Like Mariah Carey, it doesn’t take us more than a second to go from Halloween to Christmas either. It’s taking off our vampire costume and putting on our reindeer sweater. We feel sorry for all those who are a little fed up with so much partying and want a bit of a normal life between celebrations, but the fact is that summer and the first season have their good weather, their few clothes, their travels, their love affairs. Autumn and winter compensate for the cold, the melancholy and the long nights with costumes, gifts and feasts. And yes, Christmas movies. So the longer Christmas lasts, the better. And more now that we have taught you a hundred original ways to congratulate Christmas.

And we are not saying it, more and more are giving the go-ahead to Christmas on November 1st, or shortly after at the latest. It is time to prepare and forget those bloody Halloween movies so that another type of red, that of home warmth and the Santa Claus suit floods our televisions. Netflix has had a year 2022 loaded with great movies, and it seems that 2023 will also come loaded with good movies. But honestly, we haven’t come here to talk about good cinema. Or not necessarily. And it is that here we only care about Netflix Christmas movies.

Because this time is for seeing guilty pleasures, sappy and cheesy stories that have the same quality as your cool embroidered sweater. It is the same as always, and it is that it is a time of customs, and among them you cannot miss watching Christmas movies with the family. You know, the kind that you enjoy because you already know how they are going to end, with everyone happy and eating partridges (or turkey, or sole or whatever you eat at Christmas). Christmas movies are an indispensable part of the holidays, almost as much as food or gifts. That is why Netflix does not hesitate to give us a good handful of Christmas premieres every year in its catalog according to your mood for all tastes, colors and ages. You no longer have to go to the movies to enjoy the Christmas hit of the moment, and you don’t have to swallow five commercial breaks for an ending you already know. These are the proposals for new Netflix Christmas movies for 2022 to hit the movies in the coming weeks.


Delivery by Christmas 

Lovers of Polish romantic comedies (if they exist), you are in luck. This holiday season Netflix premieres Delivery by Christmas , a love affair directed by Aleksandra Kulakowska and Maciej Prykowski with a most appropriate premise for the occasion: after an employee of a mail delivery company sabotages the delivery of Christmas gifts, a A delivery girl and a devoted customer decide to deliver the packages themselves.

Premiere on Netflix: December 6


The Claus Family 2 

Two years ago, The Claus Family told us the story of a boy who discovers that his grandfather Noel is Santa Claus. Two years later, the adventures of the grandfather and grandson who act as Santa Claus continue, and there a third part on the way. And if you missed the first one, it’s also on Netflix, you can binge.

Premiere on Netflix: November 8 


Hit Christmas 

The great bombshell of Netflix Christmas this 2022 is the return of Lindsay Lohan, not only to the cinema, but also to family cinema. After a time as a mean girl, sex drugs and rock & roll, Lohan returns to the Disney girl image with the story of a spoiled rich heiress who loses her memory. She is left, of course, in the care of an attractive young widower, and her son at Christmas because why not? The truth is that the film seems to have hit the nail on the head and is getting better reviews and reception than usual. Will we be facing the first Christmas movie to go to the 2023 Oscars? Of course not, but dreaming about Christmas is free.

Premiere on Netflix: November 10 


Christmas with you 

Scooby Doo ‘s perennially underrated Fred (Fredie Prince Jr.) stars as the single dad who is delighted to meet his pre-teen daughter’s idol pop star for Christmas. The star looks to his fan for inspiration, the fan just wants to meet her star, and the father wants to win over his daughter. Of course, we already know that everyone finds much more. We can’t say the critics have been kind to it, but if that were a reason to pass on a Christmas movie we wouldn’t see any… Guilty pleasure to watch.

Premiere on Netflix: November 17


Christmas on the farm 

A widowed father (Scott Garnham) inherits a farm in the middle of Christmas. Of course, the brown that falls on him is not to his liking but his children are delighted with rural life. Therefore, they devise a plan to stay on the farm to live forever.

Premiere on Netflix: November 23


Noel’s Diary 

A regular in television productions and good bad movies like Justin Hartley stars in this story, a la Diario de Noa , about a bachelor who comes home for Christmas to fix his mother’s papers. He finds, of course, the diary of the title and a lot of love and secrets.

Premiere on Netflix: November 24


Scrooge: A Christmas Carol 

It’s not Christmas without a version of the classic Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol, and the torments of the miserly old Scrooge. However, this time we are facing an animated proposal, what Netflix is ​​best at. Perhaps we are facing the only film from which to remove the “guilty” after the “pleasure” of this entire list. In the original voices of this British musical we have stars like Olivia Colman, Luke Evans, Jessie Buckley or Jonathan Pryce.

Premiere on Netflix: December 2