This psychological thriller from Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione from 2015 shows us how fifty people wake up in a dark room in which they are placed in two concentric circles in which one of them dies every two minutes or when one of them tries to escape. When they realize that they can vote for who dies, sides begin to emerge and the interests of each of them begin to shine.

So there are some movies that could be episodes in Black Mirros:

In this 2011 film starring Jacke Gyllenhaal, we follow in the footsteps of a soldier who wakes up in someone else’s body only to discover that he is part of a government experiment to find a terrorist and stop him from blowing up a train.

This acclaimed 2017 horror film tells the terrifying weekend of a black boy at his girlfriend’s white family’s house where the young man discovers over the hours a series of discoveries that reveal the dark intentions of his in-laws and that will endanger your

Paul Verhoeven’s film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sharon Stone in which the protagonist fulfills his dream of going on a trip to Mars by implanting memories of said trip in his mind, discovering how dangerous it can be to have memories that he doesn’t know if they are false or true.

This drama, considered a blockbuster, follows the footsteps of a young woman (Emma Watson) who discovers the dangerous plans of the technology company in which she has started working and that will dramatically affect all of humanity.

The oldest of our proposals is this German telefilm from 1973 that portrays a world in which a supercomputer controls a simulation program that recreates an artificial world in which thousands of people live without knowing that they are part of said simulation.

Cult film that portrays the life of a man whose entire existence has been written to be broadcast on a reality television show, until he realizes that he has been a slave to the audience all his life.

Ex Machina‘ follows in the footsteps of a young programmer who is selected by the head of his company to spend a week with him and participate with him in conducting the Turing test on his latest creation, Ava, a robot.Ex-Machina

Science fiction film by Davind Cronenberg released in 1999 that recreates a world in which video games and virtual reality have advanced so much that it is difficult to distinguish between reality and fiction. The latest game from a famous creator could be the definitive leap in this format… if they manage to survive.

In a world where most children are conceived in vitro, those who have been conceived naturally are considered inferior. A young man considered genetically inferior, Vincent, receives the opportunity of a lifetime from him when he is offered to supplant the identity of a person who is part of the elite. When a murder takes place his plans to be part of high society begin to falter. It stars Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Jude Law.

Acclaimed Spike Jonze film that tells how a sad writer falls in love with an operating system designed to satisfy all his needs.

Yorgos Lanthimos’ ‘Locust‘ portrays a near future in which single people are forced to find a romantic partner in forty days or else they will be transformed into wild animals.

A young man takes a pill that allows him to access 100% of his brain’s capacity, an ability that will open many doors for him but also introduce him to a world full of dangers. It had its adaptation in a television series released in 2015.

Jon Hamm, who already appeared in ‘Black Mirror’, stars in this drama that tells how a service is capable of creating holographic images of deceased loved ones and that allows a woman to see a rejuvenated version of her dead husband .John Hamm, Black Mirrors.

A student finds herself trapped in a dangerous online game of dare or truth where her every move is controlled and manipulated by an online community of observers. It stars Dave Franco and Emma Roberts.

Cult film starring Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet that narrates how a couple whose relationship has ended undergoes a medical procedure by which the memories of the other are eliminated from their memory.

A young married couple receives a wooden box that, if they open it, will serve to receive a million dollars but at the same time will kill someone they do not know, thus beginning a dangerous moral dilemma.

Friends chatting on Skype receive a message from a young woman who had committed suicide a year earlier. Everyone thinks it’s a joke, but when this mysterious person begins to reveal her darkest secrets, it will unleash an unprecedented and very dangerous situation for them.