With the Christmas season upon us, the season of blankets and Christmas movies comes with it. However, today we want to leave you with some somewhat different movies on this theme that you can watch on Netflix, HBO Max and Prime Video.

The Christmas season is in full swing, and with it comes the annual feast of all things Christmas movies. At least one falls year after year. Christmas is a holiday that has inspired a large number of directors to create great comedies that have endured over time about the value of family, love and selflessness during this time.

However, it has also given rise to numerous somewhat different films and even some horror ones that have transformed this concept into sometimes macabre stories that delve into very different themes, but with a Christmas touch.

And it is that, in the end, there has to be cinema for all tastes and that is not why we have to see the same movies as always Christmas after Christmas such as the mythical Home Alone or Nightmare Before Christmas, since there are others, just as good or even better, covering a multitude of topics.

Today we are going to present you 4 somewhat different movies but that are related to this time of year and that you have available on HBO Max, Netflix or Prime Video.

Krampus: Bloody Christmas (2015), Netflix

Let’s go with some horror from Netflix to change a little this whole aspect of happiness and love that we present, at least, in the next two movies. And it is that, here we will delve into one of the most terrifying figures of Christmas: Krampus.

Well, this film tells us the story of a family that, three days before Christmas, gets together for a meal. Max, our protagonist continues to firmly believe in Santa Claus and intends to send him a letter, although little by little his illusions will fade away.

Meanwhile, this lack of festive spirit will unleash the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of evil determined to punish non-believers. All hell breaks loose when all the Christmas items take on a life of their own, attacking the family home and forcing them to fight together if they are to survive.

Carol (2015), Prime Video

It might be hard to argue that Todd Haynes’ incredible 2015 film is strictly a Christmas movie. This tells the story of a young woman named Therese (Rooney Mara) who begins an intense relationship with Carol (Cate Blanchett), an elegant woman who shops at the store where she works, but is set during a Christmas in the 50s, and that Enough already. 

Based on the Patricia Highsmith novel, The Price of Salt, the film follows what happens to Therese and Carol when they embark on a road trip and arouse the suspicions of the man Carol is trying to divorce. He will keep you glued to the screen all the time and he has that Christmas spirit so tender behind him that he will not leave you indifferent.

Elf (2003), HBO Max

Although new Christmas movies appear every year, it takes a special one to make it a real Christmas. Elf began to hit the big time almost immediately upon hitting theaters, and it’s only grown in popularity in the nearly two decades since.

Of course, its protagonist, played by Will Ferrell, is the one who takes the cake with his endearing interpretation of Buddy, a Christmas-loving human who, after growing up in the North Pole with Santa Claus and his elves, travels to New York to find his biological father.

Batman Returns (1992), HBO Max

Tim Burton’s 1992 follow-up to his original Batman is an amazing movie, filled with great visual effects, thrilling action sequences, attempted murders, and a nail-biting ending, and it all unfolds around Christmas time. Plus, all of this is available on HBO Max.

It is true that, although it may test the limits of what could be considered a “Christmas movie”, Batman Returns is a fantastic seasonal movie that is very funny and strange at the same time for the whole family.