LGBT+ people treat Lindsay Lohan as part of their community, but she may not be comfortable with that.

The famous Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan is already preparing her return to the cinema in 2021 at the hands of Netflix and many LGBT+ people are very excited about her next Christmas movie , as they have always considered her as part of the community .

And it is that in 2008 the protagonist of Game of twins and Mean Girls had a fairly public relationship with the producer and DJ Samantha Ronson .

However, there are already several times that Lohan has publicly denied being lesbian or bisexual . In some interviews, she even reaffirmed her heterosexuality . What happened there? WATCH HOW LINDSAY LOHAN HELPED THIS BOY OUT.

The beginning

Lindsay Lohan was on top of the world when, in 2008 , she declared in an interview for Harper’s Bazaar that she was in love with a woman . MEET OTHER CELEBRITIES WHO LIVED A COMPLICATED CHILDHOOD.

The girl in question was Samantha Ronson , sister of fellow producer Mark Ronson . However, on that occasion she explained that she did not identify as bisexual as she simply did not like the labels :

“I don’t want to pigeonhole myself. First of all, you never know what will happen tomorrow, in a month, in a year, in 5”.

Ronson and Lohan ‘s relationship would not last long and the two separated in 2009 , after experiencing a rather toxic courtship in front of the media.

Despite this, in 2012 Lindsay told US Weekly that the breakup had affected her a lot and that she was truly in love . Finally, very forcefully, she declared:

«Yes, I like a girl, and?».lindsay lohan samantha ronsonSamantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan in 2008.

The principle of not

Despite the great commotion that Lindsay Lohan caused within the LGBT+ community with that statement, a year later she would turn her story around . DISCOVER OTHER BISEXUAL AND LESBIAN ACTRESSES WHO EVERYONE THINKS ARE STRAIGHT.

Again, in 2013, the Daily Mail asked the actress if she was bisexual , a question she immediately denied . However, she later claimed to be straight and, in a way, she somewhat detracted from her relationship with Ronson :

I know I’m straight. I’ve made out with girls before and was in a relationship with a woman. But I think she needed to experience that and I think she was just looking for something different.”

His statements were not very well received by the public and many thought that he was erasing his bisexuality , a situation that could have a very negative impact on the community .

Even more serious was what happened in a 2018 interview with Wendy Williams where, awkwardly and bluntly , she answered the following about whether she considered herself sexually fluid :

“I do not like men”.

What upset fans the most was that he blamed the Los Angeles lifestyle on being in a relationship with a woman :

“I was living in Los Angeles. I’m not saying that doing it [dating a woman] is wrong, but no.”Lindsay Lohan samantha ronsonSamantha Ronson con Lindsay Lohan.

Do we lack respect?

So far Lindsay Lohan has not touched the issue of her sexual orientation again , but she continues to have a fairly strong presence within the LGBT+ community . CHECK THIS LIST WITH VARIOUS EXAMPLES OF BIPHOBIA.

In 2018 , the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation  ( GLAAD ) released a detailed article in which, although Lohan was not mentioned , several of her attitudes were exposed as an example of how bisexuality is made invisible in the media .

Nonetheless, Lindsay has not stopped supporting diversity members and has spoken out for our rights on several occasions . Many are still debating whether it is wise to simply respect that she identifies as straight or if her attitude does a great deal of harm to LGBT+ people .