of the films starring the popular archaeologist. A must for Indiana fans.

King’s Quest VI

The guys at Sierra On-Line offered us a lot of great graphic adventures with the King’s Quest saga, but if we have to choose one, we’ll stick with the sixth installment.

Leisure Suit Larry

A few years earlier, in 1987, the Sierra team left us a graphic adventure unlike anything seen to date. Leisure Suit Larry was a title for adults, full of humor and racy language.


These little green-haired beings starred in one of the best PC MS-DOS games in 1991. Psygnosis brought us this real-time strategy title in which we had to guide the Lemmings to the exit along several levels full of traps. Thus, we could give orders to all of them to find a safe way out of each phase.

Prince of Persia

It was the year 1989 when we saw the first installment of the Prince of Persia saga appear on MS-DOS thanks to Broderbund. At that time it was a two-dimensional platformer that presented animations and game mechanics that would lay the foundations for many to follow. 


A few years after the success with Doom, the guys from idSoftware presented Quake and showed that they were in great shape. Without this title, FPS wouldn’t be what it is today as everything in it was 3D and it introduced a multiplayer mode that would have internet cafe rooms filled with players eager to team up with their peers and crush their rivals. in Quake.

Street Fighter II

One of the favorite fighting titles for fans of the genre is Street Fighter II and it couldn’t be missing from the best MS-DOS games. In the year 1991 Capcom offered us some very fuidísimos combats with a visual section that would create school and characters full of charisma. 


In 1984 one of the most successful games in the history of the industry was born. Tetris came to MS-DOS at the hands of Vadim Gerasimov so that we could spend hours and hours fitting pieces together as if they were Ikea furniture.

The Secret of Monkey Island

What can we say that hasn’t already been said about The Secret of Monkey Island? LucasArts arrived in 1990 to revolutionize the world of graphic adventures with this humorous pirate title that put us in the shoes of the young Guybrush Threepwood. One of the best PC MS-DOS games that catapulted Tim Schafer to the top of the industry.