There is as much desire to play as there are few to spend a fortune on video games. They are often worth every penny, but who doesn’t love a good deal? We know that you do, just as you like video games, so we bring you an offer that you cannot refuse. Well, not one; eleven!

If you are at that moment when you want to rock your gaming computer or laptop with titles that stay with you for a long time, here is a list of recommendations. 


If we talk about computer games that are very worthwhile, we can’t start the list without mentioning one of the humblest titles that have made more history in this medium: Undertale, .

The consequences of your actions are rarely exposed, but always alluded to in this retro-styled RPG from indie developer Toby Fox . One of his greatest achievements is his ability to portray emotions and frame scenes through old school writing and art style. However, the most powerful piece of the puzzle is the music: its soundtrack evokes a very strong emotional response that very few games capture .

Papers, Please

papers-please.jpgFor only 7.99 dollars you can play Papers, Please on your computer, one of the crudest games about empathy and humanity (not as a race, but as a concept). And all from a booth where you control who enters and who does not enter your country.

Papers, Please is already a modern classic in which the premise and mechanics marry perfectly with the difficult moral decisions, the strict consequences and the inevitable imperative of self-interest . You play as an immigration inspector on a politically tumultuous border in Eastern Europe, tasked with inspecting and crossing documents, controlling the flow of people, and correcting by following protocol above all else. 

Her Story

Another indie gem that can be enjoyed for very little on a computer. A ridiculous price to play one of the most intense, surprising titles and one that will affect you the most in a long, long time.

Her Story ushered in a new era of small, creative story games , with a brilliant design that has you piece together a story non-linearly through an archive of interview clips.

Sonic Mania

Created by members of the Sonic hacker community under the supervision of Sega, Sonic Mania exudes passion and reverence in its recreation of nostalgic visuals, sounds, and level designs. The most epic return of the hedgehog in many years.

Sonic Mania isn’t content to mindlessly regurgitate the past, but instead expands on the familiar with new ideas of its own and offers plenty of inventive concepts that diversify and build on the series’ fast-paced level design. 


There is no shortage of metroidvania titles, but Iconoclasts is much more than just a game of exploring the world while solving puzzles and fighting bosses.

Of course, you have a wrench that can interact with objects and hit enemies in the head, but the magic of this game goes far beyond the tools at your disposal

The Messenger

And speaking of metroidvanias, we can not skip one of the best of recent times. A title that shines a lot with its own light, based on Ninja Gaiden and that its own developers have praised: The Messenger.

The Messenger is a wonderful tribute to the Ninja Gaiden saga, but it goes much further . It starts out as an 8-bit linear game and then… Well, then it surprises. All making very good use of humor and creating an exciting story with that epic flavor that you expect from an adventure starring a ninja who fights against demons to save humanity.


When they tell you about Overcooked and you search a little bit, you are surprised to see clips of a cooking game. A cooking game that can get a bit… Challenging, to say the least. A title that is enjoyed much more with friends.

Overcooked is like a Mario Party minigame turned into a standalone experience in the best possible way. It is a game that improves exponentially when played with at least one other person, and that tests your patience, your communication and, why not, your relationship.

Stardew Valley

The hit farming sim Stardew Valley has made its way to consoles with very few compromises aside from access to the PC version’s mods. Regardless of platform, it’s a great take on the Harvest Moon formula , with a laid-back small-town vibe, tons of work to do, and single men and women to date.


If you haven’t yet played one of the most charismatic and ambitious titles in recent years, know that everything you’ve heard about Cuphead is true: it’s hard, it’s demanding, it’s original, and it’s a lot of fun .

Cuphead is a complicated side-scrolling shooter, a boss-run that requires concentration, skill, quick reactions and patience, a lot of patience . And above all, it requires getting into “the zone” because if you think too much, you won’t stand a chance against the toughest enemies in the game.

Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition

Waiting for the fourth installment of the most famous strategy and conquest franchise in video games, it’s worth hanging out playing Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition.

Age of Empires III boasts a ton of new additions, in addition to the polished new coast audio-visual . Celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the original real-time strategy classic, Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition could well be worth more than 20 dollars for everything it offers.

Horizon Chase Turbo

If you like racing games and are looking for an original, simple, very fun title that looks like something out of an arcade machine, what are you doing that you still don’t know about Horizon Chase Turbo? Possibly one of the best racing titles out there today.