Now it is possible to plant bushes in Animal Crossing New Horizons , a new element that we can place on our island and that you will surely want to know how to obtain, know when they grow and know what types exist.

Thanks to the latest update to version 1.2.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons, the element of the bushes has been included, which we will have of various types and that will allow us to place them on our island to try to reach the long-awaited level of five stars.

As it is a new element in the adventure, you will want to know where we can get them, what types exist and what we must do to make the most of them.

Shrubs in Animal Crossing New Horizons: how to get them, in which months they grow and everything you need to know

The latest update of the game has brought the bushes, which work in a similar way to trees and can help us to decorate our island, although they are not as efficient when it comes to customizing them since they cannot be mixed.

Once you have updated your game, and always when you have advanced a few hours with the Mini Nook store already unlocked, the special character Gandulio should appear. Gandulio is a bear that appears in different parts of the island with his street stall, preferably it is appearing these first days in the main square. He will also appear on the island of our friends.Once we talk to him, we will see that he sells us different types of nursery shrubs and the price is as follows:

  • Each bush unit for 280 berries
  • A bundle of five bushes for 1,200 bells

At the moment Nintendo has not added a wide variety of shrubs, but the ones that Gandulio sells so far are:

  • Azaleas: they only bloom during the spring season and can be bought in both its white azalea and pink azalea versions.
  • Scented olive trees: they only bloom during the autumn season, and can be bought in a yellow version and in an orange version.
  • Holly, only exist in standard version
  • Camellias, you can buy them in a red version or in a pink version.
  • Hibiscuses, you have them in a red version or in a yellow version.
  • Hydrangeas, you have them in a blue version or a pink version

Once we have bought the bushes, we can plant them in any part of our island that is feasible and their growth phase is three days, being the first day a sapling state, the second day a young state and the third day an adult state. It should be clarified that, unlike flowers, shrubs do not have hybrid versions.

This is all you need to know about bushes in Animal Crossing New Horizons , a new item that you can place on your island to level it up and make it much prettier.

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