Will Smith’s best films show the versatility of an actor who has been loved by the public for the last three decades, whether it was in comedy thanks to ‘ The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ‘, the television series that launched him to stardom and helped him jump to the big screen, as in his blockbuster action and science fiction adventures that are still very present in the collective imagination.
We want to celebrate his legacy by remembering his best work. And how to decide? Well, paying attention to the viewers: this ranking is prepared from the IMDb notes, which are the result of the opinions of hundreds of thousands of users of the platform.

“You are much stronger when your partner is strong,” says the actor. “Honestly, I think there’s no other woman for me than Jada. Of all the women I’ve known – and there have been quite a few – no one can handle me like Jada. Once you feel someone inside of you, there’s no competition.” “As fine as other women may be, as sexually tempting as they are, I’m not going anywhere. This is it. I can’t imagine what another person could offer.”

This is the result of the ranking of the best films by Will Smith. Do you agree? Which is your favorite?

15. ‘Ali’ (Michael Mann, 2001)

Moving away from the common places typical of the biopic, Michael Mann did not want to elaborate a detailed review of the life of Cassius Clay (later known as Muhammad Ali ), but to go to the depths of his figure. As a great ally he has Smith, who got his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor thanks to his work as the protagonist of this film. In his own way, this is one of the best biopics in the history of cinema.

Synopsis: Cassius Marcellus Clay (Will Smith) began his career as a boxer at the age of 18, when he won the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rome. Over the next ten years, Clay converted to Islam, influenced by his friendship with Malcolm X (Mario Van Peebles) and announced his new name: Muhammad Ali. He refused to be drafted to fight in the Vietnam War, married four times and traveled to Africa, where he discovered his true origins.

14. ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ (Fred Schepisi, 1994)

In the years when ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ was broadcast, a television success that launched Will Smith to fame, the actor got one of his first jobs on the big screen with this film by Fred Schepisi , where he shares the lead with Donald Sutherland and Stockard Channing (whom we recognize as the Rizzo from ‘Grease’). The story is an adaptation of the play by John Guare .

Synopsis: Through deceit, Paul (Will Smith) enters the home of the Kittredges, a wealthy couple who live on Fifth Avenue in New York. Posing as a schoolmate of his children, Paul, he claims to be the son of actor Sidney Poitier. So the couple offers money, protection and friendship.

13. ‘Hidden Beauty’ (David Frankel, 2016)

Story with Dickensian echoes in the most Christmas New York, which aspired to be one of those movies to cry. The cast is terrific (along with Smith we find Helen Mirren, Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Edward Norton, Naomie Harris and Michael Peña ) and by itself it justifies viewing, although David Frankel failed to turn this drama into something more than a claim tear.

Synopsis: A successful New York advertising executive must deal with the death of his daughter. Completely withdrawn from life, his friends devise a drastic plan to force him to face grief in a surprising and deeply human way.

12. ‘Men in Black 3’ (Barry Sonnenfeld, 2012)

There’s no question that ‘Men in Black’ is one of the most beloved films of Will Smith’s career, but it seems viewers also hold this remarkable third installment, directed by Barry Sonnenfeld , in high regard . In it we last saw the tandem formed by Smith and Tommy Lee Jones , with the addition of Josh Brolin , who fight to keep the aliens at bay. The lunar escape that opens the film, the physical comedy in the Chinese restaurant, the fall into the past, the motorcyclist chase… It has some of the best moments in the saga.

Synopsis: An alien escapes from a high-security prison on the Moon to take revenge on Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). Due to a series of circumstances, his J’s partner (Will Smith) must travel to 1969 to save his friend, now young (Josh Brolin), and save the world…

11. ‘Two rogue cops’ (Michael Bay, 1995)

Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett are two of the most famous (rebel) policemen in Hollywood, and they began to be idols thanks to this first film by Michael Bay , which gave Martin Lawrence and Will Smith one of those adventures for which young interpreters They dare not even dream. The toy gave for the tremendous ‘Two Rebel Policemen II’ (Michael Bay, 2003) and the resultant ‘Bad Boys for Life’ (Bilall Fallah, Adil El Arbi, 2020). At least the first one can be considered one of the best action movies in the history of cinema.

