We kick off the week with a collaboration by Cuco with LilBootyCall and KWE$T that takes us on a walk through the pink sunsets of California, and with the video Dancing With a Stranger by Sam Smith and Normani that makes us dance with the ghosts of our ex. In addition,  Pete Doherty presents his new project The Puta Madres , Kurt Vile launches a new song, and we will see the live performance of  Meek Mill on Saturday Night Live . Let’s get started!

1. Cuco + LilBootyCall + KWE$T, 777

LilBootyCall , the 22-year-old rapper from Texas, dropped a new track over the weekend called 777 , which sees him collaborate with  Cuco and KWE$T  in a KIDD -directed video , and takes a look at the trio of musicians. touring the city of Los Angeles in search of love, while the soft and ethereal guitar melody floats subtly in the background.

2. Sam Smith + Normani, Dancing With A Stranger

Weeks ago, we enjoyed the premiere of the new single by Sam Smith and Normani , called Dancing with a Stranger,  in which they talk about going dancing at a club with a broken heart and ending up feeling human only when sharing the floor with someone unknown. . Today they released the video of the clip, in which we see them being visited by the ghosts of their past relationships, and of course, a lot of choreography. Take a look at the video on Apple Music at this link.

3. Pete Doherty & The Puta Madres, Who’s Been Having You Over

Peter Doherty presented this morning his most recent musical project with his new band The Puta Madres, with whom he will be releasing a self-titled first album on April 26, and which the leader of The Libertines describes as “a devastatingly intimate portrait of love and loss ”. The band has its roots in the garage rock and DIY sound, and as the first single, we will listen to  Who’s Been You You Over.

4. Kurt Vile, Timing Is Everything (And I’m Falling Behind)

Last October, Philadelphia indie rocker  Kurt Vile dropped his album Bottle It In,  which he now follows with a new song called  Timing Is Everything (And I’m Falling Behind), recorded exclusively for Amazon Music , and playing like one of those dreamy tracks to listen to while watching the sunset. Listen to her above.

5. Meek Mill, Going Bad/Uptown Vibes + Championships

Rapper Meek Mill served as the musical guest for the most recent edition of Saturday Night Live,  which was hosted by Scottish actor James McAvoy , who promoted his latest film, Glass . Mill was performing three songs from his new album: Going Bad  (without Drake ), Uptown Vibes  with Fabolous, and the album’s title track, Championships.

6. New Order, Ceremony (Live 1981)

New Order  shared a live rarity from the early 1980s today, where we see them perform their song Ceremony  during a performance filmed at the CoManCHE Student Union in Manchester on February 6, 1981.  The clip is part of the upcoming reissue of their seminal album Movement , to be released on April 5 with a host of previously unreleased tracks, demos, and live performances, including a DVD featuring a 1980 concert performance.

7. Chino Moreno + Vowws, Structure of Love II

Chino Moreno , the leader and vocalist of Deftones , recently lent his voice to a remix of the song Structure of Love II,  belonging to the Australian death-pop duo Vowws,  who have even opened some shows for Moreno’s band. In this remix, the original theme was adapted so that Chino’s voice would stand out even more. Hit play above in the Bandcamp player.

8. Black Eyed Peas, Vibrations Pt. 1 Pt. 2

The Black Eyed Peas created a very zen vibe in their new music video for their single Vibrations pt. 1 point 2 , released over the weekend, and which brings not only a rather organic vibe but images of lush greens and a calm beat. The song is from their upcoming album Masters of the Sun Vol. 1 , which promises a return to the band’s original hip-hop sound.

9.   HELLO , Kyoto

The London electronic group HÆLOS  is coming today with a new single called Kyoto,  and with the news that their next album, Any Random Kindness , will be out on May 10th . The new track has echoes of Radiohead ‘s production, Massive Attack ‘s vocal harmonies and Arca ‘s twisted instrumentals , so you need to hear it now.

10. Bonobo, Ewer

British electronic musician Bonobo released his first song this year over the weekend: it’s called Ibrik,  and it brings warmth with a tropical sound accompanied by strings, xylophone beats, maracas and synthesizers. The track marks his first formal collaboration with iconic London nightclub Fabric , for whom he will be writing tracks in a series called  Fabric Presents. Hear it above.

11. The Mountain Goats, Younger

The Mountain Goats  announced moments ago the release of their seventeenth (!) studio album, which will be called In League with Dragons and will drop on April 26th.  While the band’s previous album, 2017’s Goths, was inspired by The Cure and Joy Division, this production will explore themes such as fantasy and science fiction. Their first single is called Younger .

12. Chai, Fashionista

Chai , the Japanese rock band, started the week with good news: on March 15 they will be releasing PUNK , the album that follows their debut album PINK. In a press release, the group explained the name of the album a little more: “For us, PUNK is to annul the worn-out values ​​associated with the kawaii or cute created up to now.” Her first single is titled Fashionista , and it’s made for loud listening.