From adorable puppies and elephants to the man who wrote the lyrics for Under the Sea in The Little Mermaid, Disney Plus documentaries are great watches…

Disney Plus isn’t just about movies, it’s also about great Disney Plus documentaries.

Yes, there are fantastic animal documentaries like Elephant narrated by a certain Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, in the children’s series Weird But True, which is full of crazy facts. To sign up for Disney Plus, you had to go to the official website. We also have an update on the best new Disney Plus shows.

Here are the best Disney Plus documentaries you can enjoy right now…

A day at Disney

This Is Us star Sterling K Brown narrates this full-length documentary that goes behind the scenes at the Walt Disney Company to meet some of the unsung heroes who brought some of Disney’s greatest projects to life.

This includes Disneyland entertainers, artists, actors and staff.

There is also an accompanying TV series with 52 short episodes, each featuring a different Disney employee talking about their job.


Howard Ashman is a Disney legend.

Composer Howard Ashman wrote the lyrics for such classic Disney songs as “Beauty and the Beast,” “Under the Sea” (from The Little Mermaid), and “Arabian Nights” (from Aladdin).

Unfortunately, at the age of 40, he died of complications from AIDS.

Originally premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival, this documentary is the story of his life. It features interviews with people who knew Howard best, including composer Alan Menken, film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Jodie Marie Benson, who was the speaking and singing voice of Princess Ariel in The Little Mermaid.

Litter Selection

This documentary series is based on a 2018 film of the same name. Like the film, the six-part television version follows several guide dog puppies for the blind who have been trained to be guide dogs.

Meet Paco, Pacino, Raffi, Amara, Tulane and Tartan. Will they pass their education, pass their final exams, and be successfully paired with a human partner?

Rogue’s Journey

British viewers may not immediately recognize American television news journalist Bob Woodruff, who starred in this National Geographic travel documentary series with his son Mack.

Bob’s career was temporarily interrupted when he was seriously injured in an explosion while reporting from Iraq in 2006.

But intrepid Bob is back on the trail of adventure in this six-part series as he and Mack visit several former traveler exclusion zones, including Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Pakistan, Lebanon and Ukraine.

Disney Fairytale Weddings

Some people love the world of Disney so much that they choose to get married at places like Disneyland or aboard one. Disney Cruise Line.

This television series follows couples as they pop the question, make the effort, or even renew their wedding vows at various Disney parks and resorts.

And if you have your own Disney-style wedding dreams, there’s a behind-the-scenes look at how this can be fixed.

Strange But True

The strange but true host Charlie

Dinosaurs come first for Charlie from Weird But True .

This wacky fact-finding series returns for its third season, with new episodes released on the streaming service every week.

For the third season, host Charlie Engelman is supported by Carly Ciarrochi, the new co-host.

Together, the two investigate some strange but true facts about everything from dinosaurs and germs to the solar system, diving and rockets.

All episodes previously shown on National Geographic are also available.


Meghan, Duchess of Sussex tells this nature documentary about elephants in the Kalahari desert in southern Africa.

The film follows a herd that leaves the arid desert and begins the long journey in search of greener pastures and water.

Dolphin Reef

Natalie “Star Wars” Portman tells this Disney nature doc about the adventures of a playful young dolphin named Echo.

There are encounters with killer whales, other rival dolphins along the way, and Echo learns some important lessons about how to survive in the ocean.

The Story Of The Imagination

Narrated by 9-1-1 star Angela Bassett, this six-part documentary series explores the history and creation of Disney theme parks and attractions around the world.

The Marvel Hero Project

You don’t have to be a comic book superhero to make a difference in this life. This Disney documentary series features regular kids who dedicate their lives to making positive changes in the world and helping others in need.

One of the true superheroes is Jordan Reeves, who developed a prosthetic arm that can shoot glitter. Also Adonis Watt, who lost his sight at the age of five but was not stopped to become a footballer.

Marvels 616 (from September 25, 2020)

Granted, it’s not out yet, but we couldn’t resist adding it to our roundup. This upcoming documentary series will take viewers behind the scenes of the Marvel Universe, the creators of hit comics like The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Captain America.

Each episode focuses on a different part of the Marvel world, from Marvel comics and blockbuster superhero movies like Captain Marvel to video games and a look at the artists who have brought these classic characters to life since the 1960s. .

Have you ever heard of a supernatural monster hunter, Doctor Druid? Or writing (aka Gordon Thomas)?

Find out why certain Marvel characters have never had the right time!