For a long time it seems that the most commercial cinema has an allergy to nudes. In the United States, it is synonymous with limiting their commercial career, but in the rest of the world they are less fussy when it comes to turning to them when the scene needs it.

Of course, there are not so many who have gone a step further and have included real sex scenes.

There are very few directors who dare to do so, since little less than they condemn the tape to only talk about those scenes. Sometimes for a reason, but other times it’s a shame that this makes the initial controversy soon fade and barely reach a less wide audience. Here is a selection of the 17 best movies with real sex scenes that are not porn movies .

‘Pink Flamingos’ from 1972

John Waters has always opted for provocation in his films, but he himself has admitted that he regrets a real sex scene included in this film : the fellatio between Divine and Danny Mills. It seems that even he has limits -he felt uncomfortable because they were friends-, and that at a certain moment in this same film we can see Divine eating dog shit without any kind of trick.

‘The empire of the senses’ (‘Ai no korîda’) from 1976

Based on a true story, it tells the story of lovers -an ex-prostitute and a married man- who take their passion too far. It caused great controversy at the time due to the inclusion of real sex scenes, so much so that those responsible were not even able to reveal the film in Japan, so copies had to be sent to France to do so. The copy that was to be shown at the Berlin Festival was later seized and declared as hardcore pornography . What could be and did not dare to be ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ (‘Fifty Shades of Grey’).

‘Caligula’ from 1979

Bob Guccione , producer of the film -and creator of Penthouse magazine-, decided to include quite a few scenes with real sex scenes that range from intercourse to golden showers, also including a note regarding bestiality. Anything was worth it and he did not cut a hair to modify the original assembly for which he had already fired Tinto Brass and hired Giancarlo Lui to shoot explicit scenes with several girls from Penthouse, a magazine founded by Guccione.

‘Cruising’ (‘Cruising’) from 1980

A murderer of homosexuals and a policeman willing to do anything to give for him are the basis of a film from which up to 40 minutes had to be cut in order to enjoy a normal screening. Friedkin himself described them as pure pornography , but small details are still discussed in the montage that we can see some frames of anal sex and, conveniently darkened, fellatio and fisting.

Those 40 lost minutes became a myth and were the basis of ‘Interior. Leather Bar.’ , a film directed by James Franco and Travis Mathews that is basically dedicated to imagining what those scenes deleted from the final cut could have been like.

‘The idiots’ (‘The Idiots’) 1998

Lars Von Trier has never cut a hair when it comes to expressing himself and it was with the creation of the Dogma movement that he began to go beyond what was expected. Here he told the story of a group of adults who decided to drop all inhibitions in search of their inner idiot. There are not a few scenes of nudes and sex included, most of them faked, but there is at least one that includes real penetration…

‘Romance X’ from 1999

The tape written and directed by Catherine Breillat enjoyed a lot of notoriety at the time for including a real copulation scene between Caroline Ducey, the star of the show, and the famous porn actor Rocco Siffredi. Even the shot of an ejaculation is shown, which was removed for the domestic edition in the United Kingdom .

‘Pole X’ from 1999

It came to participate in the Cannes Film Festival , but the fourth feature film directed by Leos Carax is best remembered for the very bawdy scenes between Guillaume Depardieu and Yekaterina Golubeva. The problem is that they have a trick, since for the most explicit scenes it was decided to use body doubles for the most graphic moments. The sex was real, but not exercised by the protagonists of the tape.

‘Intimacy’ (‘Intimacy’), 2001

Mark Rylance went so far as to declare that he regretted having made this film directed by Patrice Chéreau because he remembered it as a painful experience, both making it and the subsequent reception it received. It has the privilege of being the first film to include unsimulated sex, in this case fellatio, and to be released without cuts in the United Kingdom .

‘Lucia and sex’, 2001

No, Tristán Ulloa and Paz Vega did not have sex while recording Julio Medem’s cameras, since body doubles were used for that . Of course, the trick ends there, since the penetration and fellatio in the video recorded by Ulloa’s character and the manual stimulation of an already erect male member that can be seen at another time are completely true.

‘Ken Park’ the 2002

Larry Clark had already approached adolescence and sex in the disturbing ‘Kids’ and here he returned to it, but perhaps taking it a step further by following four teenagers, three boys and a woman, who have been friends since childhood and whose life is not exactly exemplary. Due to age issues, some scenes are simulated, but there are also real ones including masturbation until ejaculation.

‘The Brown Bunny’ de 2003

At the time, there was a lot of talk about the scene in which Chloe Sevigny gives Vincent Gallo a blowjob, the film’s protagonist, screenwriter and director -and her former partner-. The actress did not hesitate to compare it to an Andy Warhol movie , but if she is remembered for something, it is for that moment in which oral sex was exhibited in all its splendor. Roger Ebert came to declare at the time that it was the worst film ever shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

2004’s ‘9 Songs’

There was a time when Michael Winterbottom was a very eclectic director who surprised with the change of course of each new work and here he opted for real sex, alternating intimate encounters without any tricks between the characters played by Kieran O’Brien and Margo Stilley with concert sequences. The result is… peculiar.

‘Kissing on the Mouth’ de 2005

Joe Swanberg, responsible for estimable titles such as Drinking Buddies’ and Win It All’, took a great risk in his debut film, since it includes a masturbation scene with ejaculation starring himself. It is considered to be one of the first films of the Mumblecore movement , characterized by naturalistic performances in which dialogue tends to be improvised, low budgets, and emphasis on dialogue over plot, typically focusing on people in their twenties or thirty-somethings.

‘Shortbus’ 2006

The clients of an underground polysexual club in New York are the basis of the tape with which its director surprised everyone after ‘Hedwig and the Angry Inch’. In addition, he did not hesitate to show scenes that include fellatio, both homosexual and heterosexual, autofellatio, masturbation and intercourse. Everything and for all tastes -I think that everyone has thought at some time in life if it is possible to practice autofellatio…-.

‘Nymphomaniac’ from 2013

My idea was not to include more than one film by the same director, but the case of Von Trier is special, since sex has such an important presence here that we couldn’t leave it out. Of course, it has a trick, since porn actors filmed the most explicit scenes -which are not exactly few- and in post-production they digitally superimposed them on top of the protagonists who had previously filmed the scenes, simulating that they were getting to work. Basically, from the waist up they were the protagonists and from the waist down the doubles. And for the fellatio scene performed by Stacy Martin, a prosthetic penis was used.