The British Dua Lipa has been waiting for her moment for at least five years. The one where she becomes the kind of pop diva recognized by her first name alone, like Madonna, Britney, Christina, Rihanna, Ariana, Beyoncé, Robyn and more. 

Physical is where things get really interesting; once again heavily influenced by the ’80s and perhaps borrowing from songs likeBonnie Tyler ‘s Holding Out for A Hero , Dua conveys a perfect sensual girl power message . Later on, Dua manages to incorporate more influences as the sounds on the LP get bolder, but still with that disco essence that is the backbone.

Next, our Future Nostalgia Track by Track .

1. Future Nostalgia

Written by: Dua Lipa, Jeff Bhasker & Clarence Coffee Jr. , Produced by: Jeff Bhasker

Dua continues her electronic romp in a slightly more experimental facet with producer Jeff Bhasker on Future Nostalgia , the album’s main theme. In this feminist and empowering anthem, the singer sings about how confident she feels as she refers to herself as a strong and optimistic female alpha .

2. Don’t Start Now

Written by: Emily Warren, Ian Kirkpatrick, Caroline Ailin & Dua Lipa | Produced by: Ian Kirpatrick

“I chose to release this song as my first single so I could close one chapter of my life and start another. A new era with a new sound! It’s about moving on and not letting anyone get in the way of that”, describes Dua Lipa Don’t Start Now, which was the first advance of the album, and boy was it a banger to close 2019.

3. Cool

Written by: Shakka Philip, Ben Kohn, Pete Kelleher, Tom Barnes, KAMILLE, Let It Be & Dua Lipa | Produced by: Stuart Price & TMS

With beats and synthesized melodies inspired by the 80’s , Dua Lipa describes the passionate moments that accompany love in its beginnings, when we can’t control our reactions and emotions, and as she herself says, we lose our cool in front of that person when we are in front of her.

4. Physical

Written by: Clarence Coffee Jr., KOZ, Sarah Hudson & Dua Lipa | Produced by: Jason Evigan & KOZ

The 80s lives on with this track that seems to spiritually mix the musical mood of films like Flashdance with the aerobics videos of Olivia Newton John and Jane Fonda famous in that era: in this song, the workout serves as a euphemism to enter warm under the covers and with the light off as Dua’s voice sounds like a suggestive whisper before announcing that she’s ready to take whatever comes all night.

5. Levitating

Written by: Dua Lipa, Sarah Hudson, Clarence Coffee Jr. & KOZ | Produced by: Stuart Price & KOZ

In Levitating , Dua goes for a walk through the stars and sky with layers and choruses of vocals and a sonic vibe that could definitely have been on any Spice Girls album ; she talks romance with her London accent thicker than ever: my love is like a rocket, watch it blast off and I’m feeling so electric, dance my ass off .

6. Pretty Please

Written by: Dua Lipa, Julia Michaels, Caroline Ailin & Ian Kirkpatrick | Produced by: Ian Kirkpatrick

The sultry Pretty Please feels like a slow burn, and another integral cog in a classic pop album machine: although it’s the album’s easiest song, funk-filled guitars layer over the track, adding an alluring charm. 

7. Hallucinate

Written by: Frances, SG Lewis & Dua Lipa | Produced by: SG Lewis & Stuart Price

“I just wanted this to be like a fun ’90s dance track. It felt so liberating! This is my festival song. Whenever I make songs, I imagine what they would be like if I played them at Glastonbury”, is how Dua describes this track, and the truth is that it does feel: with nineties euro-dance references, an echo in the pre-chorus before a thunderous hit of beat, a classic mixture of dance and orchestra… it is pure pop in its most perfect form.

8. Love Again

Written by: Clarence Coffee Jr., KOZ, Chelcee Grimes & Dua Lipa | Produced by: Stuart Price & KOZ

Written after a breakup, Dua explains that she wrote this track as a way to give herself a hug, and the confidence to tell herself that one day she would love again. So like pop therapy, she turned a tough time into a bop that, with the help of songwriter/producer Clarence Coffee Jr., soars to unexpected heights with White Town ‘s Your Woman sampling . Not to mention the arrangement of violins that sound divinely in the background, and the breakdown that reaches three minutes. Goddamn.

9. Break My Heart

Written by: Michael Hutchence, Andrew Farriss, Two Lipa, Ali Tamposi, Watt, Stefan Johnson & Jordan K. Johnson | Produced by: The Monsters & Strangerz & Watt

With a delightful bass line taken from one of the most well – known Australian INXS songs , I Need You Tonight , this song is the perfect choice if you want to finish crying in the club . Her vocal layers are perfect, there’s an echo before the chorus that deserves a smoke tunnel, all while Dua tells how sometimes her anxiety gets the better of her when he falls in love with her. 

10. Good In Bed

Written by: Lindgren, David Biral, UPSAHL, Denzel Baptiste, Melanie Fontana & Dua Lipa | Produced by: Take A Daytrip & Lindgren

The album’s penultimate track feels like a direct reference to Lily Allen ‘s acid and fun lyrics , as if it were a more boppy and playful version of It’s Not Fair for 2020. Singing a chaotic and impossible relationship that always ends in bed because it’s what they do best, Lipa’s vocal range confidently prevails, flitting between high octaves and seductive whispers.