From cutting-edge electronic and experimental approaches to new artists on the ever-changing R&B scene; and from hip-hop and punk to rock and pop, 2018 gave us an incredible variety of styles across the musical spectrum. While many decided to reflect the current state of the world, others decided to make their own worlds of fantasy and escapism, or feelings on the surface.

The truth is that at least musically speaking, the playing field of 2018 was one where there was no difference between major labels and independent artists: in the end, what dominated was the online whisper of fans, hype and ability to deliver productions that could stick with our ears and hearts, and these artists definitely nailed it. We offer you our list with the 50 best albums of 2018.

15. Earl Sweatshirt, Some Rap Songs

Thebe Neruda left behind his days collaborating on ODD FUTURE and his previous two albums to almost entirely produce Some Rap Songs,  a lyrical ode to honesty, to his late father, and probably one of the best rap albums of the year. respect.

14. Janelle Monáe, Dirty Computer

Janelle’s third album is her most personal and conceptual effort yet, reinventing herself and standing out as a true innovator. On the record, she turns the vagina into poetry and takes on deep pop.

13. Kamasi Washington, Heaven and Earth

The second studio album by the North American saxophonist shows us extracts from the jazz of the past injected with a new vision of the future. Let go and you will find that Hub-Tones will make you dance until your feet fall asleep.

12. Kali Uchis, Isolation

The long-awaited debut album from the Colombian turned out to be an eternal wait that was well worth it: with collaborations by Bootsy Collins, Tyler The Creator, Kevin Parker and Damon Albarn , she takes us on a non-stop trip to Miami to live la vida loca.

11. Mitski, Be The Cowboy

The fifth album by the Japanese-American Mitski is her redemption, showing her dark and violent side in her composition and a perfect sound structure. At the age of 27, she reinvented herself again, hypnotizing new fans with melancholic tracks.

10. Mac Miller, Swimming

The Pittsburgh musician opened up and wrote his last statement before his unexpected death with Swimming , the cry for help and relief that he drops in his lyrics, reaching the full maturity of his sound.

9. A$AP Rocky, Testing

The fashion killa dropped his third album battling the mainstream, and with the help of incredible collaborations from Skepta, Frank Ocean,  FKA twigs , and of course, Moby.

8. Pusha T, Daytona

The rapper indulges in brilliant drug poetry: Produced entirely by Kanye West, it’s impossible not to recognize him as one of this year’s most satisfying MCs.

7. Robyn, Honey

How could we begin to describe what Robyn did ? His sixth album is what you needed and didn’t know: Honey  is the representation of your vulnerability, your failures and your successes, gloriously gathered in 40 minutes and 38 seconds.

6. Brockhampton, Iridescence

Experimental and innovative: this is how the fourth work of the collective formed in Texas can be defined. From the sick beat of J’OUVERT  and  Jaden Smith spitting rhymes in NEW ORLEANS , it’s worth leaning in to listen to these 15 tracks where Kevin Abstract and company will make you feel everything.

5. SOPHIE, Oil of Every Pearl’s Un-Insides

LONG LIVE POP MUSIC! SOPHIE ‘s  debut album is majestic and unconventional. The authenticity of Is It Cold In The Water?  it is an epilepsy worthy of Aphex Twin; on  Faceshopping,  makes us give up and join the SOPHIE cult .

4. Rosalía, The Evil Will

It is impossible not to recognize the power of this new agent of change: the magical fusion of flamenco with urban elements made the Spanish and the world blush with the diversification of sounds. The conceptualization in the vision of Rosalía embodied in each song catches you from Badly  to Say my name .

3. Travis Scott, Astroworld

The intensity of Travis’s third album could not have come at a better time: the massification of hip hop is inevitable, but this is the fundamental piece to represent the movement for change. Autotune or not, each fusion of beats plunges you into the dark place , until you rise to the climax of creativity.

2. Beach House, 7

The band’s seventh album from Baltimore, it is their most consistent project to date. The strong inspiration in David Lynch ‘s imagery causes you to put your headphones on and feel real, human, alive. Drunk in LA  is without a doubt one of the songs of the year, and 7 is Beach House  ‘s best album to date .

1. Blood Orange, Negro Swan

Dev Hynes ‘s fourth work is without a doubt his most vulnerable, a teleportation into his deepest demons, those that emerged when he was just a black boy in the London slums. It is impossible not to sympathize with the soft guitars, and that fusion of jazz, R&B, funk and soul that transform him into the new voice of the misfits .

After reading, what did you think?