How many times have we gone very short of time and have not been able to afford to spend too much time reading a good book? This usually happens especially between two types of people: students who end up saturated with letters and barely want to continue looking at books or workers who end up exhausted at the end of the day and don’t have the strength left to spend a few minutes reading the book that collects dust on the table next to the bed.

It may also happen that you are one of those people who choke on a “block” of a book and prefer to read many different readings but in a “reduced version” .

Whatever your case, today we propose five very different readings, which have something in common: they are so short that you could well finish them in a weekend like the one that is about to end or if you rush me, in just one day, depending on the desire with which you take it and how much you like the plot of the story.

These are the short reads for an ideal weekend of rest that we recommend :

  • “Silk” by Alessandro Baricco : A very short book that barely has 115 pages and whose reading is very simplistic. It has a very precise language, nothing loaded with details, and its reading is very pleasant and bearable. It has a great emotional charge and a very surprising ending. Personally, I compare this work with those little details that seem insignificant at first but later hold great value for the person who receives it. I’m sure you all understand what I’m talking about.
  • “Chronicle of a Death Foretold” by Gabriel García Márquez : A work that is currently very fashionable due to the death of its great writer (sometimes we realize the greatness of people and their actions when they are no longer there, although this work , luckily for its author, always got the recognition it deserved). This little gem has about 106 pages and it could be said that its reading is “almost mandatory”. It was included in the list of the hundred best novels in Spanish of the 20th century, and perhaps for this reason alone, it would be worth reading. It is inspired by a real event that occurred in 1951.
  • “Three Yellow Roses” by Raymond Carver ; A 158-page book that has six magnificent stories. The main themes that the author delves into in this book are the following: poor America, the loneliness of anonymous beings who lead sad and anodyne lives condemned to failure by losers, family and marital problems, the mystery of life, etc. A book to read with a certain emotional perspective since at times it can be too “hard”.
  • «The postman of Neruda» by Antonio Skarmeta : Translated into twenty-five languages, this work became a classic of universal letters. The film based on her was nominated for five Oscars. Despite all this, according to my personal opinion, I think that today it is a somewhat forgotten work. It has 139 pages, so it meets the short-reading requirement for a weekend, and if we add to that everything said above plus the fact that “Neruda’s” last name is written on it, I think we have more than enough reasons to at least take a look at it.

  • «The Little Prince» by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry : A book for lovers of depth, for those who seek beyond the simplicity of letters and drawings for children, for those who think that «what is essential is invisible to the eye »… This book has everything you need for a good weekend read: it is very short as it only has 93 pages, it will not leave you indifferent to each page you read, you will discover how special its letters hide and with a little luckily you will feel somewhat happier when you finish it.

You no longer have excuses! The lack of time will not be a problem to read these wonderful little works that we recommend today.