With age it is increasingly common to have memory loss. Or that we even need to improve our memory capacity in order to prepare for an exam or opposition . To help you with this, we can take steps to help exercise it and reduce the risk of related diseases . One of the most recommended activities is reading. Here is a list of books that will help prevent memory loss.

1. Get an Elephant Memory

This animal is known for its memory capacities, which is why it is alluded to in the title of the work by Miguel Angel Vergara  and  Jose Maria Bea . In its pages we find  techniques, tricks and exercises to improve and improve memory . It is recommended for all audiences, although it is much more so for students and those who have to prepare for competitive exams.

2. Get an excellent memory

 Written by  Luis Sebastian Pascual, expert  in techniques and history of mnemonics. This rule is a short and easy-to-remember sentence that artificially helps to relate words, with the aim of memorizing concepts more easily. In the book he talks about the different memorization techniques that exist.

3. Memorize like Sherlock Holmes

Do you want to have the memory of a detective? This book is by  Steve Allen , who writing these lines has a single purpose: to teach you the technique known as  Memory Palace, which consists of mentally creating a palace (or an apartment) with different rooms and each one of them will house a image of something you want to remember.

4. Brain Gym

Written by Marilyn vos Savant, world celebrity who was considered the smartest person in the world. In the pages of this work, different exercises are proposed to develop the different intelligences  that we possess. According to the author, these techniques, if applied routinely, improve our memory and increase intelligence.

5. The Mind Mapping Book

This technique is represented by Tony Buzan   and consists of organization charts with different shapes, colors and drawings on a theme.  According to the author, showing a topic based on this type of creative organization chart allows us to better memorize the information, since we are making all parts of the brain work. 

6. Learn like Einstein

Also written by  Steve Allen, this is a book that takes no time to read, as it is only 80 pages long. It focuses on the presentation of some  techniques that improve the study , including those framed in  accelerated learning .

7. Develop a prodigious mind

Its author is Ramon Campayo, nothing more and nothing less than a champion and world record holder in memorization. Inside his work, he explains the different memory techniques that have been present in his life and that he has used to obtain the aforementioned titles.

8. Get an amazing memory: Techniques and tips that will change your life

Another memory champion who captures his techniques in a book . This time it’s about the British Dominic O’Brien, who tries to help you remember things like numbers, lists, conferences, birthdays, letters, data, names and faces.

9. Brain Training 

Alberto Coto is its author, a world renowned calculator and holder of various Guinness Records. The work details some of the mental calculation techniques that he has used, always with numbers as the main protagonists. 

10.  Build your Super Memory by going back to being a kid

DeMarcos M; It includes basic techniques for those who want to improve their memory and advanced techniques for those who want to be memory geniuses. It has been a bestseller on Amazon in categories such as education or personal development.