The reason for the delay is that HBO Max is one of the big platforms that has the fewest movies of 2022 available in its catalog and it also did not want to include titles that it does not consider worthy of being included here so that more would come out.

For example, two productions as powerful as ‘Don’t worry dear’ and ‘Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s secrets’ have been left out. Without further ado, let’s go with the chosen ones from HBO Max:

‘Five beads’

Cinco Lobitos

A notable approach to the always complete theme of motherhood that is, on its own merits, one of the best films in Spanish cinema of this 2022. Newcomer Alauda Ruiz de Azúa surprises with an honest and heartfelt approach that hits so well showing the weight of the maternity in an excellent Laia Costa as in her role as a daughter and the relationship she has with an also wonderful Susi Sánchez .

‘DC Lieague of super pets’ (‘DC League of Super-Pets’)


Superheroes were born as people aimed at the little ones in the house, something that has been lost over time. Here DC recovers that spirit with a nice adventure that will not change anyone’s life, but it does offer a generous dose of fun for the whole family that invites you to let yourself go and spend some time without asking the elm for pears.

‘The Williams Method’ (‘King Richard’)

The Williams Method

Everything indicated that it was going to be the movie that we would all remember for giving Will Smith his first Oscar , but in the end everything was marred by his attack on Chris Rock . Beyond that, perhaps it doesn’t have enough of an impact on the darker side of Richard Williams , but Smith is quite inspired and works well as an appetizer for the inevitable biopic of Venus and/or Serena Williams.



The director of ‘Moulin Rouge’ returned to musical cinema through the front door with this biopic about the King of Rock in which the performances of Austin Butler and Tom Hanks stand out . It is true that certain excesses typical of its author weigh down the final result a bit, but the film always has a lot of energy, largely due to Luhrmann’s work behind the scenes, and it handles the complicated relationship of its two main characters very well.



A solvent thriller and straight to the point -it doesn’t even last 90 minutes- that proposes a technological enigma that first arouses curiosity and then engages until everything is solved directly and forcefully. Also pay attention to the good work of Zöe Kravitz supporting the dramatic weight of the show.

‘The Batman’

We have already seen many versions of the Gotham superhero, but the one that concerns us now is probably the one that works best as a letter of introduction, both for the remarkable portrayal of a corrupted city and for the ambitious approach with a ‘Seven’ atmosphere of Matt Reeves . In addition, it has a cast well commanded by Robert Pattinson .

‘The Fallout’

The Fallout

An intense and remarkable drama that explores how to deal with surviving a massacre at school, also striking the right tone to handle the torrent of emotions without becoming an overdose of dramatic scenes. One of the big culprits for making it so worthwhile is Jenna Ortega , who is having an impressive 2022.