They say that love should not be afraid, and this has been demonstrated on more than one occasion by one of the most important celebrities in the world, Jennifer López, because at 53 years of age, she continues to believe in love. 

Throughout her life, the “Bronx Diva” has had to face infidelity and heartbreak, but that has not erased the illusion of finding her better half, and her relationship with Ben Affleck proves it. 

JLo is just over two months away from arriving in theaters with her most recent film titled, “Marry Me”, alongside Maluma and Owen Wilson, and it is undoubtedly one of the roles that best describes her. 

It is no secret to anyone that the singer’s heart has been one of the most requested in the industry, but only three have reached the altar with her, and two others have dared to propose to her. 

Just like Tom Brady; JLo has carried five times in her hand one of the greatest promises in the world and they have also been one of the most expensive jewels among celebrities.

Ojani Noah

The first to reach the altar with the famous singer was Ojani Noa in 1997, and the hole that would seal his love with a pear-shaped diamond, which was valued at 100 thousand dollars.The couple was together only 11 months.

However, the love between them lasted only 11 months, because later the singer had to engage in a legal battle to protect her privacy and prevent some details of her personal life from being revealed by her ex-husband. 

Cris Judd

Three years later, the singer believed in love again and decided to unite her life with that of the dancer Cris Judd, as the love between them blossomed in the video for “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”.A new opportunity came for the singer. 

The love between them was signed with a beautiful ring that was rumored to have a value of a million dollars, since it was an emerald-cut stone that the singer wore with great enthusiasm, but only nine months later they separated. 

Ben Affleck

They say that you get to meet the love of your life at the wrong time, and that’s how it happened with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. 

Their romantic history of celebrities began in the early 2000s, quickly establishing themselves as the couple of the moment, so no one was surprised by their engagement, shortly after he appeared in the “Jenny from the Block” video.Many fans hope that the wedding plans will continue. 

The interpreter of “Batman” proposed to the singer with a beautiful engagement ring valued at 2.5 million dollars, but they never made it to the altar, so many fans hope that now that they are together again the wedding will take place . 

And it is that it has been rumored that the current relationship of the stars is going from strength to strength, because the ring he gave her years ago, he still has, and it is six-carat Harry Winston diamonds. 

Marc Anthony

One of the longest and most stable relationships that the actress also had was next to the father of her children, the singer of Puerto Rican origin, Marc Anthony, and they arrived at the altar in 2004, shortly after she finished with Affleck. The marriage between the singers lasted 10 years together. 

The salsero proposed to JLo with a large and expensive ring also from Harry Winston, which was made up of 8.5-carat blue diamonds, and its value was around four million dollars.

It is worth mentioning that the couple lasted together for 10 years, and their family was consecrated with the arrival of the twins, Max and Emme; however, in 2014 they got divorced but they have a pretty close relationship. 

Alex Rodriguez

Since 2017, the singer had been in a relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodríguez, immediately positioning herself as the perfect image of a happy couple. 

And it was in 2019 that they got engaged, because Alex proposed to her on the shore of the Bahamas sea, with a beautiful ring that is around five million dollars. The relationship between the two ended due to rumors of ARod’s infidelity. 

It is a large emerald diamond from 15 to 20 carats that the singer wore in her photos and videos on social networks.