Synopsis: A police station is about to be closed. To prevent this, two of his agents, Burnett (Martin Lawrence) and Lowrey (Will Smith), put all their efforts into stopping a thief. A beautiful witness (Téa Leoni) holds the key to solving the matter, but she wants to speak to Lowrey, not Burnett.

10. ‘Aladdin’ (Guy Ritchie, 2019)

A street rat falls in love with the Sultan’s daughter and, to conquer her, he will be helped by the coolest Genie. Incomprehensible, eccentric, colorful and crazy remake that, for some reason, works better than expected. Guy Ritchie took on the difficult task of translating Disney’s animated classic into live action, and the move didn’t turn out badly for him (although the ‘Aladdin’ critics weren’t 100% on his side). Merit must be given to Will Smith, who carried the legacy of Robin Williams on his shoulders and knew how to turn the Genie into his own character.

Synopsis : Aladdin (Mena Massoud) is a lovable but down-on-his-luck thief in love with the Sultan’s daughter, Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). To try to win her over, he accepts Jafar’s (Marwan Kenzari) challenge, which consists of entering a cave in the middle of the desert to find a magic lamp that will grant him all her wishes. That is where Aladdin will meet the Genie (Will Smith), starting an adventure like he had never imagined before.

9. ‘Independence Day’ (Roland Emmerich, 1996)

The Martians attack us but don’t worry, because Will Smith, an old drunk and President Bill Pullman have the upper hand. With this film, Roland Emmerich managed to become the most American German in history, and led the film to be one of the most successful summer blockbusters in Hollywood. A triumph with iconic moments. And it is that you only have to take a look at the best curiosities of ‘Independence Day’ to see how epic it is.

Synopsis : On the eve of the 4th of July, gigantic spaceships appear in the sky. The initial stupefaction turns into terror when they see how they attack the planet, launching destructive rays against the largest cities in the world. The only hope of salvation is in the hands of some survivors, who unite planning a massive attack against the aliens, before it is too late.

8. ‘The truth hurts’ (Peter Landesman, 2015)

The repercussions it could have on the sport, and the provenance of the doctor who discovered the matter, made post-concussion syndrome, which affects many NFL players, a taboo subject for years. For Jada Pinkett Smith , the fact that her husband was not nominated for an Oscar for this film was a scandal of similar proportions.

Synopsis: Dr. Bennett Omalu is a brilliant forensic neuropathologist who first discovered the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – a progressive neurodegenerative disease caused by repeated trauma to the brain – in a professional football player who fought for it. reveal the truth. Dr. Omalu’s emotional crusade leads him into a dangerous confrontation with one of the most powerful – and beloved – institutions in the world.

7. ‘Yo, Robot’ (Alex Proyas, 2004)

In 2035, robots are part of everyday life, and they respect Isaac Asimov ‘s three laws of robotics , but too many secrets are hidden in the futuristic technological society of this film by Alex Proyas . It includes a Converse product placement so stilted it would make the ‘Family Doctor’ cast blush, but other than that it’s a sci-fi action film that’s one of Smith’s fan favorites. Although, well, he would like to have one of the best robots in cinema.

Synopsis: Chicago, year 2035. Robots live in harmony with humans. Programmed to strictly comply with three precepts (do not cause any harm to a human, obey and protect his existence), androids deal with tasks of all kinds. But when one of them becomes implicated in a murder, the investigation, led by a detective (Will Smith) and a robotic psychologist (Bridget Moynahan), becomes a race against time to prevent a debacle for the human race.

6. ‘I Am Legend’ (Francis Lawrence, 2007)

Robert Neville is the most conservative guy on Earth. Although everyone around him has decided to evolve into a new and reigning vampiric species, he stands by his guns to not let homo sapiens and his dog die. Perhaps this is not the message that Francis Lawrence ‘s film conveys (it is rather what Richard Matheson comes to say in the novel on which it is based), but at least it gave us a post-apocalyptic adventure with Smith at the center. It could be one of the best movies set after the apocalypse.

