This is the tenth book in the series “The Warenne Dynasty.” In this case it is the turn of the hermit Rex.

Blanche Harrington was overwhelmed. She was twenty-seven years old, her father had been dead for months, and a horde of suitors besieged her home. How was she going to choose the right one for her among the two hundred and twenty-eight suitors, if the only one who disturbed her in this way had not even offered her condolences on the death of her father, let alone visited? She did not harbor dreams of love as she was sure that she would be unable to fall in love with her.

The violent and premature death of her mother, which she witnessed when she was only six years old, took away her emotions and memories of her. Therefore, she only had to worry about finding an honorable, sensible, decent and noble man among all of them. But, she had never liked crowds. That, and the unusual interest in a member of the de Warenne family, will lead her friends, in particular the theatrical Bess, to plan a change of scenery for Blanche. And, if to achieve it, it is necessary to make a small adjustment to the already extensive Harrington estate, it is not important.

Ten years had passed since Rex had fought on the Peninsula. Ten long, hard years that he had never been able to forget. He lost his leg saving his best friend, Tom Mowbray, who betrayed him. He missed and mourned his son Stephen each and every day of his life. A little boy who did not know who his real father was, but that he gave up so that he could carve out a better future. His secret, kept for so many years and hidden from his family, consumed him without remedy. He had turned him into a hermit, into a bitter man who worked from sunup to sundown to forget, and who had to get drunk at night to bear it.

Blanche, after deciding a sudden visit to Bodenick Castle, owned by Rex, will find him in a precarious and indiscreet situation. After an unfortunate discovery, Ella Blanche will have no choice but to turn to Sir Rex to find accommodation. There, in Bodenick Castle, she will discover her passion and some feelings that she thought were forgotten. But, the long-forgotten memories of what happened with her mother and that led to her premature death will also return.

Will it be worth it for her to continue experiencing passion with Rex and committing herself? Would she rather walk away from him and go back to living in the dark? Whatever decision she makes of her, the memories of her will come back to haunt her. Rumors of madness will circulate through the great city, undermining her strength.

This novel has enchanted me. I only put a hit. Frequently he returned to recall the events that occurred in childhood, becoming something repetitive. For the rest, it has made me smile, it has made me cry, I have felt anguish and above all hope that things would be resolved in favor of Rex. In singing the main protagonists, Blanche is elegant, direct, she does not judge or criticize anyone.

She seems quite a lady. She is not cold, rather in some paragraphs she seems indifferent. Perhaps because she has known how to control and hide her feelings. Some feelings and emotions that she will return to de Warenne. Rex is hardworking, honest, and intelligent. He lived a secluded life by choice, fleeing from the frivolity of the high society to which he belonged. He drank a lot he only slept with servants and his life was in continuous improvement. He really was a heartbroken man who needed work and drink to keep the ghosts away from him.

We will also meet the united de Warenne family in the book. Lizzie and Tyrell (Blanche’s former fiancĂ©), Devlin and Virginia, Cliff and Amanda, Sean and Eleanor. Blanche’s friendly and vivacious friend, Bess, and a spiteful and malevolent servant and blacksmith.

In short, I found it to be a charming novel, although a little long for what I pointed out before, but quite moving and full of passion. Its reading is recommended.