Spanish animated films have a great streak of great successes that we want to record. We leave you in this report 7 great movies of this genre that you should not miss.

Spanish animation, of course, has little to envy to big American production companies like Dreamworks or Pixar. For some years now, our animators and directors have jumped onto the world scene thanks to some masterpieces and have managed to break all the schemes and the minds of the most skeptical.

Do you remember when you used to watch cartoons as a child? Do you remember when your parents told you that you were too old for cartoons? This list is for those who made up an excuse to go see Frozen or devour every animated novelty that comes out on Disney+.

While many of the names may not ring a bell, as even we ourselves are quite reluctant to give them a chance, they boast such an abundance of talented and award-winning creators that it’s about time more viewers became familiar with their work.  

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And hey, most of these movies, directed or produced by Spanish blood, were not made for children. But yes, they are all fantastic works that any lover of animation (or cinema) should know and recognize.

Boy and Rita (2010)

This film directed by a Spaniard and nominated for an Oscar (1st time) caused a sensation in 2010 due to its mature theme and its more than incredible animation. Told largely in flashbacks, “Chico y Rita” tells the story of Chico, a talented pianist in pre-revolutionary Cuba, who falls in love with the beautiful Rita, a singer.

Winner, yes, of the Goya Award for Best Animated Film, we will see a plot in which their relationship will be put to the test over and over again as their careers take them from Havana to New York, Paris, Las Vegas and much more places. 

Of course it is a masterful work accompanied by really beautiful music that will make us move on our sofas, which flows as if it were a real movie.

At the moment it is not on any platform, although we all agree that it should be dropped on Disney+.

Wrinkles (2011)

In 2011 came this adaptation of the graphic novel by the great and exciting Paco Roca, in which he was his screenwriter. Of course this is the clear example that perhaps not all movies are aimed at children.

“Wrinkles” explores the life of some elderly people who live in the residence. As freshman Emilio gets acquainted with his new surroundings through his charming roommate Miguel, he realizes that he’s not here simply because he’s old; he has a beginning of alzheimer. 

Awarded the 2014 Goya Award for Best Animated Film, it may leave you with a bad taste in your mouth and the occasional tear falling down your face. However, we are going to find humor and a lot of meditation on life and death. All surrounded by a cluster of good and warm sensations, which will surely make your heart shrink.

It even has a version dubbed into English, with Martin Sheen and George Coe in the main roles. You can see the Spanish on Filmin.

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The Adventures of Tadeo Jones (2012)

We leave with one of the great sagas that, despite the fact that it is definitely for the little ones (or for those who want to enjoy), is undoubtedly succeeding. And it is that this has been a great milestone in Spanish animation and the use of 3D , which has certainly had a great impact at the box office.

The story of Tadeo Jones, as you can see, parodies the famous Indiana Jones movies in a very funny way, with some companions like a mummy who will dress as a flamenco dancer in the second movie when visiting Andalusia, or Belzoni, his mute parrot with quite character.

Of course, the only objective of these great and entertaining films is to entertain the little ones in the house, although their parents seem to leave the cinema quite happy.

On August 26, 2022, the third installment, “Tadeo Jones 3: The Emerald Table,” arrived in movie theaters. While you decide to go see it, you can enjoy the other two on Prime Video or HBO Max.

Klaus (2019)

We are facing a total winner. The film is directed, written and produced by Sergio Pablos and won the BAFTA Award for Best Animated Feature in 2020. 

Inspired by the legend of Santa Claus, the film tells the story of Jesper, a young man who is sent by his father to a town lost by the hand of God in the Arctic Circle with the mission of delivering 6,000 letters a year that, if If you don’t, it will cause you big problems. 

The great inconvenience that is going to be found is that the feuding inhabitants barely exchange words and much less letters. This is where a teacher and a mysterious carpenter will come into play who will collaborate to restore illusion and goodness to the town, so that it fulfills its objective.

Do not miss it and, although we are in summer and we are talking about a Christmas comedy, it is never a bad idea to enjoy a great movie on Netflix.

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Psychonauts, the forgotten children (2017)

Based on the graphic novel by co-director Alberto Vazquez, this film takes place on an island devastated by the explosion of a factory, which has left half of its land totally contaminated and infertile and, what is worse, our protagonist somewhat changed. 

After spending years isolated from the rest of society, Birdboy’s life changes forever when Dinki, an abused mouse, crosses paths with him in an attempt to escape the island. However, our protagonist will be persecuted by the authorities and it will be quite complicated for him.

We are facing a simple animated story in which great themes are hidden behind : maturity, environment, drugs, mental illness or even religion.

Winner of the Goya Award for Best Animated Film of 2016 , this film was praised by all for its terrifying yet beautiful animation and for its ability to find hope in its dark world. 

Those who are ready to delve into this dark world should wait to enjoy this great movie later, as it is currently not available on any streaming platform.

Bunuel in the Labyrinth of the Turtles (2018)

Set in the 1930s, “Bunuel in the turtle labyrinth” is a rather surreal and science fiction journey through the filming of the documentary “Las Hurdes, land without bread” by director Luis Bunuel.

Directed by Salvador Simo, in this film we are going to navigate with Bunuel and the anthropologist Maurice Legenre through the Las Hurdes region of Spain, filming their documentary but with many complications, since they do not have enough financial support to continue.

It is then that his friend, the sculptor Ramón Acin, jokingly buys a lottery ticket, promising Luis the financing of the documentary if he wins it. The ticket is awarded and Ramon keeps his promise, the adventure begins.

We will see all the complexities that are going to live in what is considered the poorest town in Spain, whose misery will affect Bunuel. In this story we are going to see a great mixture of dreams, reality, Dali and her surrealism will be intermingled, complicating the recording of the documentary and her relationship with her friend.

Planet 51 (2009)

We are finally going with a great movie that had its hit at the time and few remember anymore. Well, at the time it was considered Spain’s great response to Pixar. With a super budget of more than 55 million euros, it premiered in the US in 2009 and caused a lot of fury, especially in our country.

And it is that, the magnitude of this film could not not be at the height of the rest that are released in those lands. Directed by Jorge Blanco and written by Joe Stillman, Shrek’s screenwriter, it will take us into the life of an alien teenager who leads her normal life.

However, for the human and astronaut Charles T. Baker, who lands on the planet of this with the hope of quickly planting a flag and returning to Earth with his millions of fans, things are not so natural.

His problems do not end there, since on this planet human beings have been classified as brain-eating monsters and creators of zombies, which means that he must save his life. There comes into play our young and extraterrestrial protagonist, his family and a very funny story for the whole family.