Death and romance are the so-called «erotic thriller» genre Popular in the classic films of Sharon Stone and Brian De Palma of the 80s and 90s. These films usually combine temptation and violence, relying on the metaphor of crime and serial killers, and add layers of sexiness and mystery that blend men and women to convincing effect. These practices of psychological suspense date back to the film noir of the 1940s, but as we know, hot and steamy thrillers reached their peak in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Stranger By The Lake


Alain Guiraudie’s combination of elements from Hitchcock, Kenneth Anger and Brian De Palma Stranger by the Lake A thriller about cruise ships, desire and death. The film takes place on a calm lake that doubles as a gay cruising spot in the south of France. In the heat of the heat, Frank strips naked and hangs out with other guys to befriend a brooding middle-aged man named Henri. But when the mysterious Michelle arrives at the lake, Frank falls in love with a man who may be hiding a dark secret. stranger by the lakeWinner of the Quiaparm Award at Cannes in 2014, Giraudy was, of course, awarded the Best Director Award. This is a spectacular search for the dangers of queer desires and anonymous eroticism, wrapped in a suspenseful and tense thriller.

In the cut


Works by Jane Campion In the Cut is a 2003 psychological thriller that features killer actors such as Meg Ryan, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Kevin Bacon. This movie is an adaptation of a novel about an English teacher involved in a detective investigating a series of murders in Susanna Moore’s neighborhood. in the cutIt received negative reviews from critics upon its release, due to either its explicit content, the political undercurrent of 9/11, or the film’s non-linear storyline. It has been revised in recent years and has been hailed as a feminist thriller thanks to its disruption of the practices of the male gaze and the intricate depiction of female joy. Writing for Thrilling, Jourdain Searles said of the film:

Five deadly charm


Released in 1987, the film became the highest paid movie of the year and was a cultural phenomenon that paved the way for many psychological thrillers. Directed by Adrian Lyne, this film tells the story of Dan Gallagher, a married lawyer who met a woman named Alex Forest (Glenn Close). They get caught up in a weekend fling, but when Alex isn’t ready to end her romance, she hooks up with Dan and threatens to destroy her marriage. Sometimes it turns into the slasher genre, but this movie is a sultry and exciting thriller that viewers were hooked on minutes later. It’s funny and smart, guided by some standout performances from Michael Douglas and Glenn Close. At the 60th Academy Awards, it received six nominations, including Best Picture,

Four the maiden

Park Chan Wook the maiden A sensual and visually beautiful story about betrayal, jealousy and power. In South Korea in the 1930s, Sookee was hired as a servant for the Japanese heir Hideko, but she is secretly trying to help con artists seduce a woman to steal her property. .. However, Sookee and Hideko build a romantic relationship that complicates Con. Park Chan Wook deftly navigates the promising sexuality between a young con man and a woman he has cheated on. the maiden This is a true testament to Chanuk’s attention to detail and his ability to create delicate yet exciting settings. With a shocking twist, exquisite scenery design, and amazing performance,the maiden A timeless thriller that easily strikes a balance between sexuality and tenderness. It’s definitely one of the best salary thrillers of all time.


Adaptation of the JG Ballard novel by David Cronenberg Clash A strange and original take on an exciting psychological thriller. Starring James Spader, Holly Hunter, Rosanna Arquette, Clash The story of a film producer intertwined with a group of strangers who became sexually aroused in a car accident. It is therefore one of Cronenberg’s most extreme and interesting studies of sexuality, boldly examining the meaning of the novel’s bizarre premise. Aligning images of car accidents and hot, steamy love scenes, Cronenberg compared sex and violence, suggesting that sensuality may be more related to sadism/power dynamics than we think. shockAt times a challenging film, it is also wholly original, bold and formally impressive. The film won the Special Jury Prize at the 1996 Cannes Film Festival, ranking Martin ScorseseEse as the eighth best film in 10 years.

Dressed to Kill

You can’t talk about this genre without mentioning Brian De Palma, an idiom director who dominated this genre in subsequent movies. Shadow Warrior When Devilish Woman .. Dressed to Kill That said, it’s the best showing of De Palma’s camp and a ridiculous take on the sultry thriller. A mysterious blonde woman brutally murders an on-and-off housewife and begins harassing a prostitute who witnessed the crime. Michael Caine, Nancy Allen and Angie Dickinson deliver professional performances that may seem jarring to the film’s glamorous tones, but create something completely unique.

Eyes wide shut

Let Stanley Kubrick round out the sultry thriller with its precise shots, lavish set design and mysterious plot. Eyes Wide Shut Takes the genre to a whole new height. Set in New York for Christmas, the film is an emotional story when a wealthy doctor (Tom Cruise) tells his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman) that she dreams of sleeping with another man. Both Cruz and Kidman deliver vibrant and emotionally complex performances as odd married couples. This is interesting given that the couple divorced in real life. Studying Kubrick’s infidelity and conspiracy using sultry lighting and 35mm film It sometimes seems like a dream, but it helps to enhance the breakdown the character is experiencing.