The second season of ‘The Dance of the Fireflies’ will be the last , but we won’t enjoy it less for that. Granted, the show isn’t your typical awards season show, but no one takes away from its capacity for binge-watching between Netflix series, thanks in no small part to Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke. In Netflix’s latest dose of cozy, down-to-earth viewing, the two stars ditch the hospital life of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Scrubs’ (two of the best medical shows) for something much healthier.

After devouring ten episodes of addictive drama and questionable wigs , you’ve probably wondered when you’ll be able to take your next stroll down Firefly Lane again. Well, you’re in luck: Netflix has renewed the series for a season 2 and we already have very important details . This way we will know what happens after the end that the first one left us.

‘The dance of the fireflies’, season 2: release date

 The release date of season 2 part 2 of ‘The dance of the fireflies’ will be June 8, 2023 , and it will consist of the last seven episodes that will mark the end of the story. It will thus be counted among the Netflix series in 2023.

If we remember, the premiere date of season 2 part 1 of ‘The dance of the fireflies’ was December 2 . Be careful, it will only be from the first part of the season, since this last installment will be divided into two. This was announced by Netflix at the time:

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Before the renewal announcement, Heigl told The Washington Post that she had her “fingers, toes, everyone, crossed” so that fans can spend more time with Tully and Kate , for at least three seasons. And his prayers worked. ‘The dance of the fireflies’ was renewed for a second season after the good public data of the first.

‘The dance of the fireflies’, season 2: cast

With all the drama in ‘Dance With The Fireflies’, you never know when someone is going to screw it up, but at least we’re sure we’ll see the following faces again for a second season:

  • Katherine Heigl as Tully Hart
  • Ali Skovbye as Young Tully
  • Sarah Chalke as Kate Mularkey
  • Roan Curtis as Young Kate
  • Ben Lawson as Johnny Ryan
  • Beau Garrett as Cloud
  • Yael Yurman as Marah, Kate’s teenage daughter

Ben might not make it to the next season, if we have to stick to that ‘cliffhanger’…

‘The dance of the fireflies’, season 2: How will the story continue?

 Spoilers for ‘Dance of the Fireflies’ below .

The final moments of the first season of ‘Dance with the Fireflies’ are… Well, it’s a lot to process. Of all the mysteries the finale sets up, perhaps the most fundamental is: why does Kate hate Tully so much now?

“When I said I could never forgive you for what you did, what do you think I meant?” Kate says as she leads her best friend away from her own father’s funeral.

Katherine Heigl talked about this scene on Oprah Mag recently, and while she can’t reveal exactly what’s going on, she did rule out the possibility that it was Kate’s husband Johnny coming between them . “It can’t be that Tully is sleeping with Johnny. I don’t think any friendship could top that. I’ll fight to the death not to,” Ella Heigl said.

In Kristin Hannah ‘s novel , we see a breakup between the two friends after Tully invites Kate and her daughter Marah to discuss their relationship on live television. “Tully was trying to help, but in a really thoughtless way: it was all about herself,” says Katherine. “She doesn’t realize that she is publicly humiliating her friend on TV and at the same time siding with the 14-year-old. That would be enough to seriously break the friendship .”

Whether that happens in the series remains to be seen, but what about Johnny? Will he survive the explosion that devastated his group in Iraq?

The answers to this and more appear in the source material, though it’s possible Netflix deviates from this to keep fans intrigued . Let’s just hope they do, because in the second half of the book, which will likely form the basis for season two, a tragedy occurs that Kate and Tully can’t just walk away from.

‘The dance of the fireflies’, season 2: trailer and references

The final footage will take a bit longer to arrive, but in the meantime, check out Kristin Hannah’s sequel book, Fly Away, for those who have been hoping for a third season . The description of the novel reads: “A single, tragic choice and a phone call in the middle of the night will unite these women and lead them on a moving and powerful journey of redemption. Each has lost their way and they will need each other.” the other, and perhaps a miracle to transform their lives.