For those who were looking for the best police and crime series on Amazon Prime Video , here are some must-have options. In the platform’s catalog in Spain we can find some iconic series in the genre, such as the many seasons of ‘Law and Order’, but also more recent options for those looking for renewed emotions and new plots starring policemen and also criminals. cops and robbers, from the anthology ‘Fargo’ to the brutal ‘Reacher’.

Police stories are, by definition, those that focus on the clarification of a specific crime . This umbrella can include a number of television stories that we have enjoyed for decades, long-running series such as the legendary ‘CSI’, released in the year 2000on the American network CBS and which quickly became one of the most beloved crime series on television. Created by Anthony E. Zuiker and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the series follows a group of forensics and criminologists who investigate the most complex crimes in the city of Las Vegas (hence why, on Prime Video, we find it under the name ‘CSI : Las Vegas’). From there the franchise expanded to different cities, from Miami to New York, but the original is streaming to remember why it was iconic.

In the same league, ‘Law and Order’ plays, which mixes police and legal drama to offer us one of the longest running and most successful shows within the genre. Created by Dick Wolf, it aired its first season in 1990 (over thirty years ago!) and has continued to survive with spin-off series such as ‘Law & Order: SVU‘ (also available on Prime Video), where they specialize in sexual crimes. The NBC chain hit the target with this fiction so loved by viewers, and which laid the foundations for all those that came later.

In this list we wanted to mix this type of series, focused on police and investigative work and from time to time even judicial, with the other side of the coin: criminal series where the “bad guys” dominate the story. . That is why we will find titles like ‘Peaky Blinders’ and ‘Mr. Robot’, in order to bring more variety to this series-loving universe that so many viewers are looking for like May rain. Also incorporating successful Spanish samples such as ‘Los misterios de Laura’, here is our selection available on Amazon Prime Video. Which one are you going to start with tonight?

In its eight seasons, ‘The Blacklist’ has established itself as one of the most revered police series on television. Blame it on charismatic James Spader, who plays protagonist Thomas Raymond Reddington, the world’s most wanted criminal . One day, he decides to stop running and offers the police a deal: he will collaborate in the search and capture of other notorious criminals, but only if he has Elisabeth Keen (Megan Boone), a new FBI agent who doesn’t know him at all. , in the team. It is one of the best thriller series on Amazon Prime Video.

‘Reacher’ is the most successful series on Amazon Prime Video: it is the first serial production on the platform to reach the top of the Nielsen ranking, which measures streaming audiences . Silent but bully, this series that recovers the character from Lee Child’s novels is fabulous , with Alan Ritchson being a human mountain loaded with charisma. Created by Nick Santora, the series and has been renewed for new seasons and we hope it continues to do as well. It is also one of the best action series on Amazon Prime Video,

Modern version of the popular series from the 70s, ‘Hawaii 5.0’ follows a group of police officers who chase crime on the island paradise of Hawaii and also occasionally sunbathe on the beach. The protagonist is Detective Steve McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin), an ex-naval officer who comes to Oahu to investigate the murder of his father and is finally convinced to lead a special unit full of personalities who will become your best travel companions.

The Coen brothers’ film was successfully transferred to television with this anthology series that draws on both its snowy setting of deep America and its mystery-laden crime plots . Created by Noah Hawley for television, each season of ‘Fargo’ featured an all-star cast (with stars like Billy Bob Thornton, Martin Freeman, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemons, Ewan McGregor, Chris Rock and more) and established itself as a great thriller. Suspenseful with comic touches.

Benedict Cumberbatch, who was among the nominees for the 2022 Oscars for ‘The Power of the Dog’, achieved a good part of his now planetary fame thanks to this fantastic suspense series around the iconic Sherlock Holmes. And is that who could resist the classic character created by Arthur Conan Doyle, and interpreted with such mastery by the British actor . The detective is in better shape than ever in this series, with Martin Freeman as Dr. Watson, which has its four seasons on Amazon Prime Video.

