He came to conquer us. ‘The Young Pope’ presented us with the most irreverent story about the Vatican State seen so far. Starring Jude Law , who gave life to an extravagant and extremist Pope in equal parts, the fiction created by Paolo Sorrentino returns once to make us laugh, and this time with the company of another great name: John Malkovich.

When is ‘The New Pope’ released? What will its plot be? Will it be a sequel or will it show a new story? We compile everything we know about the continuation of ‘The Young Pope’.

Release date of ‘The New Pope’

The second story of this crazy Vatican will have a total of nine episodes , one less than the previous series. And although it has been difficult to know exactly when the broadcast of the first episode will arrive, we finally know when HBO will present the start of ‘The New Pope’. It will be on January 11 .

Continuation or new story?

Although for formal purposes it is, ‘The New Pope’ will not exactly be the sequel to ‘The Young Pope’. HBO and Sky have defined it as the second limited series by Paolo Sorrentino set in the modern papacy. However, there will be a connection between the two stories, thanks to the continuity in the role of Jude Law as Pius XIII.

However, in ‘The New Pope’ the main position is occupied by the newcomer Malkovich, because as the official synopsis says:

In the Vatican nothing is what it seems. Good and Evil go hand in hand and to come to a confrontation we must wait for events to take their course…”.

John Malkovich, the star

Undoubtedly, the main news is that John Malkovich will join the production of ‘The New Pope’. His role as the new Pontiff comes across as someone completely different from Jude Law’s character, but he will also turn the Vatican itself upside down.

The return of Jude Law

Although at first it had not been assured if the character of Lenny Belardo, played by actor Jude Law (who was nominated for a Golden Globe for this role), would be in the new installment, it has finally been confirmed that it will be so. How will the relationship between Law’s character and John Malkovich’s character be established? Well, there will be a moment when the young Pope wakes up from his coma and discovers that he has been removed from office. How will he take it? Nothing good, sure.

Cast of ‘The New Pope’

Regarding the other holy faces, it has been confirmed that the Italians Silvio Orlando (‘Il papà di Giovanna’) and Maurizio Lombardi (‘Dov’è Mario?’), Cécile de France (‘Beyond life), are returning to the series. ‘), Ludivine Sagnier (‘Swimming Pool’) and the Spanish Javier Cámara.

In addition, the names of Mark Ivanir (‘Homeland’), Henry Goodman (‘Agents of SHIELD’), Ulrich Thomsen (‘Counterpart’), Massimo Ghini (‘Tea With Mussolini’) and two surprising signings: Marilyn Manson and Sharon Stone.

The same team

Paolo Sorrentino returns to take the reins of this production. He will write the series alongside Umberto Contarello and Stefano Bises. Lorenzo Mieli and Mario Gianani from Wildside will be in the production and Mediapro will participate in it. FremantleMedia will act as international distributor.

Trailer for ‘The New Pope’

First came a short teaser about what was in store for us. Little was revealed in it, a video in which Jude Law showed off his palm walking around in briefs. But a few weeks ago a new clip arrived, this time longer and with a clearer message from the story created for ‘The New Pope’.