The bad relationship between the mother of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk could have precipitated her breakup with the actor. This would not be the first time that the model has had conflicts with her political family.

After the separation of Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper was made official, after several weeks of speculation, the media continue to point to Lady Gaga as the main person responsible. 

In the last few hours, the magazine “In Touch” , which quotes an assistant to the artist, has assured that the singer has already settled in Cooper’s apartment in New York. “She’s already given her personal touch to her West Village apartment and she plans to do some other makeovers ,” the post details. Lady GagaCooperHowever, nothing has been confirmed. Not even the crazy rumor that the couple would be expecting their first child together. 

The truth is that since before the breakup was known, there was talk that things in the home of celebrities were not quite right. And the third involved was not exactly the interpreter of “Bad Romance” , but a woman much closer to the star of “Avengers” : his mother.Various portals assure that Shayk was fed up with Gloria Campano getting into their relationship. This, as a result of the actor having made the decision to take his mother to live under the same roof as the mannequin and his daughter. 

The mother-son attachment is known to arise from 2011, after the death of Cooper’s father. As time passed and Gloria’s health deteriorated, Bradley felt the desire to spend more time with her. Since then he has taken her to every public event she can, one of her last being the red carpet at the 2019 Oscars

Shayk Cooper

It’s not the first time

In 2015, Irina and her then-partner, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo , announced their separation. Then details of the crisis between Shayk and his mother-in-law, Maria Dolores dos Santos Aveiro , of whom she expressed coldness and mistrust, came to light. 

According to the Portuguese newspaper “Correio da Manhã”, the trigger for the breakup would have been the refusal of the model to attend the celebration for the 60th birthday of the matriarch of the clan. “Ronaldo wanted to surprise his mother. Since he had spent Christmas with Irina in Dubai, they were expected to return for Dolores’s birthday, but Irina did not want to. They had such a strong argument that he ended up spending the last night of the year alone with her son, ”a secret informant explained to the Portuguese medium.

Later, the mother of the Juventus FC striker would declare to the magazine “Hello!” on the end of the romance: “He is happy”.

Mutual agreement

But what was believed to be the most dramatic breakup in Hollywood — with apologies from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt — is being handled with the utmost care. According to the US press, Irina and Bradley have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of her two-year-old daughter, Lea De Siene . From now on, everything would go halfway, and her parents would have to coordinate their agendas to properly attend to the little girl.

According to the “TMZ” portal , the trust between them is so great that they have not had the need to sign a formal agreement. That is, it is based solely on the word. On the other hand, although he is linked to Los Angeles for work reasons —the mecca of cinema is located there, he would have agreed to move to New York, to be close to his little girl.