You go to series like this not because they are going to tell you something extremely new or original, but precisely the opposite: there are those who cannot resist a classic police series like ‘SWAT’, from which you don’t have to ask for more or less than what it offers . And that’s to a highly-trained military team intervening in the city’s most tense crime moments, with a leader torn between his loyalty to the authorities and his sympathy for the people on the street. .

Since 2014, Chicago PD‘ has been telling us the exciting stories of the Chicago Police Department . It is a spin-off of the series ‘Chicago Fire’ (also available on Amazon Prime Video, for completionists), where they focused on a team of firefighters. Here it is the police who take center stage again, in a classic police series that, as a novelty, incorporates strong female characters in a traditionally masculinized environment.

Unfortunately, there is no way to watch the entire legendary series ‘Law and Order’ (and its derivatives) complete in streaming , but on Amazon Prime Video we can find enough material for a marathon: seven seasons of the original series and another seven seasons of its hit spin-off ‘Law & Order: SVU’ . While the first followed police officers and judges in their criminal work in New York, the second focuses specifically on a special unit of the New York police that is dedicated to investigating crimes of a sexual nature: rape, pedophilia and child abuse.

This series has been a show through and through, and all seven seasons can be watched on Amazon Prime Video. This is how we meet his protagonist, Harry Bosch (Titus Welliver), a Los Angeles police homicide detective who begins his journey investigating the murder of a 13-year-old boy .

Although there are only six seasons available on Amazon Prime Video, we cannot fail to include one of the most iconic American television series on this list of the best police and crime series . ‘CSI: Las Vegas’ follows the daily work of the Las Vegas Forensic Department, led by veteran Gil Grisson (William Petersen), who must solve complicated cases of murder, robberies, suicides and violent crimes that occur in the city.

The series that launched Rami Malek to fame will say goodbye next year, and it has been a true series experience . In it, the creator of ‘Homecoming’, Sam Esmail, explores the social problems of a brilliant computer programmer, who will end up involved in a disturbing plot while acting as an online vigilante in his spare time. An exciting story that will not leave you indifferent.

Although Netflix is ​​the primary home for this hit British series, the uninitiated can get their first steps on Amazon Prime Video with all three and four seasons. It will be more than enough to get completely hooked: ‘Peaky Blinders‘ chronicles the criminal adventures of the Shelby family on the streets of Birmingham, England, with their caps armed with blades. A great trip, created by Steven Knight and starring Cillian Murphy, who will say goodbye in its sixth season.

Sometimes the prequels can be dazzling: ‘Endeavour’ shows the youth of the fictional character created by Colin Dexter and brought to television in the famous British series ‘Inspector Morse’ at the end of the 80s . Transferred to 1965 Oxford, we find an eccentric young police officer who abandons the idea of ​​quitting his job after an unfortunate incident and instead becomes an indispensable agent in the case of the disappearance of a student.

Television adaptation of the 2016 Joaquin Mazon film, ‘Cuerpo de elite’ introduces us to a special operations agency of the state security forces that, after the tragic death of all its members, needs to recruit new members. But of course, they will have to be newbies, and those newcomers will have to face a dangerous terrorist threat that could lead to a nuclear disaster. The cast is made up of Cristina Castano, Canco Rodriguez, Joaquin Reyes, Ana Morgade, Antonio Garrido, Maria Botto, Juan Manuel Montilla ‘El Langui’ and more.

A great detective series led by the wonderful Maria Pujalte . She liked this Spanish series so much that she even got remakes in different parts of the world (including an American one with Debra Messing). In it we meet a woman who tries to reconcile her life as a mother and wife with her investigations in the police. As an inspector, there is no one like her: her good nose to solve her crimes will make her the big star of the police force. She and, furthermore, she is an exciting subject for this mystery series. It is also one of the best Spanish series on Amazon Prime Video.