“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson was named the highest-paid actor of 2020 on Forbes’ annual list, for the second year in a row. With $87.5 million earned over 12 months, he is undoubtedly the most successful man in the industry today, but nothing was easy. The man grew up with financial problems but managed to overcome them (as well as other adversities) to rise to the top. 

Along the way, “The Rock” (who will soon earn another million for Black Adam) was learning some lessons that he has turned into his rules for success. Here we list them. 

Don’t forget the bad times

In a special conference that Johnson gave to the Los Angeles Lakers, the man explained that part of his mentality for success involves remembering the bad times, in order to fully enjoy the good times, and motivate himself even more. “This allows me to go into these good moments that I have worked hard on, with a different perspective,” he said. This does not mean living in the past, but thinking about how much you have grown and seeing what else you can move forward. 

Be yourself

“I was tired of being something I wasn’t.” It is well known that Dwayne Johnson wants to leave the world of wrestling behind completely, and this is because he wanted to completely change and finally be himself, not a character. For this he decided to change the management team and, he pointed out to Jaime Foxx, “it had to be me.” This has even made his relationship with the fans friendly and open, which earns him even more of a following as a Hollywood star. 

Be nice

“It is good to be important but it is more important to be good.” Johnson points out that she heard that quote when she was around 15 and her family was struggling to pay the rent, and it has become part of her philosophy of life. “I hope that one day, I cross my fingers, I hope the Universe wills, that it matters that I’m good to people,” she thought at the time, as she told Forbes. dwayne-johnson-2.jpgDwayne Johnson.

Take the risk

Of course, one of the biggest risks Johnson took was looking for a place in Hollywood. In interviews he has said that he was afraid that another wrestler look-alike would win him a role in a movie, however, he remained confident that he could pull it off. This made him the first WWE wrestler to become a Hollywood superstar. For this he had to change several things, and even lose a little weight, with each decision boosting his fame. 

Well, there’s a queue

Even in his early days in Hollywood, the man was rejected and didn’t understand why, looking for people to tell him how he could improve. This did not stop him and he continued to find ways into the industry. 

You have to give it your all

“I’m not going to let this opportunity go without giving it my all.” That was what Johnson thought (from whom we can also learn his routine) in his most important fight against John Cena , where he had all kinds of obstacles, including a pelvic injury that was going to cost him the fight, however, he decided that the The wound was the least important at that moment and that he had to give everything not only for him, but for the audience. The importance of the fight prompted him to forget about the pain and move on. 

Looking to have an impact

“I don’t want to do small movies,” Johnson explained to the Lakers . This might sound arrogant, but the truth is that the man has a massive vision about the impact he wants to leave on the audience. “It’s not about the money,” he said. “We already have that”, but what he is looking for is the impact. For this reason we will always see it in blockbusters that seek international attention. This increases the money in his pocket, but also the memory people have of him.