Few figures in the music industry unleash as many passions as does Lana Del Rey , the New York singer who quietly and unpretentiously completely transformed the music industry at the beginning of the last decade, thanks to her uncompromising aesthetic.

Only visual but also sound, which was later replicated not only by figures from the alternative world but also by mainstream artists, who adapted it to their proposal.

Be that as it may, love her or hate her, Lana Del Rey is a figure that generated a transcendental change in the industry and is one of the few artists who have the privilege of having their art far above sales or the number of reproductions. 

Next we leave you our Track by Track of Chemtrails Over the Country Club .

1. White Dress


In White Dress , Lana reflects on how simple her life was before fame, wondering if it would be better to never have had it. Her disillusionment with the music industry and life in the public eye infuriates her, and she wonders how if she had made different choices in life, she could have a happier life.

2. Chemtrails Over the Country Club


Chemtrails Over the Country Club is the title track from Lana Del Rey’s seventh studio album. On this serenely melodic and calm track, Lana contrasts the images of chemtrails, the focus of many conspiracy theories, with the sweet summer days of the suburbs. The unique production, with echoing vocals and a long lead, is reminiscent of Lana’s previous album, Norman Fucking Rockwell!

3. Tulsa Jesus Freak


Lana has the ability to connect multiple realities in her songs, in this song Lana seems to be insinuating that her partner has a drinking problem but, somehow, Lana finds it very attractive, to the point that she says in one of the lines that she would like him to treat her like a bottle of gin. For Lana, the party can be alcohol-free and in her bed with her.

4. Let Me Love You Like a Woman


Lana wants her man to allow her to love him as she should, she wants to give herself to that person, regardless of the distance or the moment. The title of the song is a clear sign that she is willing to go to any length to have the person she loves by her side, all framed in a melodious ballad full of romanticism and desire.

5. Wild at Heart


In Wild At Heart , Lana explores the freedom and nature of being wild and with her lover. The song’s title could be a reference to David Lynch ‘s 1990 cult classic Wild at Heart ; Del Rey and Lynch have expressed appreciation for each other in the past. In the chorus Lana refers to the fires in California that are usually very devastating for the state, but it is not only natural fires that the singer refers to, but also those caused by paparazzi and media pressure, for what love and her beloved are the safe place for Lana.

6. Dark Bust Just a Game


Dark But Just a Game opens with a quote from the song’s producer, Jack Antonoff , which brings us to the subject of the song; the tragedy faced by many stars. If you play your cards right, you can create a front for yourself to gain fame. Lana sings about how she doesn’t want fame from her, and how she refuses to change because she doesn’t want to go crazy.

7. Not All Who Wander At Lost


The song’s name is inspired by JRR Tolkien’s poem The Riddle of Strider , which speaks to the idea that travelers are not lost or aimless, but are free-spirited adventurers. The fact that the poem focuses on the fact that appearance is different from reality could speak of the fact that only her close friends and his family really know her; Her fans and her media may appreciate her, but she’s more than what they speculate she is. 

8. Yosemite


Yosemite describes the way relationships change over time, inferring that a great relationship “can stand the test of time.” In an interview for ELLE magazine, Lana stated that “although each person in the relationship changes, it doesn’t change in a way that the relationship comes to an end”, and expressed the meaning behind the song’s chorus, as the basis of a relationship and how it is supposed to be; talking about “doing things for fun and for the right reasons” and not “doing things because you think they would be great”.