We discovered Alfie Templeman a couple of years ago, when this young producer and multi-instrumentalist released one of his first singles, Stop Thinking (About Me) in 2019. His talent for danceable and colorful indie-pop at just 16 years of age were fascinating and proof that it held great promise for the future. In two years, Alfie has done nothing but evolve his musical universe with no less than 4 EPs, each of which brings his share of surprises. Last week he rounded out his already prolific discography with a new mini album, Forever Isn’t Long Enough.

His essence hasn’t changed, and despite notable names on the production side (such as Jungle and Kid Harpoon ), most of Alfie Templeman ‘s artistic creation takes place alone in his bedroom, just like in his early days. fledgling career, when he was barely 12 years old. In addition, as was the case with his previous productions, the British artist continues with his pop experimentations. This album is marked, of course, by the “Aflie” touch: a keen sense of rhythm, an effective flair for brain-blowing melodies, and colorful pop.

After listening to Forever Isn’t Long Enough , there’s no denying that this mini-album has so many nuances and meanings, that there’s something for everyone. This production smells like summer, irresistible pop, and instantly makes you smile. It’s a dose of serotonin that feels almost like a sister album to Dua Lipa ‘s Future Nostalgia , and we can’t wait to hear what Alfie will sound like on his next productions – if he can already do this at 18, he’s in for a bright future.

Below is our Track by Track from Forever Isn’t Long Enough .

1. Shady

The mini-album kicks off with Shady, a gem definitely to be added to the ever-growing list of groove-filled indie anthems. The track stays true to Alfie’s 2020 formula of catchy funk beats and impressive rhythm sections. The beats act as the driving force of the track, driving Alfie’s voice into an irresistibly fun chorus. “It’s about trying to be true to myself, doing what I want to do in my life and trying to avoid all the arguments and shady people that come with it,” Alfie tells Apple Music on the subject . “No more negativity, more making sense of the past and enjoying what the present has to offer.” Without a doubt, a mentality that we should all try to follow.

2. Forever Isn’t Long Enough

The theme that gives this album its title is also one of the tracks from his latest mini-album, Happiness In Liquid Form, and that somehow maintains the link between these two productions, as well as this era of Alfie that is about to come. end after this record.

3. Hideaway

With Hideaway , Alfie gives us a hit of serotonin using 70s Chic riffs and a wobbly bassline to reinforce his joyous message of escapism and avoidance, drawn from his own experiences with mental health during quarantine. “I did this song with my bass player, Cam Owden . It’s about when you feel so bad and have panic attacks, to the point of not being able to function.

4. Wait, I Lied

The pop energy continues with the fourth track of the mini album, Wait, I Lied, one of Templeman’s catchiest songs so far, and where he is infected with the ease of funk. It begins with a vocal effect and blossoms into a smashing, cowbell-assisted groove; later, his familiar tone frequently jumps to a springy falsetto. Alfie tells Apple Music that it took him 50 mixes to achieve the chorus effect he wanted: “I never felt like it was big enough, but we finally got it done.”

5. Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody

Everybody’s Gonna Love Somebody is an upbeat and universal song, with a taut synth and drum base that translates into a lovely update of the Tears For Fears classic Everybody Wants To Rule The World . “The first time I wrote and recorded this was in 2017, when I was 14 years old,” Alfie tells NME . “It has been ingrained in my memory ever since. I would always go back to it and try to re-record it, but I could never get it right; then I went on a Tears For Fears binge and realized I needed that kind of production from Everybody Wants To Rule The World.I went back to the studio, changed some lyrics and recorded it in a couple of hours. It’s probably my favorite song on the new record.”

6. Film Scene Daydream

This is one of the standout tracks on the album: it sounds like it’s straight out of an ’80s rom-com, with clear influences from The 1975 in its bass line and drum track. Alfie says that after listening to Notes On A Conditional Form during quarantine, he was busy binge-watching a lot of old movies on Netflix, which kind of inspired this track. “I love the production of the 80s, in the style of Bruce Springsteen.

7. To You

There is a lot that can be said about To You. With clear influences from Tame Impala and The Weeknd , we can interpret the lyrics as reflecting the communication problems in a relationship, but also as a strange feeling of nostalgia, and how life changes and we face the ups and downs of love in different ways. Composed on a Moog synthesizer, it can also be interpreted as a reference to the struggles for mental health during the quarantine.

8. One More Day (Feat. April)

According to Alfie, this seemed like the perfect song for the end of the album, because according to him it is one of those tracks that he imagines listening to when the sun sets on a hill overlooking a city. “I listen to lo-fi beats more than any other genre. They help me sleep, work, exercise, and I just enjoy them because they sound so magical.