There are no words to describe Wild Mountain Thyme . This unique and eccentric film presents a complicated love story between two neighboring farmers. However, it’s hard to get an idea of ​​the ending of Wild Mountain Thyme , which certainly left everyone in confusion. If you’re still not sure, we don’t blame you. After all, John Patrick Shanley didn’t go the conventional route either. So he hangs on, because there’s a lot to discover.

Ever since Rosemary Muldoon existed, she has always loved her special neighbor, Anthony Reilly. Needless to say, she ignored her feelings the entire time. One night, after the death of Rosemary’s father, Anthony invites the Muldoons over for dinner. Aoife Muldoon, her mother, asks Tony Reilly if she intends to leave the farm to Anthony, who is her son.

Tony says he’s not sure yet, especially since Anthony hasn’t done much with his life. The strange son is not even married. Later, the father receives a letter from his nephew, Adam, who lives in New York. It turns out that Tony intends to sell the farm to the American. Wild Mountain Thyme then explores the many conflicts that arise and how the characters seek to resolve them.

Wild Mountain Thyme ending explained

Rosemary tells Anthony that she and Adam kissed while she was in New York City. They then have a heated argument about why Anthony wants her to marry her cousin instead of him. She begs Anthony to reveal her secret to him. In an unexpected turn of events, Anthony reveals that she considers herself a honey bee. They then go to pick up Adam at the airport. Naturally, Rosemary doesn’t know what to make of the situation.

They continue their conversation in the car and when it crashes. They talk about their situation in the lush Irish countryside. He ends up calling her the most beautiful flower he has ever seen. However, Anthony regrets losing his mother’s ring, which is why he doesn’t deserve to marry Rosemary. After all, if he can’t even afford a ring, marriage is totally out of the question. But Rosemary is stubborn and adamant, and she refuses to give up Anthony without a fight.

Rosemary reveals that she found the ring on his property and has had it ever since. She gives it to Anthony, but he tells her to keep it because it was always meant to be his. She claims that the voice she heard in the field told her to go see her. The two lovers kiss and end up getting married. Adam also gets in touch with the friendly stranger he meets on his flight. At the end of Wild Mountain Thyme , all the characters are seen in a montage singing the title song with the now-married leads.

What does this ending mean?

So the ending of Wild Mountain Thyme is very interesting, we agree. But it makes you laugh, because let’s face it, no one saw this twist coming. At first, we might get the impression that Shanley gave us a blast. But how do Anthony’s thoughts fit into a larger context? This is how we feel. First of all, dissecting the ending of Wild Mountain Thyme , we have to go back to the beginning of the movie. In one of the first scenes we see a young Anthony smelling a flower in the field.

In fact, he even ends up getting pollen on his nose. Fiona points out that she looks like a clown, and Rosemary doesn’t like that very much. Rosemary lunges at her sister, but Anthony pushes her down. After this date, Rosemary feels depressed. It was then that her father gave her the emblematic “Swan Lake”. And from that moment on, the girl feels that the world is hers.

This oddly positive outlook leads Rosemary to never give up on Anthony. She though she doesn’t even consider her feelings. In flashback, this scene foreshadows the ending and the twist that goes with it. We’ll be the first to agree that we can’t help but laugh at Anthony’s secret.

However, it seems that Anthony has been hindering his own happiness all this time. Several times in Wild Mountain Thyme it is made clear that Anthony wants Rosemary to be his wife. But he always lacked the courage to ask him just because he thinks his secret is a secret that people won’t understand.Anthony might be right that most people can’t understand it. But we’re talking about Rosemary. Rosemary, who at dinner with Adam introduces herself as the white swan. She’s not necessarily as literal as Anthony in his “other character.” But this confirms that they are on the same wavelength. Bees are best known for three things: pollination, producing delicious honey, and people who sting. Anthony doesn’t do any of those things. Which leads one to wonder why he considers himself a honey bee.

Well, we think that’s the way Anthony has dealt with his reality since he was a kid. After all, he is not the same as everyone and it is difficult for a child not to fit in. This is evident in the scene where little Anthony asks Mother Nature why he did it this way. So it’s safe to assume that this notion is something Anthony latched onto just so he could justify his idiosyncrasies.

Since Wild Mountain Thyme is a romantic comedy, we think the point of the climax is to show that no matter how weird someone is, they can still have a happy ending . Anthony is weird, and there’s no denying it, but Rosemary has always loved him, and even fights for their relationship.