It will be on January 1 when Soraya Arnelas heads to the United States to record, during two intense weeks that she is looking forward to living, some of the songs from her new album, but before that the artist has said goodbye to her followers performing at the Grand Gala New Year’s Eve Bingo ‘Las Vegas’, where he told us about this exciting project with which he starts 2023 stronger than ever.

 A year in which, in addition to new songs and a tour that is ahead of it, will be “very powerful”, the Extremadura woman will finally say ‘yes I do’ to her partner of 11 years, Miguel Ángel Herrera, with whom she has two daughters, Manuela and Olivia – 5 and 1 years old respectively – for those who have taken the step of formalizing their relationship: “I’m getting married next year but I still don’t have an exact date because we are depending on the tour. But it does have to be the year that comes because if not already * Time passes, and thank God we are here but we do not want there to be any casualties tomorrow, right? And since we cannot control that, we want to get married as soon as possible, “he confesses.

 “I have no contact with them”

A wedding in which, as he has already confirmed, his colleagues in ‘Operación Triunfo 2’, such as Edurne, Guillermo Martín or Fran Dieli, will not be invited because, as he naturally explains, “I have no contact with them”. “The one who is in my day to day will be there and without grudges and without anything. None of my colleagues have come to say anything to me,” she reveals.

 The fact that there is no contact does not mean that there is a bad relationship, but as he assures, “on such a special day I do not want 500 people or 300 people, I want a wedding where those of us who have to be are there, something small.” “They are my companions and I love them very much because we have experienced something historic for a wonderful time, but it is that when we left ‘Operación Triunfo’ we saw each other once a year. It does not make sense,” she points out.

 “It’s normal that I don’t invite Edurne nor do I expect to be invited to hers, it’s just normal; if we don’t have a relationship… I don’t think she’s taken it badly, really. I have a lot of love and respect for her , but I have no contact with her,” he says.

Chenoa, yes

 Who will be there is Chenoa for whom, as Belén Esteban would say, “I kill.” “She is a friend. We meet for coffee, we see each other, we are friends and I think that in the end we don’t have to give so many explanations either,” she tells us, coming out in defense of Argentina after the controversy that was created when she made it clear that Rosa López is his partner but not his friend: “I don’t know why people get angry about these issues, if each one has to know very well the position that each one has in the lives of others. So then * I know who doesn’t She’s going to invite me to her wedding and who is going to invite me. I think we all know deep down. So I, Chenoa, it’s clear that she has me as a friend and I understand what’s being created, but I don’t care “.

 And from singer to singer, because Soraya has told us that she is in contact with Amaia Montero: “A little while ago she sent me a message on Instagram, so I know that she appreciates the messages of affection and yes, look, I do.” I have commented on some occasion, I don’t know her on a friendship level, we have crossed paths at work and my colleagues deserve respect and affection and I would like that if it happened to me, they would do it to me too. I can’t wait to go see her and hug her and encourage her because she is a great singer, a great professional and we want to see her well as we would like to see our people”.