We have already said on many occasions that Survival Horror is back in fashion and titles of the genre do not stop arriving. One of the mythical sagas, Resident Evil, will return, and it will do so by Claire Redfield, the great protagonist of Resident Evil Revelations 2, of which we now give you 7 keys.

I. The Capcom saga returns

Resident Evil, or Biohazard (Biohazard) as it is known in Japan, first came to PlayStation in 1996. Developed by Capcom and created by Shinji Miami, it quickly became a huge success and became one of the most important franchises of videogames with comics, novels, movies and a lot of merchandising behind them. Up to the year 2014 it has sold 61 million copies worldwide and in total more than 30 titles have come out under the name of Resident Evil.

II. A rumored sequel

In 2012 Resident Evil Revelations came to 3DS. The story starring Jill Valentine and Parker Luciani, did not stay only on the Nintendo console and soon made the leap to other platforms of the time. From the first moment, the rumors about a possible continuation of the game did not wait and in the summer of 2014 they increased when a store cataloged Resident Evil Revelations 2 on its website. The confirmation of a new title did not wait, in September, during the Tokyo Games Show, its development was revealed. In Resident Evil Revelations 2 the action will take place in the year 2011 between the events that occurred in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

III. A damask duo

Claire Redfield will be the main character of Resident Evil Revelations 2 and will be accompanied by Moira Burton, Barry’s daughter. Claire is one of the few people who survived the destruction of Raccoon City in 1998 and after seeing the effects that biological weapons had on people, she decided to join a non-governmental organization, Terra Save, to care for the victims of the weapons biological and chemical. In 2011, when the game takes place, assailants attack the NGO headquarters and Claire, along with her colleagues, is kidnapped and taken to a prison on a deserted island.

Moira Burton will be our companion, she will not be a vase character since we can also play with her. With just pressing a button on our controller we can control Moira or Claire, something that will come in handy because each of the characters has their own abilities. Claire is more focused on combat with her own weapons, while Moira has greater cooperative abilities: she seeks healing herbs, supports Claire, and fights more stealthily.

IV. Barry Burton, rescue him

Claire Redfield and Moira Burton are not the only characters we can play with. It has recently been confirmed that there will also be Barry Burton, veteran of the saga and father of Moira, who will arrive on the island to rescue his daughter. There he will meet Natalia Korda, a girl who has the power to perceive enemies. When we play with Barry we will have to combine his abilities with those of Natalia in order to survive.

V. New enemies

In Resident Evil Revelations 2 there are some new opponents, the Afflicted. They look like zombies, but they are not, they are infected and tortured people who will try to make it difficult for us since they are very resistant to shots, besides that we have little ammunition, and they are very fast. Luckily, it seems that they will not attack us in a pack and will be more scattered around the stage.

VI. Explore, solve puzzles and decide how to fight

Claire and Moira’s adventure will have two game modes: individual and cooperative. We decide how we want to face the action, we can choose the fast track attacking and shooting with Claire, or be more stealthy and take advantage of Moira’s lantern to blind and stun enemies and then finish them off. Ammunition is scarce and we will have to explore the setting to find bullets, healing herbs and other tools. In the event that Claire Redfield dies, the game will be over.

It wouldn’t be a Resident Evil game without puzzles. Throughout the adventure we will find several of them: mechanisms that we will have to fit, keys to find, traps to avoid. And all while trying to keep the Afflicted from hunting us down.

VII. A Resident Evil by chapters

Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be the first title in the saga to come to us in episodes. In total, it will have four chapters that will be released in early 2015. But, if you don’t like having the games in digital format, we will also have the chance to get hold of Claire and Moira’s adventure in physical format.