The essence of the Christmas festivities , both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve , as well as Christmas or New Year’s Day , are family reunions, and sadly this year we will experience a limited experience in terms of capacity. The established thing is that no more than 6 people meet. 

The best pages and games to play as a family remotely during the Christmas holidays

We show you what are the best options to play with your family remotely this Christmas, either on a smartphone or on a computer , and we anticipate that there are alternatives for all tastes. 

Painter 2

One of the best options for this Christmas is to play a few games of Pinturillo 2, the best version of the fun game of painting and guessing. 

If you don’t know Pinturillo, it is a game in which you have to draw an object, animal, thing , etc, and the rest must guess it , with the possibility of giving small clues and using a toolbar to edit our creations. 


In the same way as Discord, Houseparty is a social network in the form of an app that we can download to our mobile or PC . It works in a similar way to Skype: we can create groups, invite people, play all kinds of mini-games, and of course, being able to see and listen to our family and friends. This is a highly recommended option, because it unites the games with the ability to talk to other people , while in other options you have to start both apps separately. Some notable Houseparty titles are: Trivia (such as Trivial Pursuit), Heads Up (card game) or Quick Draw (such as Pinturillo).

Bingo Online

What better than singing ”Bingo” at a Christmas celebration ? In the absence of being able to set up the classic bingo game at home, we can play a free online version on PC or mobile. And with a peculiarity: real money is not used , so you do not have to worry. Well, there will always be Bizum to make payments, if you play putting a symbolic amount.  The operation is the same as in the usual Bingo; We will receive virtual cards with different numbers , and we will cross them out as the numbers that are on our cards come out, until we complete it and we can shout Bingo!… even if it’s via Discord or Skype . An option that will never go out of style, even online.

Scrabble Go

The mythical Scrabble returns with an updated version, online and accessible to everyone. You will only need the app for iOS and Android, which you can download for free on your mobile, or through a browser on PC. Scrabble Go works just like the classic board game, and of course it can be made compatible with Discord and other chat apps . We can join games of players from all over the world, private groups of friends or family, or synchronize it with Facebook and play with relatives who live in other countries. If you want to see other players, you can put a laptop with a camera and follow the game from the apps that we have mentioned (this applies to all mobile games).


The largest web portal for board games on the entire Internet, and obviously accessible via mobile, tablet or PC . It is a huge selection of board games, bringing together timeless classics such as Parcheesi, Monopoly or Chess . Also, there are more elaborate options like the recent Resident Evil 3 The Game .We can create our own private game of each board game (there are more than 1500) , or join online games, and without a doubt it is the best option to replace games with relatives from previous years. Of course, remember that you can no longer keep a token… cheater. 


This game will make you think a lot, and you will have to be faster than your rival. So refrain those who go too far with the champagne… Codenames is a free title that you can play from a mobile or computer , and whose operation is as follows.A minimum of two players are needed for each team , although that will not be a problem when it comes to remote family gatherings. Each team is assigned a color, and they will have to select the words with the same color from among the 25 available . Of course, these are riddle solutions and key questions. 

Discord Games

We have already mentioned Discord a few times in this report, so it’s time to explain what it is. It is the best app to talk to your friends or family while you play , whether it is the same (ideally) or different titles, and it can be used on a PC or a smartphone .It’s totally free and you can also play Discord’s own games, so it works like Houseparty. We have mini-games, questionnaires, tests or small tests that will make us have a great time in these telematic meetings. 

Soccer Royale Football Stars

A nice mix between Clash of Clans and a soccer game, available for iOS and Android for free, and also with a national seal. As with the previous option, it is somewhat more complex than other titles on the list , although your relatives who are football fans will surely like it.

What do you think of these options to play with your family remotely during the 2020 holidays ? Surely you get the point and you no longer need to throw some cards every Christmas Eve  or New Year ‘s Eve after-meal … You will tell us: at Hobby Consolas we are delighted to hear you.