The drama is a matter of one, or perhaps two. Humour, however, is a team effort. Anyone who has worked in television knows that nothing is more important in a sitcom than the writers’ room and that great jokes are born out of loud conversations. The reason is simple, the only way to know that something is funny is to show it to someone else and check it out. But since this is difficult and risky, the most common thing is to repeat proven formulas over and over again.

However, there are still people who resist and try to find something personal in humor, new tones and new atmospheres. There will always be the danger that 9 out of 10 will remain silent after the joke, but that one who laughs is twice as grateful because, after all, humor is like all art, a form of human connection. We don’t want to get deep, just justify that humor, the weirder the better. That is why we have decided to rescue 10 particular, personal and extravagant comedies that, despite being on streaming platforms , you may have missed. We will not tell you that you will like them all, but oh the one that does!

Taika Waititi is the director of fashion at Disney. He’s writing a new Star Wars movie , with Thor: Ragnarok he breathed personality into one of the MCU’s weakest sagas, scored a masterful finale to The Mandalorian season 1 and won an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit . Before, specifically in 2010, he wrote, directed and starred in this comedy in his native New Zealand. Boy tells the story of a boy who has to face the return of his absent father, a pathetic delinquent, whom he idealized.

Mom and Dad – Prime Video

Nicolas Cage at his best is always as terrifying as he is funny. It’s kind of hypnotic and in this hooligan thriller things explode everywhere. The film tells the story of a virus that turns parents into crazy killers of their children. It could be a horror story but, well, it’s Nicolas Cage. Also, if you are a father and you remember the months of confinement, you probably empathize with him.

Lanthimos manages to create a violent and cruel cinema and, at the same time, have a sense of humor that is as twisted as it is interesting. Although the author of La favorita always adds touches of humor in his stories, perhaps the closest to a classic comedy is this one that shows us a society in which all people have to be paired or, if not, they are turned into animals. John C. Reilly is always sure to laugh, but here the surprise is Colin Farrell and his understated pathetic man.

Eurovision, in the history of Fire Saga – Netflix

The most recent on the list. A comedy about Eurovision had to be like that, tacky, quite idiotic, easy and tremendously charming. Will Ferrell is a comic genre in itself, but this tacky ode to the festival grows with cameos and the great supporting Dan Stevens as the representative of Russia.

Bomb Scared – Netflix

Making jokes about terrorism is always complicated, especially if it touches us as closely as ETA. However, Borja Cobeaga is a master at it and, after El negociador , came Fe de Etarras , a comedy that combines Spain’s victory in the World Cup in South Africa with the end of the gang’s armed struggle. It’s a great example of how you can find pathetic humor and reflect on human empathy in everything and everyone.

An old man with dementia, black and white, the landscapes of Nebraska… This could only be a comedy with the direction and script of Alexander Payne and a masterful performance by Bruce Dern. Nebraska , in addition to being one of the best films of recent years, is full of sparkling dialogues and deliciously costumbrismo situations that surround the reconciling journey of a father and son.

The Disaster Artist- HBO

You only really like this movie if you are one of those crazy people like James Franco who finds Tommy Wiseau’s The Room a masterpiece of humor. For those special people, but with a lot of luck, this ode to the gestation of that unique film will be another delight with lots of jokes, inside jokes and parody.

Wild Tales – Prime Video and Filmin

The chapters of this Argentine triumph are based on violent and desperate outbursts of its protagonists, pushed to the limit by the situation and the society that surrounds them. However, the murder, the violence or the attacks are shown with a very dark and original humor, as a solution and an escape route from that accumulated rage that gives us all every day.

I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore – Netflix

Macon Blair debuted surprising everyone with this Netflix original film starring Melanie Lynskey and Elijah Wood. They are both a most peculiar couple of neighbors who decide to undertake a crazy search for the thieves who have robbed her house. Winner of the Sundance Film Festival, the result is a triumph of indie humor .