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Better Call Saul I had some crazy years, but season 5 has to be among the most action-rich. It’s a series that not only saw Jimmy McGill practicing law under his Saul Goodman pseudonym for the first time. But that also mixed his legal world with that of criminal law in a fascinating and terrifying way.

Lalo’s brief invasion of the Goodman house in the penultimate episode of Better Call Saul season 5 isn’t something we’ll soon forget. Plus, it sets up a season 5 finale where Jimmy and Kim have to come to terms with their new reality. And Gus has to take care of the Salamanca family, which is involved in everything, once and for all.

That’s a long way to go for a season finale episode . So how is the Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 10 “Something Unforgivable”?

Jimmy and Kim’s plan

After Lalo’s untimely intrusion into their lives. Jimmy and Kim are doing something smart. And running away to a hotel for most of this season 5 finale . Except Kim, who gets to work figuring out some details. 

This means that Jimmy and Kim’s arc is the least kinetic of anything that happens during the Better Call Saul Season 5 Finale . But it’s certainly not without fireworks. In fact, the plan that Jimmy and Kim hatch when they are left alone is perhaps the most significant part of the episode and the future of the series.Jimmy and Kim.

When Kim briefly runs into Howard at the courthouse, he tells her about all the ways Jimmy has annoyed him this season. In particular when throwing a bowling ball through the windshield of his car. And hiring prostitutes to embarrass him in public. Instead of reacting in horror, Kim gets angry at Howard for putting her husband down. Later, at the hotel, she openly ponders how she could join Jimmy’s attempts to take advantage of their mutual enemy.

Jimmy and Kim’s fantasies begin with relatively benign banter. Like putting an agent in her shampoo at the gym to make her hair fall out. But soon they become much more intense. In a seemingly very short time “ we would never do it but… ” turns into “ we absolutely do this ”. Kim points out that if Howard is professionally humiliated and forced to withdraw from the Sandpiper case. 

What happened to Nacho?

At the beginning of the last episode of Better Call Saul season 5 , it seemed like Ignacio “Nacho” Varga was out of breath. The Salamanca family deputy has spent the entire season with his shared fidelity between Gus Fring and Lalo Salamanca. As the two try to face each other.

Double agents do not usually do well in this type of series. Especially double agents who don’t want to belong to anyone. All Nacho wants is to retire from the drug game. He protects his father from him and lives the rest of his life in peace. The Better Call Saul season 5 finale doesn’t let Nacho get what he wants in this regard. But he allows her to live and he is much more merciful than we expected for this last episode.Nacho accompanies Lalo to Mexico for his convalescence in the huge family complex in Salamanca. As Mike often points out, it could be a good excuse for Gus to let Nacho go. But Fring, still a perfectionist, decides that Nacho still has some use. Gus has assembled a team of elite assassins to take down Lalo. But it would be nice to have someone inside this compound to let the team in.

Lalo manages to escape

We only said that Lalo was still alive. How is that possible when Gus sent the best assassins in the world to find him? There really aren’t many flaws in Gus’s plan to kill Lalo. He did everything according to the rules. First, Gus has moved heaven and earth to make sure Lalo is released from prison so he can stage a hit without him coming back to his door. He then found the best team of assassins money could buy and made sure they were armed to the teeth.

As mentioned above, he even arranged for a man to be inside the compound so the killers could sneak in outside of business hours without being seen. The first problem arises when it becomes clear that Lalo is not going to fall asleep anytime soon. Lalo only needs one or two hours of sleep a night, as he tells Nacho that he is awake too.

Better Call Saul Season 5 ending explained

Despite all of Gus’s planning, the one thing he apparently didn’t take into account was the huge advantage Lalo would have on the Salamanca field. First, he gets lucky when an assassin’s bullet misses him and hits young Ciro. But from then on, his survival was due to his ingenuity and determination. Lalo escapes the house by entering a long dirt tunnel under the house through a trapdoor under a bathtub. Once Lalo is free on the other side of the property, it might have been enough of a win. All he would have had to do is grab a vehicle and take cover. But that is not enough for the avenging Salamanca.Instead, Lalo returns to the house where the killers entered the tunnel to chase after him. He opens the hatch to the bathtub again to see their black clad bodies crawling out. He then shoots them with a machine gun as if they were fish in a barrel. After all this, there is only one left alive and hardly a killer left. This killer doesn’t know who hired them because Gus wisely went through a middleman. But he’s fine, Lalo knows it. He tells the man to call his contact and tell her things have gone wrong but the job is finally done.