Taylor Swift, the American singer who pretends to be surprised the worst when they give her awards and who has never completely finished exporting the overwhelming success she enjoys in her country here, has made chanson-à-clef her particular genre.

Her mechanism goes like this: she dates a famous person, breaks up with the famous person, writes a song about the famous person and crushes her . Her albums are like those Twitter and Facebook accounts where people get vaguely cryptic, “fed up with everything” status. Never again”, to draw a little attention.

She has done it again with We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together , with which he has been taking number 1 on the Billboard list for several weeks (now Flo Rida has ousted it at number two but continues to lead digital downloads). The song is supposed to talk about the relationship that Swift, 22, had a couple of years ago with Jake Gyllenhaal, 31. 

In the song, the ex-country singer – she doesn’t have much left of her past of fringes and cowboy boots – talks about the ex “listening to a much cooler i ndie record than mine”, which fits with Gyllenhaal’s tastes , who’s been featured in videos for The Shoes and Vampire Weekend, which would, in effect, knock Swift’s octane out of coolness . Some have even wanted to see a symbol on the padded jacket that the “Jake” in the video wears, similar to the one Gyllenhaal wore in the paparazzi photos that confirmed his relationship with Swift.Currently, Swift is dating a very young member of the Kennedy clan, Conor, grandson of Bobby, who is only 18 years old . The kid must already be imagining the song in which he will end up, which may have juicy verses about “you who are still in high school” and “your family, who think they are American royalty, but speak ill of me in the press”. They did it this summer when the couple reportedly crashed a family wedding unannounced.

In any case, the interpreter of the ringlets has not invented anything. The breakup song between celebrities is a fertile field for pop:

10. Miles Away , Madonna . Always subtle, the queen of pop dedicated this song to her ex-husband, Guy Ritchie, at a concert in Boston shortly after her split was confirmed, adding that it was for the “emotional retards.” The theme includes the verses: “when I leave you will realize / that I am the best thing that has happened to you”.

9. Cry me a River , Justin Timberlake . To put it in maddening terms , breaking up with Britney Spears was, of course, one of the best things that has happened to Timberlake, who got rid of the image of a Mickey Mouse boy who dresses to match his girlfriend and was able to accelerate his career towards the gap that Michael Jackson had neglected in the pop ladder. Even so, in 2002 he dedicated the aforementioned Cry me to River on the album Justified.

8. You Oughta Know , Alanis Morrissette . Few in the nineties knew that the decibel anthem of the Canadian was dedicated to… Uncle Joey, from Forced Parents . Exactly, the same one who lived in the Tanner’s basement and talked to his dolls, like Mari Carmen. Well, the actor who played him, Dave Coulier.

7. Violet , Hole . 90s: Courtney Love is believed to have dedicated this song to Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. The grunge widow claims that she gave Corgan the evil eye, causing him to go bald.

6. For no one , The Beatles . Because not everything has to be grudge. Paul McCartney wrote For no One in 1966 for his girlfriend at the time, Jane Asher. And, if they hadn’t left him already, they were ready. McCartney apparently wanted Asher to put her acting career on hold and just be a Beatle consort. Hence the “she doesn’t need you”.

5. It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over , Lenny Kravitz . This is actually a pre-breakup song. Kravitz and Lisa Bonet were still having a stormy relationship when he dedicated this song to the sexiest member of the Huxtables.

4. Chelsea Hotel , Leonard Cohen . The singer-songwriter wrote the song about his very brief affair with Janis Joplin, although he has often regretted admitting it, as it “contains very intimate lines” – fellatio on an unmade bed, for example. Mind you, Cohen was more chivalrous by calling himself “ugly” in the song. Many would disagree.

3. Bagpipes over Baghdad , Eminem . “Mariah, why did we have to break up?” It took Eminem eight years to write a song about his alleged ex, Mariah Carey. Although she is, she has always denied the relationship and responded with another topic, titled Obsessed (obsessed).

2. Cold case love , Rihanna . Almost all the songs that she has released from Barbados after her breakup with Chris Brown, who gave her a brutal beating, have been interpreted as responses or reactions to the rapper. But in the case of this one, from 2009, there is little doubt: “What you did to me was a crime and I let you get close to me for once.” Not just one, judging by the recent photo of them kissing at the VMAs.

1. You’re so vain , Carly Simon . This is surely the most famous spite song in pop, or at least the one that has given the most play in terms of speculation, to which the country singer herself has contributed for four decades. “You’re so vain that you probably think this song is about you.” Semidiscarded Mick Jagger, who does choirs in the song, and the ex-husband of the singer James Taylor, are Nick Nolte, Cat Stevens, Kris Kristofferson, Warren Beatty (who boasted in a 2007 documentary of being the inspiration) and businessman David Geffen as possible inspirers.