That of Aitana Ocaña and Miguel Bernardeau has become one of the most impressive breakups of 2022 in a particularly devastating year for our celebrities as far as love is concerned (and if not, ask Isabel Preysler and Mario Vargas Llosa, Shakira and Gerard Piqué or Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva to give some examples).

 After four years of love, the singer and the actor decided to go their separate ways a few weeks ago after dragging out a crisis for several months that worsened when they both starred in their first project together, the series ‘La última’ on Movistar+.

 A break revealed exclusively by the magazine ‘Lecturas’ on December 14 and about which its protagonists prefer to remain silent for the moment, although it seems that it is final according to Aitana’s latest movements . And it is that despite the fact that Miguel has left the artist’s chalet to return to his parents’ house – just 300 meters from what was his love nest – the Catalan has decided to put land in the middle and has bought a Spectacular property in one of the most exclusive urbanizations in Madrid, where it will settle soon after undertaking a reform to leave it to your liking.

“We are friends”

 Absolute silence about who made the decision to break up, although it is speculated that it would have been Aitana who would have left the protagonist of ‘Elite’, and that there would be a third person in disagreement, Sebastián Yatra.

 This is confirmed by ‘Las Mamarazzi’, who have revealed that in the past – it is rumored that in 2020, when they collaborated with ‘Corazón sin vida’ – the singer and the Colombian, who have a chemistry that cannot be denied, had an ‘affaire’ that now could have resurfaced with force.

 Feeding these rumors, Yatra was seen at Aitana’s end of tour concert at the Wizink Center days after confirming her break with Miguel Bernardeau, unleashing madness among the fans of both, convinced that they are indeed ‘The couple of the year’ to which the Colombian sings.

 The Europa Press microphones have spoken exclusively with Sebastián Yatra – who, by the way, is spending Christmas in Madrid – and, with a kindness and smile worthy of applause, he has denied his alleged affair with Aitana and has made it clear that the only thing he What unites him with the little triumph is a beautiful friendship: “No, no, we are friends. Thank you very much. Merry Christmas,” he shyly confessed after enjoying a meal in one of the most exclusive restaurants in the capital.

 In addition, and aware that many believe that it has been the trigger for the breakup of the singer of ‘Once reasons’ and Miguel Bernardeau, Yatra has clarified that no, denying that he had anything to do with Aitana’s decision: “No, no, nothing, thank you very much.”