The multiverses or parallel worlds continue to flood today’s movies and series, many of them making our heads explode. That is why we bring you 7 of the best series and movies that deal with this concept, from some very simple to the most complicated to understand.

The concept of parallel universes, or multiverses, has evolved a lot since its inception. And it is that now it seems that this theme has gained great strength but we have already witnessed great films like Star Wars, Star Trek and even films like The Matrix, which have already delved into this subject.

Most of the series and movies of parallel worlds take advantage of the concept of science fiction, although others do not follow a strictly scientific approach.

Many of the concepts of these films and series are surprising and in many cases disconcerting to the level of almost exploding our heads. They offer a stage to explore scientific questions that show how far the world of science and television is capable of reaching. And it is that, they are not only concepts; They are movies and series with sense.

Here we leave you some of the best movies and series of parallel universes that provide a sometimes very crazy context and will take you to new levels in our perception of what we could have around us.

Alice in Borderland (2020)

As described by some media, Alice In Borderland looks like a colorful and incredible mosaic of different series and movies. There are elements of 28 Days Later, Sword Art Online, The Purge, Saw, and even live action anime.

Although it may seem like a mix of everything that can go wrong, Alice In Borderland is actually a solid, well-written, and surprisingly decent sci-fi series that is worth its weight in gold on the Netflix platform.

The premise is simple and revolves around a group of young people trapped in a strange world of alternate reality. Deadly games of life and death are played in exchange for cards, which are called visas in this twisted dystopian world.

The numbers on each card correspond to the number of days you have left to live. The more cards you collect, the more days you can survive.

Having been renewed for a second season, Alice In Borderland is a very dark thriller worth watching and available on Netflix.

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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Yes, Doctor Strange is an excellent example of a parallel universe movie and this is the second movie, and the title refers to the alternate universe. Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen once again fascinate MCU fans.

The portrayal of the multiverse in this film is so captivating that you will lose yourself in its worlds, especially in one of its scenes . The construction of the characters, the effects, the emotional aspect and the acting are really good and it keeps you tied to the sofa or seat of your house.

As our colleagues from Hobby Consolas comment, although it is a film that can be enjoyed in itself, it is highly recommended to have seen, above all, the Scarlet Witch (Wanda) and Vision series , because it will help us a lot to understand the drama through that the character of Elizabeth Olsen is going through.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness uses the excuse of “everything is possible in the Multiverse” to present us with some doses of terror and black humor that a few years ago would have been unthinkable in a Marvel movie.

Interstellar (2014)

This movie will have already been seen by a large number of people and that is, Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar will present us with astronauts who will go to the opposite end of the universe to discover a new place to rebuild civilization. 

Many claim that it is the most excellent science fiction film of this generation. His combination of sound and music demonstrates it in large part. The acting was also outstanding, with a majestic McConaughey.

This film will be based on many real scientific facts rather than science fiction or invention. There’s a lot of NASA material, as well as elements from the world of black holes and real science fiction. Its visual effects are extraordinary and the photography will leave you speechless.

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Stranger Things (2016)

Netflix ‘s little gem , Stranger Things, is undoubtedly one of the greatest successes of the platform and in general of the world of series. 

The story, although everyone already knows more or less what the plot is, revolves around a group of children who find themselves involved in a supernatural world when a young man named Will disappears. With few clues beyond a strange girl named Eleven who appears with telekinetic powers, it’s up to a group of misfits to eliminate evil before it’s too late.

With some shows about parallel worlds and some great throwbacks to the ’80s , Stranger Things is an awesome, story-heavy option for a good time.

Donnie Darko (2001)

According to the cinematographic vision, in this film there is a primary universe and a parallel universe. although you will not know if they represent different realities or psychological issues. The movie will leave you wanting more and it will give you more the second time you see it because it will be disconcerting the first time you step into its world.

This psychological thriller will follow Donnie as he goes through the last weeks of his life as a normal teenager. Soon , he begins to experience premonitions that he uses to guide his actions, leading to reflections on free will or the inevitable.

The photography, cinematographic techniques and direction are excellent, with incredible dark moments. They blend excellently with character development, and Jake Gyllenhaal gives an exceptional performance.

Of course, we recommend that you give it more than one opportunity . However, you can give it what you want since it is available on Prime Video.

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Scarlet Witch and Vision (2021)

This first foray of Marvel on the small screen (Disney+) is still possibly the most powerful to date, although here everyone has an opinion. Our central protagonist here is Wanda, who is presented to us in a black and white comedy with Vision and here a thousand and one questions will arise.

And it is that, it will not be until the middle of the series when the direction changes slightly, giving more clues and answers to what has been happening.

While we are given small answers to our doubts and the crazy universe that is presented to us , the series also uses its episodic format to pay homage to the American comedies of yesteryear, including canned smiles. 

Scarlet Witch and Vision is a unique hybrid of superhero and sitcom that probably won’t be repeated in the future. So we recommend that you enjoy it on Disney+.

Spider-Man: A New Universe (2018)

Spider-Man is one of the most popular superheroes among comic book fans, and the animated version of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is 

Here, we will have other Spider-Man from other realities that have ended up in Miles’ universe as a result of an accident caused by Wilson Fisk (better known as Kingpin). 

It portrays the parallel universe movies quite well combining the style of the comic. Unlike other movies that deal with this theme, this one is not going to make you Google it once you finish it . It received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Animated Feature.