Scarlet Witch and Vision , faithful to their Friday appointment, has released a new episode. We are already on the penultimate one – I don’t know what will become of us without our partner from Westview when this is over- and, although they are already answering questions, the truth is that they have still introduced elements that give us a lot of room to theorize. Although this time, the clues are not given by the wonderful trio formed by Monica, Woo and Darcy, but by Agatha Harkness and Hayward.

The waterfall project

Hayward was not clean wheat. We saw it coming since Darcy started gossiping on his computer and discovered the “Waterfall Project”. We have already been able to verify here that the mysterious plan of the leader of SWORD is no longer just to ignore the well-being of all the inhabitants of Westview and launch a missile.

With the post-credits scene we can already venture to ensure that Scarlet Witch and Vision are adapting the West Coast Avengers: Vision Quest and Darker Than Scarlet comics . In these 1980s comics, Wanda was on a mission to retrieve her vision body from a government agency that was trying to weaponize it.

We see here that the leader of SWORD has not only manipulated his agents by showing them manipulated images of Wanda’s visit to the agency’s headquarters: she never took the body by force; and she did have to suffer as they taught her without any consideration or delicacy the dismembered body of the love of her life. Hayward was also all this time trying to rebuild Vision as a weapon under his control , which was precisely what the character of Paul Bettany most feared would happen, and why he asked at first that he never be revived.Marvel

The Waterfall project is nothing more than an attempt to rebuild the most powerful weapon that SWORD has been able to lay hands on: Vision. From the beginning, Hayward’s interest has been focused on nowhere else than the Scarlet Witch’s chance to revive Vision; and although he does not understand where it comes from, nor what it can entail, he is willing to use it for his own benefit. Which brings us to the next point: The White Vision.

White Vision (or the White Vision)

We now have two Visions swarming the outskirts of Westview. The one that Wanda has revived with her powers and the one that Hayward has rebuilt, much less colorful (which probably names the project that we mentioned in the previous section). The fact that this second Vision is white as milk is quite significant, at least if they’re going to follow the reasoning of the Avengers West Coast comics. In the story of John Byrne, we were presented with one of the first most significant changes that Vision has undergone throughout his history in the House of Ideas.

As we’ve said, in this arc they hijack and completely disarm Vision’s body. Although the Avengers manage to find the location of the android and rebuild it – Hank Pym through – the truth is that this new incarnation lacks the part of Vision that made him human, and that in the comics it is the human side that came from Wonderman, Simon Williams. The key was that the previous project, done by force and without any consent from Vision, had managed to rip his “soul” out of him. So Vision was washed out and emotionless for us , does that sound familiar to you?

Here we have seen that Wanda has created a Vision full of color based on her own pain (which, as Vision says, is nothing more than “persevering love”) and Hayward one that is pure android. So the bets are opened: will we see a fight between the two? Will one end the other, and by the way, with the little patience that Wanda already has left? Will both merge – soul and body – and we will have a complete Vision and that promises us much more Paul Bettany?Source: Disney+

The magic of chaos

When Agatha revealed herself to be the one behind everything behind the HEX, theories ran wild through our imaginations. Was Agatha really evil? Was she the one who had created everything and put Olsen’s character in the middle? The one where she had the citizens of Westview imprisoned? In the comics, she is more of a mentor and a partner in madness for Wanda, that friend who, even knowing that everything is going to end in disaster, tells you “you, do it, it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission”. However, this episode 1×08 of  Scarlet Witch and Vision  makes it clear: Agatha has her own agenda and is selfish… but to a certain extent she also understands or has compassion for Wanda.

Until now, viewers – and Wanda herself – had thought that in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the powers of Elizabeth Olsen’s character came from the experiments they carried out on both brothers in Hydra. But no,  the ability to transform reality had already come from the factory since she was a little girl : that Stark missile did not remain unexploded by coincidences of life. Wanda controls Chaos Magic. But what is Chaos Magic?Source: Marvel

In the comics she is also known as Chaos Magic Reality Warping: Wanda’s main power is none other than the superhuman ability to manipulate and warp reality at will , change the probabilities of events at will, create realities where before. there was nothing, or to modify what already existed. In short, whoever uses it can cast spells, and manipulate or rebuild existence at will, bringing chaos and destruction to the cosmos. It could even turn Wanda into a Nexus being. And in ‘Scarlet Witch and Vision’, our protagonist – who, by the way, is finally given her alias in this episode – has no control over him.