Netflix is ​​a platform where we will have the opportunity to enjoy unique Netflix scary movies . It is a really very wide catalog, in which we are going to have a film for all tastes that can be enjoyed in the company of whoever you want.

Here is a list of some horror movies that you can enjoy on this platform.

Do you want to meet them? Let us begin!

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It (that)

scary movies on netflix

It – scary movies Netflix

Stephen King is one of the most prominent writers in the horror genre, It is just the tip of the iceberg of all the great works that this American has created. In the last decade, two new versions of his classic novel published in 1986 have been released.

In this film , the Losers Club , which is a group of children, faces the evil clown of the film world, who is played on this occasion by actor Bill Skarsgard . The story is set within the town of Maine. You can watch it on Netflix.

Chucky’s curse

scary movies netflix

Chucky – scary movies Netflix

Nightmares return to this list of Netflix 2020 scary movies with Chucky , the so-called diabolical doll continues to do his thing in the latest installment of this saga. It is one of the classics of horror movies.

The Curse of Chucky is a movie to enjoy at any time of the week. Chucky reappears in a box that arrives at the house of Nica, who is a disabled girl who only lives with her mother, Sara. Chucky becomes Nica’s niece’s favorite doll, but he begins to stalk them to end her life.


horror movie on netflix

Live – Netflix scary movies

One of the recommended scary movies on Netflix is ​​Alive. This is a film of Asian origin in which it presents the life of two boys who have to live locked up in their apartments so as not to catch a virus .

The story sounds really familiar, because the virus turns people into zombies and believe it or not, it is an excellent option to enjoy. It is a film that has had a very good reception by the audience on Netflix.

No one sleeps in the woods tonight

scary movies netflix

The new scary movies on Netflix include this title, which is a five classified within the slasher subgenre . One of those that had its heyday in the last century with titles like Halloween or Jason, this premiere allows us to meddle again in a film that captivates from start to finish.

It is a film of Polish origin, in which a group of teenagers who arrive at Camp Adrenaline will have to face two serial killers . A film oriented to the times we live in, young people give up technology to attend this camp, not knowing what awaits them. It’s easily positioned as one of the best teen horror movies on Netflix.


annabelle netflix

Anabelle – Netflix scary movies

There is the possibility of seeing one of the best scary movies on Netflix, which is Annabelle , it takes us to see the horror scenario that the doll created. It is not a new or original film, but it is one of the successes of the decade and that arose from another of the horror film classics such as The Conjuring.

The film takes us back to the story of the possessed doll that originated a couple of decades ago. When I come into the life of Mia and her family, then very strange acts and murders start to happen. This forces them to change their residence, but the strange events do not leave them alone and put the life of their little daughter at risk. They will have to fight with an evil entity.


netflix psycho

Psycho – scary movies Netflix

To our list we have to add the movie Psycho that was released in the year 1960, being one of the best scary movies of all time. This was filmed by Alfred Hitchcock , being one of the classics of black and white horror movies.

The story unwinds the journey of Marion Crane who runs away from the city where she lived after having obtained a large amount of money. She arrives at the Norman Bates hotel in Arizona where she considers starting a new life, but she does not take into account that she will live the worst days of her life. The film is undoubtedly to be seen in the company of your partner or with friends, because it takes emotions to the limit. The mythical bloody scene in the shower stands out from this film .