The Emoji Movie is available on Netflix! If you liked the movie, you probably want to know if any sequel to The Emoji Movie will come out, we tell you everything! In a world where a film about the personification of emotions.

And another about talking Lego blocks can not only be bona fide hits. But it will also be appreciated for its skill, you’d think a movie about Emojis , those expressive icons we so often use in text messages and emails. It could be a similar business, if not more. Before you go any further, if you’re looking to find music and songs from The Emoji Movie, read this.

However, many critics pointed out that this movie was the worst of 2017 and it’s just the beginning. The emoji movie swept the Razzies with four awards in several “worst” categories. Being the only animated film to do so with its critics’ consensus section simply marked with a “strikethrough” sign. As reported by numerous outlets, The Emoji Movie went in many ways. Simply doomed since the first trailer aired. And that the public has discovered an idea that it has automatically conceived as too implausible to understand. And translate it into animation for a children’s film.

One of the main complaints about the film, beyond the very idea behind it of course, is that it seems to be a blatant exercise in branding. And product placement for all the applications featured in the film. In other words, this movie was killed by 10/10 snarky comments on various forums. Through a petition for Sony to follow up with 5,000 signatures. And for many other actions of the fans.Trust me, I wouldn’t have spent much of this review recounting almost everything that went wrong with The Emoji Movie if it wasn’t important to gauge the prospects of a true sequel to The Emoji Movie . However, since you’re here, I’m guessing that for some reason you really want this movie to have a sequel. Or at least know about the prospects for such a sequel. Here we take a look at them.

Will we see a sequel to The Emoji Movie?

After looking at the opinion of the movie, there is an interesting supporter when looking at the box office numbers. If we temporarily forget that this is an animated movie with at least ten times the ROI. A gross budget of $217 million versus a budget of $50 million is not something that can be called too poor. The studio might also have been interested in a The Emoji Movie 2 . But in the current scenario, Sony also seems to have simply abandoned the project. Not to mention the movie at a press event or fan rally after its release. And it seems that they fared better.

Numerous times throughout history, studios have made sequels to ambitious films that have been poorly received as revisionist films. Fixing pretty much everything that people said was wrong in the previous movie. Of course, the days when studios cared more about audience sentiment than nostalgia image and money are too long gone now. But in the wake of an Oscar win in 2018, the studio trying to revive a DOA-declared animation property seems like nothing more than an exercise in futility. And Sony seems to know the situation better in this película emoji 2 netflix

What is the release date for The Emoji Movie 2 on Netflix?

Regarding the release of The Emoji Movie, it has just been released on Netflix in Spain in October 2020. It has risen rapidly in trend, but the reviews are still not good. Rumors suggest that The Emoji Movie 2 could be released in theaters as early as 2021. However, with the pandemic it looks like if it ever comes it won’t be before 2022. The Emoji Movie 2 release date on Netflix French law prohibits any release before 3 years on a streaming platform. If there is a way out, don’t expect to see a The Emoji Movie 2 release date on Netflix before 2025.