Synopsis: A deadly pandemic has wiped out 98 percent of Earth’s population, turning the few survivors into a new breed of hyper-violent vampires. Robert Neville (Will Smith), a brilliant epidemic scientist who was inexplicably immune to the virus’s onslaught, is the last man alive in New York City. For three years, Neville, who still hopes to find other survivors like him, has fought tirelessly to find a cure to reverse the effects of the plague and avoid falling into the jaws of mutants, attentive to his every one. movements.

5. ‘Public Enemy’ (Tony Scott, 1998)

When a lawyer discovers incriminating evidence about certain government agents, he automatically becomes the most wanted prisoner in the state and the puppet of a Tony Scott in full nineties fervor. You can complement it with the best movies of the 90s.

Synopsis: Robert Clayton (Will Smith) is an up-and-coming lawyer who, without his knowledge, possesses a video implicating a government agent in a political assassination. This makes him a victim of the maneuver of a ruthless head of the national security agency.

4. ‘Men in Black (Men in black)’ (Barry Sonnenfeld, 1997)

It is not only that we are not alone in the universe, but that Earth is the place of passage (and residence) of all kinds of aliens that the so-called “Men in Black” keep hidden from the public. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith made a great rookie+vet pairing in this well rounded sci-fi adventure. It is also one of the best Tommy Lee Jones movies.

Synopsis: Agents J and K are part of a secret organization: the Men in Black. Their mission is to control the immigration movements of extraterrestrials to Earth. An alien with bad intentions will arrive on Earth willing to destroy everything that stands in his way.

3. ‘The Williams method’ (Reinaldo Marcus Green, 2021)

“The greatest danger for the credibility of a biopic is having the blessing and production of the party involved. And in those quicksands that even Roland Garros is not in which this mixture of hagiography and classic sports film that bets on the a temporizing game from the bottom of the track, always waiting for the opponent’s failure”, points out Blai Morell in his review.

Synopsis: Richard had a clear vision of his daughters’ future, and using unconventional methods, he devised a plan that will take Venus and Serena Williams from the streets of Compton, California to the sporting Olympus and turn them into legendary icons. The film shows the power of family, perseverance and unwavering faith as a means to achieve the impossible and impact the world.

2. ‘You are almas’ (Gabriele Muccino, 2008)

Redemptive cake of a Will Smith who was looking for his way, and also repeat the success of ‘In search of happiness’. That’s why he teams up again with Gabriele Muccino , and shares this tearful and emotional story with Rosario Dawson . The path of redemption, sacrificial to the bone, leads us to contemplate Smith as the Messiah of the mobile era, willing to resurrect seven lazars between melancholy gazes at the sea and romantic dinners in the garden.

Synopsis: It all starts with a list of seven names. The one thing they all have in common is that they have each reached a point in their lives where they desperately need help, financial, spiritual or medical, and have unknowingly been handpicked by Ben Thomas (Will Smith) to form part of his redemption plan. But it’s Emily Posa (Rosario Dawson) who derails all of her plans, and does what Ben thought impossible: she reaches out to him and turns his view of the world and what’s possible upside down.

1. ‘In search of happiness’ (Gabriele Muccino, 2006)

The Smiths, sorry, the Gardners, will do the impossible to go on one more day and achieve the long-awaited happiness. It was the actor’s second Best Actor Oscar nomination, though again it slipped through his fingers. Even so, this Gabriele Muccino film touched the hearts of many viewers and achieved a very special chemistry by casting Smith’s son, Jaden , as his son in fiction. In addition, it contains one of the best motivational speeches in cinema.

Synopsis: Multiple financial conflicts leave Chris (Will Smith), a conscientious family man, on the streets. Abandoned by his partner (Thandie Newton), he takes care of his son (Jaden Christopher Syre Smith) and tries to make up for the lack of resources with love.